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I Just wanted to put a spot light on a woman of distinguished courage, acting Bravely and Reminding Iranians by example The Smart and Noble qualities that Iranians have within them.
I was reading this article today,


and was really impressed by this womans demands and reasoning.

It was very easy to relate to her, because she is taking on our communities cause. Her comments were direct and of great importance today, “I was incensed upon learning that Carleton University collaborated with the Iranian Embassy and gave a platform to regime supporters.”

“Ayatollah Khomeini is a man who is personally responsible for the death and torture of countless innocent Iranians.”

I'm still stuck grieving and saddened over Khomeini's crimes and the worlds silent support & encouragement for them, at times I ruminate on this sad subject, though I am a Man, this Iranian woman is an inspiration for me because she has stepped out from the dark well of injustice and is literally reaching for the light and demanding Justice for those who literally can not demand it. One wonders how long real injustices can continue by the international interests who created this cruel situaton, when they are brought into the consciousness of some by this woman. Well Done, Ms. Afshin-Jam and Thank You.


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by yolanda on

Nazanin is beautiful/courageous and she is larger than life! She is making a big difference! She is definitely not just a pretty face! She has saved at least one lady's life from IRI's gallows! I hope she has a lot of blessings and a lot of success with her charity work!



The real Reasons why IRI/Islamists are Attacking Ms. Afshin-Jam

by IranFirst on


"Afshin-Jam continues to address human rights abuses worldwide
particularly in relation to women and children in Iran and the Middle
East including speeches at UN, EU, Canadian and UK Parliament. She has
had media features on CNN, BBC, CBC, FOX, Al Jazeera and numerous radio
shows, talk shows and print including Glamour, Seventeen, Chatelaine,
Flare, Elle and Vanity Fair magazine.

Afshin-Jam was opposed to the death penalty being applied to 18-year-old Iranian woman Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who was sentenced to hang for stabbing one of three men who tried to rape her and her niece in Karaj in March 2005.[5] She started a campaign to help save the life of this minor including a petition
which attracted more than 350,000 signatures worldwide. She has also
dedicated her song "Someday the Revolution song" -one of the 12 songs on
her album -Someday to Nazanin Fatehi and some other youth in Iran.[6]
Eventually, with pressure from the international community, Nazanin
Fatehi was granted a new trial by the head of Judiciary in June 2006. In
January 2007 Nazanin Fatehi was exhonerated of murder charges and was
released on January 31, 2007 after Afshin-Jam raised $43,000 on-line for
bail while her lawyers worked on her case. For her efforts in helping
save Nazanin Fatehi, Afshin-Jam was awarded the “hero for human rights
award” from Youth For Human Rights International and Artists for Human
Rights at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Afshin-Jam initiated Stop Child Executions Campaign
and petition to help other children on death row. The campaign was
registered as a non-profit organization with 501-C 3 status in 2008. She
is co-founder and President of Stop Child Executions Organization whose
aim is to try to put a permanent end to executions of minors in Iran
and abroad [1] [2]. To date, SCE has managed to help save many lives.

On the 9th anniversary of the student uprising in Iran, Afshin-Jam
made a speech in the UK parliament, commemorating the uprising. In her
remarks, she mentioned some of the victims of the uprising. On September
23, 2008 Afshin-Jam organized "Ahmadinejad's Wall of Shame" rally at Dag Hammarskjöld
park across the United Nations in New York as Ahmadinejad was
addressing the General Assembly. In November 2008 Afshin-Jam received
the "Global Citizenship Award" by the University of British Columbia's
Alumni Association[7] In April 2009 Nazanin received the "Human Rights Hero Award" from UN Watch in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2009 Afshin-Jam will be playing the role of Táhirih in Jack Lenz's upcoming movie Mona's Dream about the life of Mona Mahmudnizhad. In 2009 she signed an open letter of apology posted to Iranian.com along with 266 other Iranian academics, writers, artists, journalists about the Persecution of Bahá'ís.[8] In 2009, Afshin-Jam won the YMCA Power of Peace Award as “Young Emerging Leader”.

Through her speeches and music Afshin-Jam hopes to continue being a
“voice for the voiceless” and deliver her messages of freedom, peace and
love worldwide."




Ask your Mullah, or Quran

by IranFirst on

I am sorry, if it is difficult for you to understand. May be you can ask your mullah to explain it to you. Don't you guys go to your mullahs or open Quran (the terrorist book)  for even the simplest  things in your daily life? and then are happy with any idiotic answer you get from MUllah/Quran

I know it is confusing for you and She obviously is smarter than all you guys, which is contrary to what you are allowed to think in Islam :-)

iraj khan

What's its diameter?

by iraj khan on

how much it weighs

that's my question, honestly.


She has a Much Larger Brain Power than ALL Islamists Combined

by IranFirst on

Despite all the IRI's elements and money spent  in Canada , she has
managed to be a strong voice for Iranians and against your terrorist IRI. Her voice is
heard by Canadian diplomats and people and has been effective. She has
created what IRI Islamist terrorists can't buy, Influence. If and when Canada closes
your Basiji embassy, you will feel it even more. Off course , her being
beautiful is also a eye sour for Islamists (who only love ugliness and
darkness in the world, following their child molesting leader, MO)

iraj khan

It said:

by iraj khan on

"Nazanin Has A Large Brain"

Q: How Large is Nazanin's Brain?

I googled it but was not able to find the answer.

I wonder what part of Nazanin's body they would brag about if she was a man? 


همان که با تحریم کردیم


با خانم افشین جم خواهیم کرد!!
الهی دورت بزنم!!!! میز مذاکره را روی سرت بزنم!!

I wear an Omega watch


SK, you sound very jealous, because Nazanin is doing something

by IranFirst on

Dear SK, you sound very jealous, because she is doing something for Iran
by opposing IRI that you can't or you won't (because you still agree
with IRI?), so you have to put her down. You can't openly attack her for
being against IRI, so you imply because she is beautiful she can't be
smart! Why is who she has married (apparently a very successful
politician), any of YOUR business (more jealousy perhaps?). Why can't
you talk about her views and yours rather than your gossip and
"khale-zanak bazi". If your views are different than hers about IRI,
that will be a great discussion, (not ,she has no brains because she
is beautiful, as you suggest).

As far as my posts, I am sorry you and Islamists/IRI have not been able to defend Islam by logic, I have provided references from Quran and Hadith, but you and Islamists can't counter them. I am exposing Islam and the Muslims (like IRI) who want to impose it by force (not all Muslims do), don't like it. Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Why does it bother you to see posts questioning IRI's barbaric "Law of the land" (which currently is Islam)

Soosan Khanoom

Iranfirst,I regret not attending the beauty contests

by Soosan Khanoom on

I swear to God that I would have won ... seriously ... so I agree with you.... what have I really done?   Nothing!!!

At the time, i was busy working my butt off in college and earn a degree so I can work based on my resume. You are right she has a big brain, If I had her brain I would have used my beauty and then the possibilities would have been endless. Possible Noble Prize for showing my butt off in various political meetings where the poor people of Iran are being used as an alibi.  Not mention marrying a well known messed up politician who desperately needs Jewish votes to even get me further in my endeavors. Oh how I envy her....  indeed what have I done? 

Now ignore me please or Nazanin for that matter and continue with your non stop muslims bashing crusade on this site... You are a gem... 

I am out of this blog !!

: ) 


Nazanin has a large Brain, what have you done with yours SK?

by IranFirst on

Nazanin has a large Brain, and she is using it for Iran, since you are questioning her brain power (implying that you are better than her), what have YOU done with your brain power to free Iran Soosan Khanoom? Can you please provide some examples ? Have you put down IRI Publicly (in real world not here on internet), and asked for closure if its embassies?, if you dared (like her). 


"Nazanin Afshin-Jam, one of Canada’s most recognizable
Iranian-Canadians and the wife of National Defence Minister Peter
MacKay, said the embassy is “not legitimate” and “has no purpose here.”

Afshin-Jam, Iranian-Canadian human rights activist and wife of Defence
Minister Peter MacKay, said the embassy is “not legitimate” and “has no
purpose here.”

“The embassy in Ottawa sometimes uses cultural events as an excuse to
spread their own propaganda,” said Ms. Afshin-Jam, a human rights
activist who fled Iran in 1979 after her father was imprisoned and

Soosan Khanoom

Ok ok... may be she has a little brain ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

Cause I have just read online that Nazanin is criticizing the TD Bank's decision in closing the Iranian-Canadian accounts. Perhaps she is just saying that after watching another beautiful woman's opposition to the banks decision; otherwise Nazanin could care less.

Watch this ... this beauty has brain too .. LOOOL  : ))))))))


Iranian-Canadians fume as TD closes accounts

"The new "anti-Iran" banking laws are disgusting and should never have been allowed to pass.The add on fees irritated me. The profit margins made me mad. This, however is just too much and I'm not even remotely Iranian. I'm closing my accounts as soon as humanly possible, (And yes, I will be going credit union). To deny people (much less citizens of this country) their assets that the organization profited on, simply for being from somewhere is inexcusable. "




SK Its not her fault...

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

People who do good things, and she has, are often being used without their own knowledge with the aim of doing very dark things, look at Amnesty International.  The crime isn't hers and she feels she is doing good and frankly who is open or finds acceptable the message of, there is no solution, when there is no soluton?


SK, The ideal woman/man just needs to use 4 qualities In My view

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Love, Courage, Compassion and Passion.



SK really?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I was watching her talk and she seemed pro-active and even brave.  Sadly most of us, me included, are fools on this planet in that we can be our own worse enemy, the niavete of her views really suprised me, or maybe I'm way too negative/pessimistic at this point in my life.  What do you know about her in the brains department?


Soosan Khanoom

Lion King jan, don't get too excited over her

by Soosan Khanoom on

Beauty may be but brain zero.   



by Truthseeker9 on

Thanks for this blog, she is truly amazing and makes me proud as an Iranian.