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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

The USA/UK/France/Israel and The IRI claim to be The Bastions of Freedom To their People.  Does this make sense to anyone? 

One uses an official policy of mass sensorship and controls 99% of what is churned out, the IRI, the other uses secretive sensorship by court order and the has control over 99% of the coverage viewed and churned out, The USA/UKFrance Israel.

We can see both achieve the same unenlightened ends, each based on their own capabilities.  Lets at least consider its not the truth either are pursuing.

Here is a Show the USA does not want its own or the world mass to see in a good light or see at all, hosted by a person that had a part in creating transparency.  Hold on Isn't that supposed to be the US Journalists and Media's Job? Not really, let at least consider that this is also a lie to a large degree also.


I suppose a person who discovered more News about the US government than all the American media outlets
combined is admired and well received in the USA by the Media.  Well that is If the corporate controlled mass media outlets were serious about their concern for transparency, an important job of journalists.

If the corporate controlled mass media were to make attacks
against Julian Assange for exposing the US government, surely that would expose the media's true colors and them being used as a tool in concealing and covering up the truth.  At least consider it.

Time To Read The NYT Review of the Show //

[Assange’s] reputation has taken a deep plunge since he shook the
world in 2010… To some he was a hero, to others a spy, but nowadays he
is most often portrayed as a nut job
,” writes the New York Times.

Of course, practically speaking, Mr. Assange is in bed with the Kremlin, but on Tuesday’s show he didn’t put out,” reads the NYT article.

A Journalist from Salon wrote to challenge this: //

Assange criticized Nasrallah for
failing to support the citizens of Syria fighting against the Assad
government. The Russian government has been an ally of the Assad
government. So the position Assange took in his very first interview was
directly contrary to the policy of the Russian government. I’d say it
gives great credence to Assange’s claim of his editorial independence.
It makes those claiming otherwise look like deceivers and liars.

rule is clear: it's OK for a journalist to work for a weapons
manufacturer, the US or British govts, & Rupert Murdoch, but not RT?
Assange should be judged by what he does and the journalism he produces
– not where it's broadcast
,” tweeted the journalist.


What Iranians could Reflect on which is of use to them:

The Corporate Controlled Mass Media, which has real access to most of the eye balls in the USA/UK/France & in the World, the same Mass Media used all its influence and went out of its way to slander the late Shah in an unbalanced way in order to disingenuously portray him as a Dictator, Corrupt, Brutal and Untrustworthy ally, (As the USA was getting ready to betray the Shah and support extremists it was funding) (Also to note, Discriptors which are considered lies by all those who knew him and saw him on a regular basis and independent historians) is today just like in the past working hand in hand with the US Government who is after trying to prosecute Julian Assange for Wikileaks and This Corporate Controlled Media has given an important person like Julian Assange No opportunity to have a Widespread US show, with free editorial choices.  And now the Russians have done this, why and what does it reflect?

The Bastions of Freedom? Really?  Helping extremists to come to power logistically, materially, betraying and destroying the lives represented by a peaceful and peace loving friend and continuing to try to cover up already exposed crimes and harm messengers that expose the Mass Corporate Medias roles in serving the Government in inhumae policies.  I'm not saying I'd live in the IRI over the USA.  I just have an issue with both successful and unsuccesful criminal teams that do harm & some support.

Souces RT/NYT/Salon



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