Will The USA Set An Example For Human Rights?


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Someone recently asked me, What can the US Government should do to restore its reputation for upholding Human Rights?

A funny and presumptive question I thought, asking how to restore a non existent quality.  While the USA has been good with Freedom of Speech, it has been even better at controlling the views and opinions of the many so disingenuously that the indicidual asking the question was not aware of the absurdity. "Being told America is the Greatest Country and Believing it" are just 2 of many obstacles that come to mind that a person would need to reflect on before they could think more truthfully.

Calling the late Shah a Dictator, Megalomaniac, Corrupt, Despot, Savak Torturing, Excessively Repressive are examples that come to mind regarding lies that more than anything are today affecting US National Security and can remind the world outside of the US of the Truth of the American Civilization in years to come after the US is done assaulting the truth. 

if a person can smehow overlook all the P.R. Spewed by Hollywood and the World Media, they will realize the USA has not had a genuine reputation in favor of Human Rights, not during any generation I recall, not even the so-called greatest one of ww2?

Had the question been, what can the USA do to act in favor of human rights? in this case there are literally thousands of easy answers could be provided.  Its easy to point to those who are being harmed, violated, tortured, abused as a result of US Government actions in the past, resolving just a single one of these would right one wrong that the USA has committed and thereby improve human rights from a US perspective. 

For example, For one moment entirely forget the hundreds of millions on victims left and right directly impacted by universally accepted and known criminal acts of the US.  Just focus on the consequences after and come up with a solution there.  So, if only the innocent children born after the vietnam war with severe birth defects (after the USA used Agent Orange in its war of agression against Vietnamese) were given help and compensation to restore human rights into their lives from a life of extreme suffering towards one of healing, just imagine what that would say of the USA.  This would need a country both people and government with a moral spine mind you, so don't hold your breath.

This article is dedicated to the bell weathers of the American public at large on IC like the Amir1973, Vildemoses etc who inspire me to think, as it is their minds, who those that have control of Information in the west first aim to warp, by using the main stream media to misinform the public and combine this with the mi6, kgb, cia's role in dominating politics totally in their respective countries and others.  Iranians eyes need to be open, regarding those who wish to support the MeK or Bombing Iranians to remove a regime, the people can easily do, with out any significant assistance. 

As you watch the relevent Movie for this topic, think, what if the US Gov helped just a few, if not all the innocent victims of US acts?  In iraq around 50% of all children are today orphans, with no mother or father or living relatives, this is the real consequence of US Military Involvement and its a sick price to ask anyone to pay in the name of democracy which is never the true intention. I pray you oppose any US Occupation of iran in the name of regime change of the Corrupt Islamic Authorities in Power.  In Irans case the Only Humane way to meet US goals and achieve human rights is for the USA to give the People a chance first, the Kings team with the leadership of Reza Pahlavi can send the mullahs on their way with out war and provide UN monitored elections in Iran.  The USA needs to first change its own goals, so it can give real Political Support for Regime Change this way, the way the USA supported Irans constitution and the late shah against both commies and attempted coups after ww2. 




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put out a specific list then

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

untruths 1, 2, 3  nonsense 1, 2, 3

otherwise, why even comment?  It gives great warmth to my heart and a greater ever expanding sense of joy when i realise that "i" got to an ignorant person and offended them enough for them to have their say "useless", with out a single example.  Enough with your frustrations, too many are misguided and this causes great suffering.  The USA's actions stands less for the human rights of most humans on the planet, than the majority of countries in the world.  Was hearing the truth the reason you got lost as a reader?  



by shahabshahab on

This author is trying to make a point but because he relies on so much untruths and nonsense, the reader gets lost.

Better luck next time! 


Something good about no comments on this blog

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

mabe the article hit middle c, the sweet spot. : )