New Book Surprisingly Good

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Hopefully someone can put a link to amazon here so IC gets credit, it is essential reading for all.

Here is a great new book to read, for clarity on why everyone in the USA is so secretive about Iran.  Why retired US diplomats don't even write 3 lines about the shah?  It divulges never before known info that should be the basis for everyones views on Iran.  The clear betrayal of the late Shah, leaving absolute fault with the USA up until and including today.  I picked up the book expecting to read yet another book of lies and to my surprise found the book was about 40% full of good references.  This book is rare in that it is actually trying to get to the truth without praising/condemning anyone.  Giving details makes it substantial. It shows the past and today in clear terms that the media really does a great job covering up.

The Oil Kings: How the U.S., Iran, and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East by Andrew Scott Cooper


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Those who would like to be part of the council should be qualified through campaign, no memebr should be elected because of their social status, fame or  academic work.

I so agree with you on this! Worst people we got have always been those of "social fame; status and academic work". If i wanted to find Iranian morons I would go right to the universities. More Islamist confused idiots than all of Ghom! 


I simply meant..

by darius on

when the goals are approved by majority and public consent, no group

is permitted to  complain or nag. The focus should be on getting the job done and make it work. 

This  will show our good faith and will and also our willingness to put our selfishness aside and avoid partitioning  the movement. Of course,

as the works progress , people with  honesty can analize the result and it will be reviewd to see if it works . The work should be based on honesty and fact . It will not work with Chalabi style characters  or 

persons that  temporarily dedicated themselves for fame and opportunity.

Those who would like to be part of the council should be qualified through campaign, no memebr should be elected because of their

social status, fame or  academic work. All those are helpful for  qualification c but it  shall mean snothing unless the person or persons prove worthy of trust and managerial skill by showing his/her credential.

The goal is to let people know the truth, the ups and downs of the job , choose  with free will  and commit themselves to the goal.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Correction not DK

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I meant my question to Darius. I agree to a government in exile as well. Not sure what "non partisan" means. I if you mean including all parties it is reasonable. I proposed a long time ago we get Obama or USA to make some guarantees. Then hold them to it.

These should include recognition and guarantee of Iranian territorial integrity. As well as only supporting a secular government. It will be hard for an American President to reject. And once on record they are stuck with it and have to respect it.

Many people said USA will not make a promise like that. But if Iranian Americans publicly requested it would be hard to refuse. Make it obvious that without the guarantees it is much harder to fight IRI. They will be forced to take a public stance. Then they are stuck with it and we win.


Great and sensible starting point

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

this we have had suggested to us all in various forms by various people and we struggle with it.  Why? How to make it non partisan, and about the future since this is where we fail time and again to create legitimacy.  We struggle and struggle, people keep bringing up a past that is so painful for all and no one can agree on and it kills all of us, no one can do a thing if we can't make this happen, its a legitimate starting point.

I feel we are hanging on to the past way too tightly, no one should condemn the late shah or mossadegh or anyone, so we can somehow start from scratch for saving iran.  Why so tough for us?  we failed on the non partsan part how to overcome our community gravitating to partizanism?


Good Point ...

by darius on

I am just requesting to be realistic.  in 1960, both masters and slaves realised that the  old system is no longer sustainable  and the rest was a  political bargain .  Unfortuantely, opposition has no solid foundation in Iran Politics and  has failed to create any thing tangible therefore it has no effect on IRI behavior.Movement lack indivduals that owns any charisma or background .  After 32 years of revolution, and 60 years of Mossadegh, the dead still running the show and no one is ready to give up and go forward. We need a non partisan council that creates a simple , elegant ,Iranian made  guideline and  goal  and put it for public refrendum both in Iran and abroad , that may include any constitution. Upon approval, all groups should stop any  competition  with each other  focus their energy  for getting  the job done.  Start  recruiting and using media to only  discuss factual matters, no fiction or fabrication ,only truth. Transparency. no member  or council member should ever take part in any discussion with foreign or domestic group unless all the subject of discussion revealed and discussed with all Iranian. No secret  deals or behind close door deals. In this manner  we will  solidify the trust of all memebers to remain loyal , avoid any  fraction in movement , give  people reason to join and decide to take action in Iran when they are asked to. Creating a reputable media center that is capable of representing the need for change with  honor and accountability. The  media should be kept open to IRI  participation. This is the best way to keep the public aware of the IRI lies.  Constant  monitoring of Iranian opinion by using internet or any other media  to  evaluate the movement. Train and recruit educated and informed Iranian to become leader capable of critical thinking and building organization. No  promise of  job or political  assignement  to any group , the goal is to  save Iran , anything else should be open to future discussion and will of the Iranian people. Any one desire to represent his group should go under public scruitny and prove they are qualified to perform their duty. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What do you propose we do; I hope it is more that "sit". Because that is all I hear from some others. I hate the MEK but they get attentions because they work for it: they are miserable traitors but good at fooling idiots.

We got "nationalists" writing blogs about how Hitler loved Iran. Oh that is really gonna bring support for us! What is next: shooting ourselves in the foot? Our supposed leaders are busy in a pissing contest over Mossadgeh vs Shah.

I just hear: nay saying and arguments why it is hopeless. I want to hear ideas. What do you propose. What did the African Americans do in the 1960s. Whine or act? They acted and got rights; next generation whined and squandered it. All we do now is whine.


Well said Darius I agree 100% with you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I've been getting opposition to your views and my views on these 2 blogs today,




You know what is wrong with

by darius on

You know what is wrong with us, we never learn , we have a hard time  digesting the fact on the ground. People!, no one and no country  care if Iran disappear from the planet earth with its 80 millions. No one cares if it is IRI or Shah or mamad baghal runs the whole Iran and middle east.What they need is a reason to justify their presence in the region . Now ,hala hey delet khosh kon ke ma ghedmate 7000 sale dareem, Aryaei hasteem and Kiani hasteem , Mehdi ba mast , khoone hossein  hava pymai doshmano payeen miare " and whatever ....That means nothing, absolutley nothing . Have you ever seen any regime  so called "friend and allies" of USA not to end up in revolution ? Have you ever seen a friendly president or King that   aligned itself with USA  not end up being sodomised , killed or end up in USA Jail?  After the fate of Saddam ,Qaddafi and Mobarak , it is will be foolish of middle eastern leaders  not to think of when USA media will celebrate and show  their bruised and bloody , sodomised bodies. Funny thing is  that those countries that have worse record of on human right before the IRI thugs come to power and thereafter   ,now  financing democracy movement in North Africa and middle east. The region is welcoming a cosmetic change with a great joy for those who  behind the closed doors worked  hard to make it happen.( sounds like conspiracy,lol)With Turkey  and Persian Gulf tyrants running the show. The other funny thing is that everyone ,  from the least sophisticated to high ranking official  in the middle east and USA knows  that US foreign policy specially  is for sale for nothing  but to  one particular buyer with full annual military and economical support no question asked  but all questions answered on timely manner. Now , having said that expecting USA to acknowledge Shah and Iranian is like a joke. Does that help us? Does it  do any good for us? For now they are busy  raising  another wild beast (MEK) for Iran and making temporary changes  to political fabric of middle east. Obviously this  obvious policy  of  ( Ma har che  delemon mikhad mikoneem , khafe sho harf nazan" and double  standard will continue until the changes in the region surprise the Washinton and becomes irreversible.  Having said all this, is it USA's  fault that we are in cross hair? No, blame it  for oppositon that played the role of enemy and traitors that shook khomini's hand.