The Wests Mission Accomplished in Iran, Iraq and Libya. Now Syria. Part 1. (4 parts)


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

The desire to spread extremism, impose corruption, suppressing a society, increasing poverty exponentially and benefitting from despotism and dictatorship has been "the single most important question for iranians" since 1979, when the USA, UK, France, Germany "initially reluctantly, though fully participating later" and Israel managed to install Khomeini as a "Leader of Peace" in order to achieve their above stated goals.  The Majority of Iranians, today living in Iran, were severly swindled by their own so-called intellectuals & leaders, which were nothing more than clueless tools, used by the USA Leadership, against the people of Iran.  

The largest reality experienced by most iranians as a result of the events of 1979, who are suffering from anti-Iranian values they experience every single day within Iran, is that "anti-monarchists are never to be trusted again".  This is a Massive behavioral reality today, though silent, which not even the media has been able to mislead people regarding, and is the basis of genuine hope for Iranians future.   There are other feelings and views that support this reality, which was created as a result of the betrayal of a king by members of the community that benefitted from his teams efforts.  Irans entire working class are the ones who remember "the best days of their working lives" as those during which the Shah was the peoples King of Iran, and their memories of joy have resulted in a deep mark in their psyche.

It is this contrast experienced by the people of Iran, who on the one hand personally experienced Freedom, Justice, Peace, Progress and Improving Human Rights and now on the otherhand see their own children suffering from the current circumstances they are stuck in that is cause for why Iranians, non monarchists etc are so distrustful of every single anti-monarchist opposition group.  As certain as the views of the consensus within Iran, is the reaity that the enemies of the monarchy are still present in large numbers, well fed and active as usual.  As a result Iranians within Iran can see just how treasonous to Iran the anti-monarchists side of the story has been, it has literally tried to cover up the love of the USA/UK/France and others for extremism and done nothing to explain the causes for the west really opposing the Shahs team. 

In the political turmoil created is the active participation of the enemies of the monarchy in iran, who are also desperately seeking support from western powers and aiding in covering up the wests crimes of 1979 to today against Iranians and the region in the hope they will benefit.  Due to 1979, when what people said turned out to be of little value and what people did gave away the story, The consensus of Iranians have become keen watchers of actions, not words.  So the average hussain and maryam in Iran can smell the anti-monarchists Insincerity because they are doing nothing to explain to the Iranians the motives of the west for the region.  And really its No secret what the west wants for the region, infact is crystal clear to all just by watching what happens on tv, not what is said.  This is because the authors/creators of these despotic/monster bringing anti-iranian forces are not forces residing in Iran, they just used the clueless anti-monarchist forces in Iran, but forces benfitting from Irans demise, which the anti-monarchists within Iran of the 70's in harmony with these criminals outside Iran in the west helped bring about.

There is a surprise element when looking at Iran versus Iraq, Libya & Syria.  That Building a Coaliton of traitors against all the people of Iran, which was undoubtedly the most liberal, progressing country of all the above listed, as well as against future generations was relatively easy in Iran.  It just required the world media and western politicians to intentionally misrepresent the Shah using lies and promoting others as better and using the promise of a better democracy, while clearly never intending it for any of the countries of the region.  So Iranians within Iran, have now due to this perverted western baptism experienced massive growth in their wisdom as a result of 1979.   Through personal experience Iranian Leaders within iran appreciate the reality of western democracy, where candidates purchase their reputations as well as their positions, where there is limitless hypocrissy and the machiavellian approach of lying is used as a priotity, sadly Iranians are becoming aware that the west freely does this on its own people first and then carries out what works well on others.  Ironically this has been a basis of even greater unseen silent support for Irans Monarchy, which has been based on empathy during its best days, as Iranians the above factors as being reasons why monarchies are helping to create more democratic societies than their counter parts.


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Shazde, knowledge is a good quality, understanding is even more

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

important, its fine for you to disagree with my views or agree with them, on this complex subject many disagree on various parts.  In personally speaking with many powerful people that influencd the events or had access to those who did, I would say i have many that would agree with my views.  This doesn't make your view of me having a lack of knowledge wrong, yet I doubt you have spoken on the scale I have with people at the helm of the decisions of the period, so I can fully appreciate why you might as you put it see me as unknowledgeable, hile not having done what i have in seeking truth on this subject. Speak with people and interview people that influeced events and make your own mind up.

Read this if you desire to continuously inform your views //

In the past I have read your comments alluding to me spreading conspiracy theories, there is no doubt if you look at the definition of conspiracy that there was a conspiracy committed in 1979, when there is 100% knowledge of a conspiracy, what is the truth and what are just useless theories is complex. I really needed to speak with the most well informed people who were involved in the events and most would agree that what I am alluding to is factually true, though it may be suppressed for years to come as the criminals behind the conspiracy are still in power. You can clearly see this when you read the bias propaganda put out by, Fox News, CNN or the BBC, ptotecting the interests of the most powerful by freely misinforming.


Shazde Asdola Mirza


by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

You not only greatly demonstrate your want of knowledge regarding the West, but also the East ... well done!


Why was Libya never about Democracy for the West?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

No intelligent person would assume the west cared about democracy for Libya.  Not even a complete Idiot thought human rights was the basis for actions against the people of Libya and the desire to forcefully remove a leader with a large base of support withn the country.



In a Country where Ghadhafi is celebrated today by large groups and likely  a slim majority of the population of Libya as a Hero the above link shows exactly what is being exercised on some of the people of libya in ever larger numbers month after month since OBAMA worked his magic in Libya last year.


Sadly we have to use sources like rt when the so-called free media has completely neglected reporting on this issue and especially on the crimes uncovered by wikileaks that have not even been given any attention at all unlike the propaganda that was used to carry out the mission at the expense of libyans.



Update on Libya,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

City Of Bani Walid has been under siege and starved by the national govts new libyan army brought to power by nato, which misused the security council resolution to destroy the former national army of libya and have the leader killed.  Nato said it was out of care for the people of libya and protecting them from the possible actions of ghadhafi which was a crazy person.

The starved people in Bani Walid have no food, no medicine and are out of other vital supplies.  The citizes of Bani walid are calling for UN security council to help them and it breaks my heart to say it but they are in for a nasty shock. According to Amnesty International, hundreds of residents in the city
have been arrested by armed militias. Many continue to be detained
without being charged or put on trial, and have been tortured or
otherwise ill-treated, the organization said.  So the USA and Nato have put in place something far worse than what was there accordng to their own sources.

IMPORTANT NOTE This NATO operation was Never Criticised by OBAMA Supporters or so called Democracy supporters, it was given approval also by most anti monarchists on this site.  The many who openly & strongly condemned it as it was happening, were the real supporters of democracy and monarchists like myself.