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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Lesson # 22.

Betraying the best we had (in comparison to the alternatives), the late shahs team, for the anti-progress, anti-peace & anti-human rights extremist alternatives who called for revolution in 1979, even resulted in harming pets and yet the shameless politics against Irans PROVEN 2500 year political & cultural institution continues by some, in a futile way, despite its lack of support among the majority of Iranians who have seen, experienced and learned the results of supporting alternatives.

This is why despite all the political pressure on Putin, Russians know they do not have a better alternative and the vast majority back him despite articles like this circulating in the corporate controlled mass media and may variations of it //

the west with their main tool of a corporate controlled mass media are going for the same formula that worked on the shah against putin, corrupt,dictatorial/autocratic, repressive etc while securing their slaves/nowkars like the king of kuwait, saudi arabia etc which are not serving the freedom or development of their societies.

The late shah had the same type of political pressure put on him by the western governments who work hand in hand with the corporate controlled mass media who's interests are in conflict with and the enemies of Freedom for iranians and the developing world.

What the late shah lacked was enough freedom loving Iranians that were aware an knew what freedom is and could both see and understand he was fighting for their freedom and therefore were willing to lend their support to him and his team if only for the benefit of their own lives and their childrens lives.

Instead he had an easily foolable people, some of whom were not even aware at the time he was standing upto and fighting for Iranians against the west, just like putin is doing for russia.

I see NO rational reason for current monarchists, lovers of Iranian culture or the current shah to risk their lives as per usual, yet again, for iranians who have only shown their ability to betray their king and country and bring Iran down to her knees, that is until enough Iranians show they are also prepared to defend and attack the enemies of Iranian culture and prove they have learned their lesson and know what irans monarchy is and what ideals it represents for Iran.

There is a lot of wisdom in this post. It may upset the USA brown nosers here, no names mentioned, but is intendend for Iranians Enjoyment.


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Russia's future seems brighter for now,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

because of its peoples awareness and education, which results in more people co-operating behind good leaders.

The late Shah was a far better leader than Iranians were people of conscience who supported of Freedom and Justice like he did.