Lets all Here it for RASTAKHIZ.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

if these guys stay, most in Iran know it can only get worse. At least the Late shah knew not to be stupid enough to pursue democracy first, without literacy, without industry and without institutions to preserve Irans independence when he was in power. Thank god he focussed on Iranians Freedom, Progress and development (considering when he was born in all Iran there wasn't even 1 nurse to deliver him). We have been going down hill for a while now fellow Iranians, and completely squandering the late shah's work for all Iranians.

I think its time all Iranians asked anti-monarchists to kindly stop selling out Iran for a change as if serving the interests of western nations like nowkars, knowingly or unknowingly, is in anyway in the interest of the people of iran. Look guys 33 years ago when your parents generation were 100% stupid, it may have been okay to say that monarchists are wrong for not pursuing democracy, but now that the results are in, you all should know 100% that the west only wants so called democracy for 3rd world countries like Iran and the democratic republic of congo, to bring its own extremists to power that sell out their country and bring regression. It's not too smart to harp on with the idea of democracy at this exact point in Irans struggle for its survival as if somehow there is a possibility of iran going from the IRI to a democracy. If Iran had even 2% capability of being a democracy 33 years ago, we'd certainly have been there. Instead we had a wise king who tried to prevent Iranians from creating what every expert with experience in power knew Iranians would create based on the real motves of the west (which have not changed in 300 years), especially taking into account where most of iranian society was at developmentally. Reality is that the government did not have the capability to deliver based on the institutions it could create and it would have taken more than a generation. Its time Iranians got real and looked for what they can honestly accomplish versus what they say they want.

Lets All bring to the realization of one another in as loving a way as we can, the posssibility that the late shah was a genious for coming up with Rastakhiz and that some others after 33 years are still plain stupid, because they believe they can deliver democracy in Iran from the dictatorship and tyranny now in power under KHOLMEINI who needs to shup up (sorry for the undemocratic nature of my last comment to all the clueless and hopeless ones).


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Albaloo, where do we go from here in your opinion?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Since we know 100%, we can not establish confidence in each other in order to manage a democracy while also delivering at the same time development, independence & progress?  You want to go after solutions or pipe dreams?  Democracy or gradual development using an idea like Rastakhiz.  I'm not concerned about a close minded individuals being upset by my observation to the point that they are pushed away from the monarchy.  Assuming enough Iranians push towards a solely democratic path they will produce even more personal suffering & such a disaster that the IRI will look good, sadly due to foreign interference mostly.  Eventually people will return to their own culture & traditions over time for Idea's. I'll be sitting there with others who are wishing for a more democratic Iran & who already know it will take a gradual path to get their, like the other succesful countries of similar fundamentals as iran followed.


Let The Shah Go

by Albaloo on

OK ?