Republic For Iran or Have some Chai and think a little more before we decide?


Republic For Iran or Have some Chai and think a little more before we decide?
by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

My view is Monarchy ( is The Best) in part since it has contributed the most to Human Rights and Freedom, Republic (2nd Best)

Some what Democratic (with out question legitimate) is good whether we chose either a republic or a monarchy, provided it can be implemented. so as to not remove freedom and justice as it does for the vast majority of countries that have democracy and do not have the institutions, education or culture to give people real choices in place of deceit and manipulation.

å Have You Ever been to a non-developed country with democracy? Go to Haiti for just one week and come back and tell me.

Iranian people are on a similar level of education as India or China, which would you rather be today?

If I removed the choice of Monarchy (the best for Iran as we already have the history for it) and only left you with republics, china and india, which do you think has more freedom and progress, which has less corruption?

Single Party Autocratic Chinese Republic, or India?

Let me help you,

China has the largest number of millionaire of any county in the world (except usa, very close though), they made and sold more cars than usa 18 million last year.

A Conservative estimate from 2010 to 2020, china will have made and sold 400 million cars, have 3 times more millionaires than any other country on the earth, will have 2 times more railways than all the world combined, and will in 2021 comlete the implementation of a free healthcare system for all the people to add to their free education system, which is causing china to grow in education far above Iran and India. Their level of corruption is far better than india too, if I gave you indias stats, you'd all cry. not even 1/100th chinas potential over the same period mainly due to massive corruption present in more democratic and under educated systems.

Chinese/eastern thinkers clearly know the benefts of monarchy system, based on 1000's of year of history. They are not going against their own history or culture, something we may want to seriously consider if we wish to enjoy victories. I wonder why some Iranians are so clueless about concepts like possibility, reality and ability, because their views are not in harmony with an understanding of these important ideas and limited only to the experience of the last century which was clearly the century of the New Empire America.

Look at what I am saying, Majority of our people marched out for khomeini and while they regret it, now they wish the shah would come back to save them from mullahs as they wait for emam zaman to show up.

Hellooo any body home?

I for one like the increase in possibilities and opportunities that freedom gives, like when the shah pursued it and achieved it for Iranans,for me its far more important than democracy.

Democracy without the freedom is a total waste, like india is experiencing. The beauty with Monarchy in contrast to republics, is when people are extremely ignorant and have serious educational deficiencies, based on the past (not because of monarchy, but other issues, which both republics and monarchies face), they can bring freedom quickly whereas most democracies around the world, with the exception of the well educated societies that are in the G7, they don't have freedom or the ability to create it quickly.

We know for a fact Iranians as a result of the monarchy enjoyed freedom in the 1970's.

I also like the style and class they can bring to a country. That is the greatest problem the mullahs face in iran and why they can't progress they can't attract any one with a good family history, class, education or decent values into their fold.

My experience is classy people are found more in monarchies than republics, since society in republics are less based on the history of ones family, family values and a type of pseudo-class can be bought with money, which doesn't happen in monarchies.

Some things to consider. As for me, I think it's time for a chai.


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#1 thing thats so impressive with china

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You are free to do what ever you want at home, pra to any god you wish,

but in public and in society no churches and no religion, while this may seem like a lack of freedom of expression, in reality it is a great thing if you are atheist or trying to save people from centuries of brainwashing by corrupt religous authorities.

That is usually the fundamental problem with both monarchies and republics, they become erroded from within by religious authorities that are as crooked as a $7 bill.

And people, who are magnets for liars and charlatans, that tell them what they want to hear, without a critical fact based view point are easily manipulated and deceived.

That is neither freedom, nor truth, it has harmed humanity more than it has helped it for millenia.