The Real US Agenda behind supporting, Freedom & Democracy for Iran


The Real US Agenda behind supporting, Freedom & Democracy for Iran
by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


The US was against the Industrialization of & Development of Iran by the Late Shah.  Any act that would help Iran develop, provide education, be independent & Free was seen as a direct future challenge to US administrations goal for world hedgemony.  The US Vision and central plan for Iran is based on creating a region that will be a breeding ground for wars and selling weapons.  In short, for countries that have plenty of oil that the USA needs, creates a desire for the USA to control them and get the money back that leaves USA's borders. This is done by applying the US Agenda as shown in the map above, To Create Ongoing Wars For M.E. Not Peace.  We should not welcome wars in our neighbourhood even if they are to fix wrongs that the USA wishes to impose on us.  That is their goal, to create borders that will create wars and sell it to the world as a humanitarian gesture to help the people of the region (by dividing them up LOL). 

This article was really written by me as a result of reading the naive comments by IC members, i could give much more detailed sources of people that know of this policy and have worked at the highest level of governement internationally, but using their names without their permission would be wrong.  The USA doesn't care that Iran and Pakistan and afghanistan and Saudi's and others will not put up with this agenda and will fight wars to restore the previous boundaries, that is where the US arms industry comes in to play, they are happy about that since they can sell all the weapons which should be going to help people get jobs, develop industries and receive health care and education.

The USA has 5 big problems that it solves with this approach and that is why Poverty, War and Chaos are the truth behind Secretary Clintons Works.  1) Wall Street constantly needs money, high oil prices increase profits for oil companies and help Wall Street and high oil prices can only come about with wars around oil rich countries to create speculation on oil supplies 2) The US dollar needs to be strengthened and having oil traded in dollars and oil prices high is a goal 3) US can only get out of Recessions through increasing manufacturing, that occurs by starting wars and war manufacturing at the push of a button 4) The weapons murder companies need sales to run their R & D and stay ahead of competition this policy helps create plenty of future death 5) Keeping Russia and China under constant headaches with their muslim populations which will happen as a result of this policy.  Keeping Radicals in power is essential for business & Policy. 

Ths entire policy is pursued by using the media and then by the stupidity of Iranians themselves, who easily buy the stories that the media makes up, "using Dumb Liberals/Democrats in Iran , not the few wise ones, which it promotes as patsys it uses their dreams, to knock at irans monarchy and culure to further weaken iran so it can create instability with the full knowledge they will never be allowed to succeed"  The stories pay dividends too like the one about late shah was a 1) dictator 2) Repressive 3) corrupt (after the torture chambers and thousands of flights across Europe to torture cells used by the USA in a program that cleanly is labelled Rendition, which sounds so Civilized, we can see how foolish Iranians are for not seeing the cynical nature of the USA, not to mention the role of the oil company and weapons industry lobbyists that spend billions aking their dreams for US come true through a process that is purely corrupt).

The calls by US politicians is to pretend they care for Iranian peoples calls for Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, thats how they dupe the motivate and direct the masses of Asses we have in Iran, in fact they have no Interest for any of these things.  If after 32 years Iranians can't figure out the difference between the words of the USA like Clinton & Obama and their actions and motives then sadly they will reach all their goals with Iranians stupidly helping them every step of the way.  Lets end by taking a moment to thank the late shah for truly making Iran an island of Stability and a miraculous land of peace during a tough time in Irans History.  Lets thank him for facing all challenges and making sure to provide Iranians an environment where people were enjoying a greater opportunity to change and greater opportunity to create value. Lets also never forget who betrayed him while he served iRans highest interests and those that continue to betray him and Irans monarchy.

Here are 2 Relevant Links by a person that is given the Media lime light to make these policies happen.





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