Top 12 Ways To Recognize an Antellectual?


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

12 You believe in "the good of democracy" for Iran as organized and presented by the Western Powers, which are currently "protecting civilians" in Libya.  You would also believe in "the good of speaking only the truth" to members of Nazi Germany's SS, if you lived in Holland in 1943 and had a Jewish family living in your home and they came to your home preaching the good of saying the truth as they asked you if you had seen any Jews. 


11 You don't question where the weapons and fundamentalists come from that are capable of defeating the Libyan Army or kill 300 Syrian Soldiers and Police?  You have no idea the scale of expenses being paid out or by whom to wage these campaigns for so called democracy in the middle east and North Africa?

10 You form your opinions based on information you get from professors, the media, news papers, tv, radio, internet, books and use other peoples common sense in place of your own.

9 You believe the words and speeches given by leaders of countries which are serving their own national interests and pay no attention to their actions.

8 You think that if people are popularly elected they can't be dictators and if they are unelected like kings, they have to be dictators.

7 You believe the West would like Freedom, Justice, Democracy for oil exporting countries upon which their entire economies rely, like Libya, Syria and Iran. And don't realize they will not allow any system to stand that they can't completely dominate.

6  You don't believe that western powers use University Faculty, the Free Media and NGO's as a foreign policy tools in presenting solutions that give them capability to dominate countries that influence the interests of their biggest multinational corporations.

5 You believe Iran can go from a true 11th century tyranny to a democratic government right away or at least within 20 years.

4 You believe people were not free to say what they wanted to, could not criticize the government and that the Shah used Savak to repress regular Iranians (for only expressing themselves). 

3 You believe corruption was a major problem in Iran, when the Shah was King, or at least think it was close to the levels present in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal or Greece.

2 You don't acknowledge the stress/strains and dissatisfaction present in Iranian society before 1979 as a result of Iran being a 3rd world country in the process of going through a metamorphosis, with people living in cities amongst each other for the first time or experiencing the natural creation of large disparities/inequalities in wealth among people that accompanies industrialization and development.  The Problem was the Shah.

1 You still believe Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was a dictator, a megalomaniac, a despot, a tyrant and hold on to this view with religous conviction. Yet you don't even know how to interpret the definitions of these words. (This helps you protect yourself from shame you would feel for past mistakes, it even allows you to point fingers at others today, unfortunately it allows you to pretend you have a solution for Iran's troubles and it prevents you from correcting your own mistakes leading to greater ignorance)

Dictionary Definition:  An-tellectuals are patsies that have created themselves by following everyday misinformation and the political interests of the most powerful forces of the day. Typically they can be cured with about 30 minutes of being understanding, however it is likely they will live their entire lives without even experiencing 5 minutes of being understanding, due to their defensive nature curing them is only for the brave and lucky.


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The Goal/Motive is to keep Iranians divided, so they are weaker.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

One Plan is to create lies around Mossadeghs removal to weaken iranians and cause division.

In order to do this they are actively using techniques from Joseph Goebels propaganda approaches, take the 1953 mossadegh history as portrayed/retold to many iranians ...

To be Factually Correct, it was Not a Coup in 1953, According to the
accepted law of the land, when parliament is dissolved the shah legally
has the right to replace prime minister and pick his own.  Therefore by definition it was not a coup. Yet most iranians have at least heard there was a coup 999 times so far in their lives.  Big Lie/Much repetition.

The Myth that a Coup Occurred is in harmony
with Joseph Goebbels teachings, the lie needs to be Big and time and
again it must be repeated again and again for it to get traction.

The lies are intended to lead to division not unity for iranians, by calling mossadeghs 1953 removal a coup, this moves away from fact towards dishonorable fiction.  The Shah did request US assistance, mainly political.  It was his own forces that removed mossadegh and he personally ordered his officers to see to it that all money given by cia to help organize the removal of mossadegh were not used but returned to the cia. 

So the goal is to ensure a
lack of hambastegi, by giving people a weak glue to unite them (lies) instead of a strong glue the truth. 

Unity behind lies will not serve Iranians but cause division, Unity behind the truth is the honorable way to proceed because by definition it gives rise to the least future conflict and retains peoples unity.




by Tabarzin on

Is it really such a coincidence that Greece -
that got on just fine with Libya  - has been economically brought
to its knees with a puppet government at the helm, precisely at this
time? Imagine the horror of it - Greek shipowners striking deals with



bushtheliberator, you are missing the point

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

"Uncle Sam" Was a Joooo himself. Just check out the nose and the name. Also FYI, Hitler's Nazi germany was also attacked by US and British and commi ruskis due to nothing but it's vast oil reserves underneath Hamburg's red light district! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Uncle Sam's Plan as explained @ IC

by bushtheliberator on

First,GW Bush  steals all of Iraq's oil,(some bombing was required)

then O-Bambi &  NATO steal Libya's oil,(more bombing required)

of course, Syria's oil is next.Bombs away !

Even tho Uncle Sam has, by now, stolen ALL the oil it needs, Iran will STILL  need to be bombed into submission because the freedom

,and independence loving people of Iran won't Kiss the Imperial US Ass.


the alternate IC explaination to "Oil is the Meaning of Life" is the familiar , "Joooz,Joooz,Jooozs".



This was the nato lead revolution of libya

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

people were not the ones mainly doing the fighting and killing the libyan army, that was mostly from air, usa uk, france, italy and fundamentalist militants and a few cases of locals against the regime.

Ah democracy democracy democracy what a gift, the 3rd world can be kept the 3rd world after all.

Do you think this approach will work indefnetly? At some points won't ANtellectuals learn from their mistakes somehow and realize that patriotism and freedom trump democracy, are more important that is?


Libya will become a failed state

by Tabarzin on

You will see. The Financial Times is already calling for "boots on the ground" because NATO itself doesn't trust the rebel coalition to offer viable stability. But the fact is the US nor its European allies can afford the kind of boots on the ground we have had in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Libyan Rebel Govt will be fascinating to watch,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Will it prove to be better for Libya, which provided the highest standard of living to its people in Africa, Incomes rising annualy by over 7% and averaging between $11,000 to $12,000 per person.  Free educaton to 18 etc.


Good find no mention of who financed against Libya

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Colonel Qaddafi proved to be a problematic partner for the international
oil companies, frequently raising fees and taxes and making other

Kind of sad what America, France and UK stand for today.  Slavery never ended, it just changed styles.


Check it out

by Tabarzin on

The smoke hasn't even cleared yet and the multinational oil companies are already jumping over each other on who gets to control production



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

it is /was always about oil in terms of how much cheaper or close to free they can get it .

I liked the guys hair cut in the clip seemed like he sleeps  with KABALA on his head 24/7 .



Good Clip. Very Appropriate.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It's Important for people that want to have clarity of the complexity of Iran's problems to understand at least economics, and how it influences national interest and politics.

The news we see is really just a reflection of or the end result of underlying politics, that is politics creates this news, not the other way around, in most cases.



Look at this

by Tabarzin on

 They aren't even hiding the fact that this is all about oil.  



Tabarzin, Mersi

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This is the first time i have seen you post a comment on IC, I'd like to encourage you to participate more on our blogs.  Was good to hear from you.


Well put

by Tabarzin on