Shame on USA, UK, France


Shame on USA, UK, France
by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

The 33 rd Anniversary of the betrayal and removal of the Shah of Iran, was remembered in Iran with a card board cut out of a figure who represents, poverty, backwardness, injustice, loss of freedom and is generally one of the most hated figures among the consensus of Iranians, only with the exception of those iranians who are directly financially benefitting from Irans vast oil reserves. That includes not just the mullahs, but the USA, France and UK who have done and are doing everything in their power to ensure the anti-secular, theocratic mullahs keep their hold in power.

In contrast Iran had a King, correctly titled Light of the Aryans, Aryamehr, who's years as king represented many massive impovements in the area's of peace, progress, & human rights.  Sadly many of tens of thousands of those who acted in overthrowing him, if they could be resurrected from the dead, they would attest to this fact out of their tortured bodies and manipulated minds.  Clearly the reason most Iranians fondly remember the years of Peace, Progress and Human Rights of Aryamehrs reign, is because unlike back when he was alive and you saw foreign reporters in every area of Iran, today if people even try to make the smallest squeak, they will discover a tyranny that was brought to power with the intention of suppressing Irans political, social and economic development. Period.

The technique used to get a country like Iran to sabotage itself is clearly on display today within the US presidential elections, by a system of government that is not just despicable and illigitimate, but also undemocratic.  The truth is that the election win in Florida between Romney & Gingrich as all other elections in America have proven,  came down to money.  One side presented 13,000 TV ads, mostly negative and the other around 200.  The one with more money and negativity won the day.  //

This is exactly what Iranians faced in 1979 at the hands of the world media and also some of their An-tellectuals who ignorantly labelled the late shah a dictator, it is not that they were easily manipulated or plain stupid, it is that this technique used in Florida works even in the most advanced countries.  Clearly while Iranians may regret being fooled and manipulated, with machine guns and torture chambers over their heads, they are now in no position to express their outrage at the injustices they face, especially since the perpetrator is the USA, UK, France and the west can afford to be smug about it, because few Iranians read outside the main stream media, so it is unlikely if they could do something today they would know exactly who's policy to counter and how, since most don't know what policy they are a victim of today or that it has not changed one iota from when it was put in place. 

This policy was designed to be executed on North Africa and the entire Middle east and it is working like a charm today.  The ability to use the forces with in a country who desire democracy, like a bunch of useless patysy against their own national security work time and again.  And the most eager democratic forces rarely if ever so far have even complained about being used and discarded as willing traitors towards their own peoples freedom.  Today in the capitals of the developed world, glasses of champaign are being passed around at yet another victory in this policy in Libya and the prospect of a victory in Egypt.  Todays news comes as no suprise, //

And the overwhelming support the west has proven it can create among Iranians, in order to implement its crimes against them, is clearly evident to those who read & think outside of the main stream media, a media which serves interests that bare no resemblance to humanity.



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