Many say Democracy alone has Proven Itself.

Many say Democracy alone has Proven Itself.
by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Welcome to 2012 everyone.  This is the Year of Freedom.  My Wish is that it be one of Freedom from Ignorance and towards Knowledge for you.  I was enjoying a video and it inspired me, as Americans actions generally do, to ask you the reader to spend a little time reflecting on having democracy by itself.  The majority of people impulsively feel democracy alone has proven itself and I feel, that requires us to pay some close attention.  It is after all the year of freedom from ignorance.  

Firstly to get you to start thinking on this subject please watch this short video until the end.  //


Is there any legitimate reason to doubt the results of democracy alone?  Are countries like America with a different history and culture to our own something that we should now aspire to emulate for ourselves without aspects of our own culture and history?  The paradox for me is not in the video above which makes a fantastic point, it is that monarchys which incorporate a democratic structure are consistently more democratic and representative of their people, cultures and histories than countries that follow democracy all by itself.

See here for yourself.  //



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