Shocking Putin Interview, Information was Banned.


Shocking Putin Interview, Information was Banned.
by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Yesterday in Russia, Vladimir Putin was interviewed at a telethon he holds annually. He made comments on the country's controversial parliamentary election, the subsequent street protests and US Foreign Policy. His answers showed he had every intention of clarifying issues that affect people who are intentionally misinformed by the main stream media in the west.

In a televised live chat, he proposed installing web cameras at polling stations to prevent fraud at the March presidential poll where he is standing.

But he insisted the parliamentary results were valid and was scathing about some protesters.

The fact that people express their opinion... is an absolutely normal thing as long, of course, as everybody acts within the framework of the law," he said, after protests on Saturday which saw around 50,000 people turn out in Moscow alone.

"If this is the result of the Putin regime I am quite happy and quite content with that. I don't see anything wrong with it," he added.

Mr Putin said: "As regards vote-rigging and the fact that the opposition are not pleased with the election results, there is nothing new here, this has always been the case.

"The opposition is there to fight for power and is fighting for power. That is why it is seeking any opportunity to come closer to power, to edge the current authorities out, to accuse them, to point to their mistakes."

He said he was asking Russia's central electoral commission to install web cameras at all polling stations, saying he believed there were more than 90,000 of them.

"Let them operate round the clock, night and day, transmitting everything to the internet, so that the country sees what is happening at a specific ballot box, to remove any falsifications altogether," Mr Putin said.

Yet Mr Putin's proposal to install webcams in all Russian polling stations to prevent fraud is unlikely to convince the opposition or those that support them that future elections will be free and fair.

Next The Russian prime minister dismissed a warning by former US presidential candidate and Vietnam veteran Senator John McCain that he faced being overthrown like Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

"McCain was captured during the war and kept in a pit - it would drive anyone nuts," Mr Putin said.

On US foreign policy, the Russian leader said: "America doesn't need allies, it needs vassals."

"Did anyone in the States consult their allies about what to do in Afghanistan?" he asked rhetorically. "Damn right they didn't!"

Russia, by contrast, had "more friends than foes" abroad despite attempts to "shunt" it aside, Mr Putin said.

Mr Putin said the US military had organised Gaddafi's death.

"Who killed Gaddafi?" Putin asked. "Drones! American ones! They struck his convoy. And then by radio, via special forces that should not have been there anyway, they brought in so-called oppositionists and fighters and killed him without trial or investigation."

There is alot of information in Putins Interview that contrasts with the information we receive from the main stream media. On the issue of foreign policy, organizing Gaddafi's death is something I have never read about. Important information like this is banned. He wasn't even supposed to be a target. However seeing the way Nato ended its operations after Gaddafi being killed/murdered, makes it clear that there is more Truth coming from Putin than the main stream media. This is like trying to learn from the Main stream media that the Late Shah was killed by the USA and by giving him a type of cancer not in his genetic history. Critical Information like this is completely missing because it is banned.

Putin's other comment that the USA has no need for Allies and needs only "Nowkar" explains why the USA betrayed the late Shah(an Iranian Nationalist who was no Nowkar but in charge of Irans alliance with the USA ), why they have a militaristic foreign policy, why the USA needs so many foreign bases and why its actions are based on neocolonialist policies like spreading fundamentalist islam and Sharia law through out the middle east and north Africa. The information given in Putin's interview, literally turns the information given by the main stream media on its head and Putins information is more Truthful. Since Putin's personality is a self-determined type, it's clear he and the new russia that is rising will not take kindly to being dominated by the USA.


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Being KGB gives him more credibility not less Rea

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He actually knows what he's talking about and isn't pandering to the Empire of the USA.

Syria defintely needs help based on the degree of foreign intervention and after seeing the USA support former Al-Qaeda fighters against Libyans favoring Gaddafi, who are now in control in tripoli and have wiped out certain towns in Libya.

In Syria Bachuska has documented clandestine and covert intelligence methods being used by the cia, mossad and mi6 including training and support for muslim brotherhood fighters, weapons and equipment.  In Iran the situation is very dfferent, the real support for the IRI is the UK, France and USA which brought them to power, not Russia, and that is no secret. 


Russia doesn't suport IRI, it sells them stuff to make money and works with them since the big powers keep and love the IRI which they brought to power.  Regarding the truth, since information is banned from the main stream media we shouldn't be upset at those sharing it, but those banning it. 


Once KGB, always KGB

by Rea on

Bachushka's truth is best judged by his support for IRI and Syria's Assad.