Mike Wallace Died and Nothing much changed.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Mike Wallace Served the powerful interests that would never report about this. //rt.com/news/poland-cia-secret-prison-968/ yet were busy stealing the freedom of People Like Iranians in 1979 (sadly with the help of local iranians who were being manufactured to be anti-monarchists and other traitors to iranians) and using a now thoroughly worn out approach of talking up the ideal of democracy, which is not found in the USA either, while supporting the extremist groups that will never help create it.

Nor Would Wallace Report on who were the real interests he was serving (not Islamic) that were behind Sadats Assasination and the late shahs death by Cancer (through a form of cancer the shah was not susceptible to based on his family genetics). Wallace practically fell on the floor for Khomeini out of an insincere respect for a man that would institute the worst torture regime in Iranian History,


"Forgive me Emam" asks Wallace in the Interview.

Wallace and many others were key Assets in imposing Torture and Rape on the people Of Iran for 33 years and Misrepresenting the late Shah, nothing to be proud of. In the Book written by the Saudi Foreign Minister of the time, Even the late shah and the minister were not infavor of Raising Oil Prices, but the USA Using Henry Kissinger to fly out and speak with them, encouraged the opposing opec members to raise oil prices. (Wallace and other media propaganda experts and con-artists would then blame the oil price hike solely on the shah, while he was only doing what the USA asked of him) The oil price hike was used as a way to get the US people to support the Betrayal of the late shah by the US govt, so the policy makers could follow on to their goal of preventing patriotic Iranians like the late shah from developing Iran against the wishes of the west.

And The USA succeeded Hands down 100% in Its aim with out a glitch and the willing participation of many unaware iranians, thanks to Wallace and many others.

Wallace in contrast was totally disrespectful and disingenuous in interviewing the late shah (who was totally opposed to torturing, even against terrorists that committed tortures on Iranians) On Tortures, the late shah said on the interview with wallace that (physical tortures had existed in the VERY DISTANT PAST, but that they had been stopped A LONG TIME AGO). Lots of things happened in Iran before the late shah assumed power, and some while he was young against his orders, police stations were not the safest place to go tortures did heppen there in the past and his majesty with Savak helped completely put an end to that, everything the shah touched pointed to improving human rights, improving progress and bringing in peace and beauty for iranians.

Wallace did a very poor job of highlighting the truth about the shah & Iranians fell Hard for the intentional lies delivered using expert propaganda techniques of Wallace and others, the truth was that the shah was totally opposed to violence and had created one of the greatest periods of peace, progress and human rights for Iranians in over a millenia. The reason Wallace wanted to present the shah as a person that allowed tortures, which he never did, was because of America's desire to use that propaganda to help topple the shah and replace his government by one that would achieve the USA's #1 Goal, which the usa would achieve by either... bringing extremism to power (which it did) or... an opposition that would be able to achieve the USA's #1 Goal, ****** to repress and contain the development of Iran which the shah's team had achieved in full opposition to the aims of and with written objections by the USA/UK/France Governments (as well as stated by the Club of Rome, which included top US and European Universities). Yet the Shah and his team courageously pushed forward despite the usa/uk/france wishing to Africanize Iran and stop her from progress and being free.

Wallaces Manpulations had the intention to harm Iranians, by harming the institution that gave Iranians Freedom and all the protection that comes with Freedom and he along with many others traitors within Iran succeeded in undermining the Shah-han-shahi Institution, sadly. Let us never forget what those who interests wallace represented and defended, the so-called democracies of the world (where democracy is not found to a large degree) have been up to for over two centuries and with the full knowledge of the world and with total impunity to justice. From ww1 and ww2 to korea, vietnam and now this.



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