Why War Will Not Come With IRI? Inspired by Shazde for War


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

The #1 purpose of Bringing the IRI by the USA was to Suppress Iranians Progress, Peace and to harm the Human Rights of Iranians. The USA In pursuit of making the most Money regardless of the consequences, planned the support of extremists, because they viewed the IRI as a good tool for the US to Sell Weapons by Starting Wars, while thwarting the development of society and economy in Iran. However, what is not visible to most is that the USA is actually at war with the entire world, with out any real alliances and in this regard Obama never had the means to Change the USA.

Lets reflect on Obama For a minute, Obama as President has officially expanded on the crimes committed by his predecessor GW Bush to new levels while using different strategies. While Obama isn't lying to anyone about non existent threats of WMD, he's still Lying to everyone as well. It's just because his strategy is different, the consensus don't realize it. Obama and the corporate controlled media on his behalf preach about supporting Freedom democracy/human rights and opposing unpopular leaders. Of course our Great Humanitarian is Lying also.

To start with Both Assad and Ghadhafi/though dead are still more popular among their societies than those the USA supported, and those that control the media don't want you to know this. The reports that cover this side of the story do not exist, as a result of the same NON Free Media that never addressed all the crimes Wikileaks did expose and document from US embassy cables. To Continue Obama has armed and supported extremists (not what a pursuer of Freedom/democracy and human rights would do) and in doing so has continued the mass killing of unarmed civilians(they are the vast majority of deaths) and in more countries using air power, dones, extremists etc,

Time to put on the coffee, this summary is going to touch on a few more issues for further clarification, you may want tto get a cake also because this isn't going to be sweet. From the perspective of an Alien looking down at the planet, provided the alien can not read the NON Free Media and the BS coming from all sides, the Alien would observe a metaphorical conveyerbelt of destruction, brutal slaughter and suppression from the USA side, one that has been on non-stop since Vietnam.

What the Alien would see is an Empire on auto -pilot, without leadership in office, because the offices are being bought and sold to make actions occur on behalf of money and lobbyists neither of which have a soul or an agenda above making more money. The Alien would see Obama come to office with no change in the system that brought him to power. The Obama approach of "talk" betrays the truth that it is the approach of money/lobbyists and their conveyer belt of destruction is still going on. The Money Interests even win the support of some No War Activists because far fewer US soldiers are seen to be used with the "talk" approach of destruction. Yet our Alien would see the same goals are being met, installing extremists, though this time using media/propaganda, ngo's, air power & extremists who are not aware why they are loved so much. The Alien might not see that by use & participation of other nations, the lobbyists conceals from their own public and peace activists that the USA is at war with those nations too in a short time. The sinister expansion plan by the Empire, is not seen as an expansion plan because Barry for talk and isn't using US soldiers. However the Alien would see that the support given by CIA organized terrorists, NGO's, Media etc. was just a continuation of the same conveyor belt of destruction. This is the result of an unchanged system where leaders are following the wishes of money makers, because Money is what is electing them and controlling the consensus of views.

Our Alien and Julian Assange the editor of wikileaks who released the US embassies secret cables have one thing in common, both can see that democracy doesn't exist in the US empire, it is a facade. And before I end the story of why the USA become such a dark freedom stealing bastard for humanity, please let me clue you in the truth, it always has been, from when its people committed the worst holocaust in human history, with Native Americans and never discusses it as such, to when its people enslaved africans at the point of death, to when the usa installed khomeini and stole Iranians freedom. The rest of the world must learn from the USA and never follow in its footsteps if they wish to pursue a positive direction for humanity, not just themselves. The point is the USA has not really changed and its not entirely stupid, it only commits to wars in places like Iraq where other means will not work. For countries like Iran, it will use aspirations for democracy using the MeK type extremsts and internal factions to break up Iran, because the conveyor belt of distruction is in business even when the consensus is not aware that it is.


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Thanks, the pity is our community is very very distracted from

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

focussing on its issues, the crimes of the IRI, by all these war articles, No War, NIAC dae etc. etc, the USA and IRI both are bringing up issues to distract iranians from different treasons.  There will be NO WAR between USA/UK/France & IRI initiated from the wests side.  They brought the and love them mostly.  The west is totally focussed in working on sepratism, extremism, mek, with the aim of being capable of breaking up Iran, if the IRI becomes uncontainable.


Time to put on the coffee,

by vildemose on

Time to put on the coffee, this summary is going to touch on a few more issues for further clarification, you may want tto get a cake also because this isn't going to be sweet. 



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Why War Will Not Come With IRI?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The point being IRI is doing its job regarding keeping Iranians backwards, so chage something that is working for the US's goal. & At the point IRI can't be contained it will be destroyed with out a war involving the USA, when so many groups within Iran only needing weapons and will harm iran out of selfish sectarian and ideologically extreme interests.