Reza Pahlavi gets It Right again.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


Fortunately we have a voice of reason in Irans Corner regarding the extremist Regime in Iran that the USA installed into power in 1979 and wishes to keep in power for the long term.

In his recent interview his Majesty highlighted an extremist regime facing dire problems annually related to peoples livelyhoods that the Republc is incapable of solving and has few abilities remaining anymore to come up with answers.

By Urging Israel not to attack Iran and support the people of Iran with her vast resources his Majesty gets it right again and for many reasons.

While his Majesty never mentioned the Love and Support the IRI has and does covertly receive from within the highest levels of Power, in the USA, UK and France that brought the Regime into power, one can clearly see with the policies presented to the US public as being only a twin track approach with the desire to compromise with the regime & to negotiate with it or alternatively to have the option of going to war, as if there are no other options available with a deeply unpopular regime in Power in Iran that the majority of people do not trust or want.

The US govt and her allies may be glib for now, as their mass media cons its own public and keeps the govts actions top secret and away from the attention of most her people, but many Iranians are now keenly aware of the US goal of supporting extremists while saying it is in support of democracy.  Knowing full well extremists will never help achieve any democratic ideals.  However the once secret, unstated and real objective of the west lead by the united states regarding Iran are being brought to light by watching their actions and not listening to their words.

God save us all was an excellent ending to his Majestys interview.





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My Kudos to him for getting it correct – again …

by Bavafa on

I was delighted to read about his advise in the "Iran News: Condensed and hight lighted 020" blog in today's posting.

In the times where politicians sell their mothers for a dime and AIPAC is ready to buy anyone's soul if it helps them in their drive towards war, I was very happy and delighted to see RP refused to sell out and spoke of reality.

Kudos to him for standing on the side of Iranian people

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



He has been consistently asking friends for help

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

See the interview on his site, he makes his points very clear.  It helps to have Some Iranians raise the awareness of others regarding the west though and its love for extremism.  I tried to make the point here //


Arash Kamangir

Reza Pahlavi should ask Israel for help

by Arash Kamangir on

The only country who would help iranian opposition without condition is Israel. Reza Pahlavi should not waste anymore time and should be aware that he has the best chance to lead opposition and topple IR.