by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Its amazing how famous Laleh is becoming, her catchy tune relates well with Iranians,

I like the part where she says,

"and I'll never forget, no body knows, no body knows where we are now"

"and I'll never forget, no body knows, no body knows who we are now" 

In Iran we have some people that not only can tell Laleh where she is,

and who she is, but who god is and why all people are here.  In all

serousness the mullahs who have all the answers have become very

very rich as people look up to them to help them make a better life.

LoooooL By the way, their answers are completely useless.

LoooooL and in their Godly & Holy way, these same people have their

followers bury people waist deep and stone them to death.

Laleh, you are the right one, stay in Sweden Honey and reflect on the truth, instead of accepting false answers from controlling mullahs that only know how to terrorize people to death, in the name of god, in order to maintain control over the lives and truly produce endless suffering for which we can only thank the mullahs ignorance.


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