Todays Double Standard.


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The Media affects the public in 2 major ways. 1) the information it provides and 2) the amount of attention it gives the information being highlighted.  The 2nd point is even more important than the first.  If you are told a lie for 30 seconds a month the impact is small, if you are told a lie for 1 hours and 55 minutes a day, via over a dozen different sources, for a sevral months, then you will be significantly effect.  Double standard of the Day should be a column on IC, just the way we have prisoner of the day.  This would enlighten many people and raise their awareness.

Recently I wrote a blog on pussyriot, disgusted by the verdict handed down.  I noted the massive attention give to the case in westernmedia and was happy with their concern for justice and the plight of the girls.  Today the sincerity of the USA's UNFREE Media and others not only came into question, but I clearly saw a double standard.  Seems like the King of Bahrain is happy with his luck.

A Bahraini court confirms jail terms for medics who aided protesters.  This news as you may realize is far worse a human rights violation for protestors and medics, yet the BBC and other Media outlets do not communicate the same degree of Attention to the story or share the same rage.  Pleae stay in touch, double standard of the day will be my new blog title theme.

Example, came out 13 hrs ago, not on the main site as a highlighted story with any traffic //

In contrast, listed as a top news story // and over a dozen storys done on it by them listed on google

The other outlets are the same.  Reminds me of the attention and pressure they put on the late shah playing with the publics mind, yet the kings of saudi arabia, nada.  Is the Free Media Complicit and involved in the manipulation and deceit of the public? Asking for your views.




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You don't think, his father and sadat saying so was enough?

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His brother was exactly as you say, open about it/not cautious and where is he now?  Suicide.  To be trustworthy the Shah needs to be able to speak in a way he feels he can handle all the consequences of responsibly just upon his own strength alone.  He needs to be political.  And he is doing outstanding in that regard, in MHO, why.... for example the reason his father was killed and destroyed was because he went ahead with Irans development in aiming to create the best trained workers in the world like the UK/Japan when the USA told him no steel mill for Iran period and no freedom for developing Irans economy on iranian experts advice.  The Curret Shah will not even discuss any alliance unless the west meets all his conditions including changing their policies for their real reasons for betraying the Shah and meeting Iranians expectations for no destructive interferrence in Irans future economic development.  It's Not unlike Putins approach for Russia, which the USA doesn't recogize either at this point, hence the bias in the media as shown in the article above.  So serving Irans Interests in this way makes him trust worthy with his own base which expect the undivided attention and care for their best future from their king.   


He should also tell his

by vildemose on

He should also tell his compatriots who is supporting the Mullahs and who brought the mullahs to power...Until then, he remains untrustworthy.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Was reading this today on Reza Pahlavi's Facebook Page, I LIKED

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My Compatriots,



With three decades
having passed in the life of the current regime in Iran, it has become
clear to everyone that this authoritarian government has produced
nothing other than lies, oppression, poverty, unemployment,
exploitation of national resources and in one word the destruction of
political, social, economic, and cultural structures of our country,
subjecting our homeland to a deep and fateful crisis. A crisis that
obliges all of us to be more apprehensive in the cause to save the
country and bring prosperity to our people through opening a path for
national reconciliation and helping people to claim their share in their
destiny and through providing completely democratic conditions for
free, healthy and just elections confirmed by the majority of Iranians.



My Compatriots,


my efforts since the birth of this authoritarian regime has been in
the direction of consultation and collaboration with my compatriots.
The recent changes in Iran has made the current society, in particular
the youth, aware and realistic in prioritizing freedom and prosperity
of the nation over their own ideological goals, and to care for this
ancient land and create a future that such a great nation well deserves
to have.


Fortunately, the claims of various layers of
the society have changed the conditions in a way that reaching
consensus and accord is now more possible than ever.



My compatriots,


these decisive moments facing our homeland, every one of us Iranians
has a historic responsibility to get inspired by a non-partisan and
non-ideological movement like one big ancient family to pay our debt to
our motherland. It is time that based on collaboration, solidarity and
high moral values of the Declaration of Human Rights we do everything
within our power to re-instate national sovereignty in Iran. In this
path, it behooves all political forces and activists to collaborate with
each other actively by providing pragmatic and clear suggestions and
plans for forming a democratic alternative against the authoritarian
regime of the Islamic Republic. Our task today, beyond various political
ideals, beliefs and tastes, is to start a final march towards freedom,
peace, security, well-being and prosperity of Iran. Me too I'm ready
to collaborate with all various groups and forces and support them.



My dear compatriots,


think of a prosperous and free Iran, where the law and justice
guarantee all the rights of Iranian citizens. May that in this historic
moment we fulfill our responsibility to the current young generation
and the ones in the future.



Long Live Iran,



Reza Pahlavi