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Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

Hollywood's cinematic assault on Persian history in the movie '300' offended many Iranians even before the movie had officially opened in theaters. But as in case of every attack on Persian identity like the National Geographic and Google's mislabeling of the historical Persian Gulf, the outrage is often short-lived and sporadic without meaningful action to counter the ongoing Western propaganda to deride ancient Persia's contribution to human civilization.

Filmmaker Cyrus Kar was captured by U.S. forces in Iraq on May 17, 2005 and jailed in solitary confinement for nearly two months while filming his documentary "In search of Cyrus the Great" the founder of the greatest and most just Empire the world had ever seen.

But despite his heroic efforts the documentary revealing that many of what is today considered as "western values" originated from ancient Persia remains unfinished due to lack of funds.

In an article in response to the movie '300' Kar wrote: "History is no longer written by the victors, it is written by filmmakers. Perhaps movie '300' was a necessary wake-up call for the Iranian/Persian community to support responsible filmmakers, who report history with honesty and integrity".

Please help Cyrus finish this documentary by making a tax deductible donation to 'Filmmakers Alliance'. You may do so by visiting Spenta Productions website or sending your checks to:

Spenta Productions

Attn: Cyrus Kar

P.O. Box 2682

Los Angeles, CA 90078


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Keep up the good word Daniel

by Fereydoon P.H. (not verified) on

I will be contributing as well. These people who insult you have made a choice: Iran is less important to them than their stupid political ideology. They want see the heritage destroyed and the nation attacked rather than them NOT being in charge of Iran.

This is why they attack you and NIAC and similar anti war groups. Because you refuse to pay homage to their tired and outdated ideology. Imagine only caring about Iran, not any ruler!

It's impossible for some people.

Thank You.


But it's a good idea

by Annoyingmouse (not verified) on

to collect the DNA of these dinosaurs. I don’t think the Iranian nation ever going to see traitors like these again!


The author is pro-IRI

by Pouyan (not verified) on

Like of Mr. Pourkesali are notorious for their unconditional support for the IRI. His tactical sympathy for the pre-Islamic history of Iran seems an ill-disposed distraction.


are there really people here who worship MEK ???

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Like Anonymous2 and Fred ???

I can't believe these people!!! How very disturbing.


From the comments, I guess not everyone cares about Cyrus

by SiavashTalai (not verified) on

some dinasaurs are only interested in getting into nasty political fights and insulting each other. These people are on the verge of extinction.


Yahoodi = parasite and enemy of all humanity

by Iranian nationalist (not verified) on

The Yahood is not the enemy of Islam. The Yahood is the enemy of all human beings. Yahoods consider themselves God's Chosen People, and the other 99.8% of the world's population are Dirty Goyim ("Goyim-e Kasif" is what "Iranian" Yahoods call us). That's what the Yahoods think of Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Zoroastrians, atheists, etc, etc.


Rajavi is not comparable to Pahlavi

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

at least attacked the Mullahs using real weapons.


Reedam beh Pahlavi va Rajavi

by Iranian nationalist (not verified) on

How did get infested by all these Yahood-parast members of the $75 million dollar club who pretend to be human-beings?


What we need is real change = Rajavi

by Fred (not verified) on

Danny boy and his ilk just support islamism with out equality.


Daniel Porkesali is the Icon of Islamic Republic of Mullahs

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Daniel cares about and cherishes the notion of Cyrus the Great as much as Hitler cared about and cherished the Jews!?!

Mr. Cyrus Kar is a cognizant man and knows who is and isn't in his list of contributers!


Reedam Beh I.R. part of IRI

by MyName69 (not verified) on

Hello again other people.
In the name of Cyrus the Great, may we all reed beh I.R. part of IRI.


PS marg bar jomhuriye eslami


Kiss of death

by Fred (not verified) on

When you are an Islamist lobby like CASMII/NIAC DAnny your Islamist reputation hangs around your neck like an Albatross and no matter what you do or say Islamism becomes an inseparable part of your identity. Don't give Kar the kiss of death and disassociate the Islamist lobby from his project.


Thanks for the reminder.

by Midwesty on

I will do so soon.



The reason IRI is brought into every subject is similar to what

by Hanna (not verified) on

Bill Maher says about Bush, without Bush, who else do we have to speak about!

Some people just love to drag IRI into every issue, it is the only subject they love to speak about - funny thing is they also hate it. Seems like a love/hate relationship!!

Just donate for a good cause for God's sake! And if you already have donated, then just be polite and say nothing!


Re: Ponderer

by Khar Gir (not verified) on

Olagh jan,

Which part of this article has anything to do with IRI? What the hell is wrong with some of you people?!
Why do you bring IRI into every discussion?


You can help Cyrus the Great Project by NOT helping

by Ponderer (not verified) on

the Islamic Republic of Mullahs Mr. Daniel Pourkesali!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

PS - I have already made my $contribution to the Cyrus the Great Project last year.