Some Of The Truth Comes Out.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

I've been bothered recently regarding the deceits and manipulations that serve the interests of Banking institutions and are the responsibility of secret services like the cia and mi6 to put out in order to carry out the so-called free worlds for Foreign Policy, which as an Iranian I happen to be a touch unhappy with since it involves the africanization and neocolonization of Iran.

The articles i wrote for on these subjects recently for you were 

An Peaceful Objection to the BBC for a specific reason, //

Followed by a general objection peacefully exposed on Methods used //

While todays news was also both manipulatively and deceitfully put out by the bbc, as sadly it is done on a usual basis with all the main news sites, including russia today, fox news, bbc & cnn etc etc in order to achieve an aim.... and 

While Todays news in no way reduces the damage that was already done in the previous BBC article which was misleading the public and implementing western foreign policy as per usual...

Todays News on the bbc did, unlike the previous article, not hold back on exposing the news of the day which exposes more of the truth.  //

By Informing the public on those that have been killing the Syrian People.

Unfortunately this internationally attracts supporters and inspires more like minded followers and the extremists do know they can with outside help which they absolutely do have in abundance use this approach to gain power, like we started to see in Libya.  Lets wish this violence approach does not suuceed or else the West & MeK will have a reason to use this approach on Iranians 

The difference in Libya being that the national Libyan Army was almost entirely destroyed by the forces of Nato and less by suicide bombers and foreign paid and supplied fighting groups. 

What a world!

Do we change it, live with it and reframe its meaning or choose to leave it?

My hat off to those who try and change it, and many of whom are listed as "Prisoner of The Day on IC,"



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