Reza Pahlavi Writes Open Letter To Obama.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

As I Was Reading Reza Pahlavi's Open Letter to Obama, I realized an immense injustice could happen if something is not done for the residents in camp Ashraf that the MeK leadership has treated like pawns and not made serious plans to relocate.  You can read Reza Pahlavi's letter to Obama on his site, by following this link below.


Personally I wish that he gets the political support necessary in replacing the IRI as soon as possible.  He has the public support necessary to replace the IRI and is capable of restoring peace, progress and human rights for Iranians. 

In my view these 3 goals are more important than all the other slogans combined, because they include freedom and justice within them and are achievable benefits Reza Pahlavi and his supporters can deliver today.

Javid Shah.



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Maryam Hojjat

RP is The Best Alternative for IRAN

by Maryam Hojjat on

RP Is Real IRANIan who Cares about IRAN & Iranians.  He has seen many western countries and lived there which is a +.  However, He is the best choice for a secular, democratic system for IRAN.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

A closed mind never deserves an ansewer.

neek pendar    balam jaan.



Open Question, Firstly Who cares about American Voters?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

54% of them believe depression is a personal weakness (this just goes to show the mass in the USA is ignorant // of course it's not a weakness. If Americans knew about depression in the 18th century they might not have picked Abraham Lincoln.

The Brits were Intelligent enough to choose Winston Churchill as their Leader knowing full well depression wasn't just in his family history, but he suffered from extremely severe depression himself.  The important thing to know other than great leaders had it too, is that it has been proven Depression is possible regardless of family background/genetics. 

And Secondly, around 1/3 of society in the USA suffers from depression at one point in their lives.  Its thought to be far higher and under reported, so my suggestion is to get educated about it, unless we find a cure.  Iranians should expect any leader for Iran to personally struggle with depression since in iran the numbers for depression are above 50% and leadership in Iran has so many problems if a leader is not already depressed a few years of serving Iranians and he or she most likely will be.


gooz be shagheeghe che rabtee dare????

by shushtari on

what does have RP have to do with the iran iraq war??

let's see who's fault it was:

-moron khomeini comes in and murders thousands of the best officers, pilots, and soldiers in the middle east- destroying iran's superior army


-before the war, idiot khomeini ridicules the shah for spending iran's wealth on weapons!  the same weapons that saved iran and allowed her to protect her borders in the war with hussein.


-idiot khomeini prolongs the war on purpose to ensure his murderous regime is not overthrown- leading to hundreds of thousands of innocent young iranians being killed


and on and on....


 we WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ATTACKED had the shah remained in power- our army was the f5th largest in the world!

quit blaming the pahlavis for your can go to khomeini's grave for answers! 



The Dreamers' Drummer

by Tavana on


'He has the public support necessary to replace the IRI and is capable of restoring peace, progress and human rights for Iranians.'

Who is that 'He'? Obama or Reza? Where were the eiher ones when Iranians & Iraqis were being killed in the Iran-Iraq war? Any cries/feelings for hundreds thousands of Iraqis butchered for the past 10 years? And who is this Reza anyway? Could he really write Engish himself or out of that 65M stolen money he paid somebody to do it for him?

The whole thing is nothing more that an empty Drum for the Dreamers. 


Open Question...

by پندارنیک on

Would the American voters choose a president with a family history of depression and suicide?