The solution for Iran, the real answer to what next.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy
I just read an interesting piece by an ayatollah that way teaching based on his knowledge of the koran, that Imam Ali Will Rule for 44,000 Years.

Thinking of our lack of unity as Iranians my first thought was... okay When did that time start? Are we in year 32 or did it start 1432 years ago? My reasoning was these guys aren't going and their favorite song around each other is "secular democracy my ass."

My Interpretation of his comments was.

I guess the way it is supposed to work based on the business builders hand book to islam, we have 12 imams, khomeini was the 12th, khameneii is the 11th and the we actually have to start counting backwards, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 all the way to 1 at which point we have to start counting back up from 1 to 2 to 3, 4 and up,

the catch is this can only go on for 44,000 years, during this time it is the mission of all muslims to convert non muslims to become muslim, by love or war, so that at 44,000 years when the Utopian plan will be implemented every thing will be ready and in place.

For those of you not using your imagination everything wil start to make sense and the mullahs actions will be clear. You see...

The Utopian plan for all of your ancestors "gods angels", at exactly 44,000 years all men and women have to be segregated on different planets, to maintain their virgin purity for god, this is the real reason why the iranian space program is so vital for the progress of all muslims.

It has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, it is part of islamic destiny in achieving the perfect peace and purity for all humans.

So we only have 2 choices,

1) We all get the our marshmellows out and start learning to build fires, because this is going to be a very long night.And these guys have been kindly given 44,000 years to convert you and your descendants to the true islam... or

2) We get serious, I mean life or death serious, so serious our differences are seen as a gift to bring us together and no longer have power to seperate us. We all, I mean ALL get to have our preference to some degree based on democracy and no one can get left out.

We have to invent a united, secular, communist, islamic, republican, monarchy out of thin air and not stop until that vision where everyone gets to win is achieved. A total democracy, with separation of powers among both elected and unelected branches.

We'll have just One party, the united peoples party, with an unlimited number of many different wings/sides/birthdays. Forward, backward, left, right, up, down. The first 3 dimensional system of government a 3-D democracy.

Are you still readng? Good, tell me what you think?

The past is gone, the future belongs to our youth, and the present is the place we find ourselves, screwed and divided. There is really no other way for division to change, no one side should have to compromise too much and be left out., everyone has to be in with a stake and be able to govern based on their ability to attain votes, while conceding something to all even those with just 1%, so the structure includes all. You think a communist and a capitalist can't share power, well your wrong, they will have to, to the degree they have some support, no one is out lawed, unless they betray or act against the whole and even then their supporters get to chose new leaders and only leaders are punished.


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You are right on

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iranians don't unte when it comes to politics, they can't even form a party, in shahs time we had 5 or 6 partys and none compromsed with each other, each person wanted to be the leader.  And they were small in size too.

The one thing that will bring 50,000 in one place is Nowrooz, a celebration belonging to our culture and propogated beyond our borders even.  A nowrooz concert in the name of change will bring 50,000, but if the change chosen is partizan then it will not gain momentum, everyone and view has to get to be a part of the future or else their is no incentive to unite.




Unity is Great - But we need a Strategy to Defeat the Regime

by ayatoilet1 on

Iranians will rally and unite behind a "winner" ... that is the unfortunate truth. If you have a strategy to defeat the regime lets hear it. If you have an idea that can rally in one place 50000 iranians ...then lets hear it. I always thought this could be done in the form of a concert for change in Iran...but ... I might be alone. We need a show of unity. We need a visible result of Iranians rallying together. That's what it will take to bring everyone together.


My Hallucinations tell me Hamnasteghi is Key

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If that is the case then basically no preference or ideology can entirely be the solution and serve all.  And if a group has peoples support for whatever reason it will always be an issue unless it has representation.

Suppressing other ideas after one has won will only create problems for the future as when future foreign conflicts occur and we should all assume they always will then unless all have a stake we will face division from within.

Just my view.