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Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

These are the words that appear at the top of a web page by an individual who has been writing under the assumed name of "Hassan Daioleslam" for the past 2 years. He is often introduced by his hosts, like in a recent interview by the editor of the Front Page Magazine, as an "independent Iran analyst who is well published in Persian and English with three decades of history in political activism and scholarly analysis".

Now, it should come as no surprise that any reputable and unbiased media organization looking for expert Iran analysis would pay more than just lip service to vetting its sources and actually check the credentials of their pundits. But a cursory search for the truth behind Mr. Daioleslam's background in form of a simple Google search seems to challenge any notion of such scholarly prowess or dexterity. Aside from total absence of any scholastic publication in Persian or English, one is hard pressed to find anything in print under such name before 2007 which appears to fully contradict the "three decades of history in political activism and scholarly analysis" claim.

Having substituted immoral idealism for what was once valued as ethical journalism, it is unfortunate that some like Mr. Horowitz and his editorial team at Front Page openly declare not having "the resources to determine [facts]" behind claims cited by people they peddle as experts.

Not long into this biased and one-sided question and answer exchange, it quickly becomes clear that Mr. Daioleslam lumps anyone and everyone not openly calling for a hostile and aggressive military confrontation with Iran as part of what he calls the "Iranian regime's lobby" which he admits does not officially exist but nevertheless does because they are referred to as such by the "Iranian media" much in the same way Mr. Daioleslam is introduced as a "human rights activist and political scholar" by some in the right wing U.S. media.

Branding those supporting the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) or the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) as "naïve Iranians", he wastes no time using his soap box to loosely hurl unfounded, baseless, and unjustified accusations at hard working ordinary people who despite their busy family and professional lives would devote some time to preservation of peace between their Iranian motherland where many maintain contact with family and friends and their adopted western countries.

As more and more people awaken to the high cost of fear mongering and jingoistic idealism by their leaders and mostly acquiescent western media, Mr. Daioleslam characterizes his long and disparaging slander as a fight against "demagogy" which Webster's Dictionary defines as "the art and practice of gaining popularity by arousing fears, passions, and prejudices of others".

Isn't that what he and a handful of his discredited and morally bankrupt media enablers are exactly doing?

"Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


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by Alexander Patico (not verified) on

The main point here is this:
If an individual can interpret their actions in a way that their public statements would not support, impugn someone's motives, accuse them of working for a foreign government, then he is merely attempting to cloud the issues and create a distraction from issues that really matter.

In the case of Daioleslam, so many have reported being the victim of similar character assassination attempts that it is remarkable that anyone still gives him a platform to conduct these campaigns of slander and innuendo.


Fred jan

by samira (not verified) on

are vallah kheili khoob misheh age aghaye Dai "character assassination" ra ghat koneh


good one Fred

by Q on

Truths like the alleged organizational connection between CASMII and NIAC...


Fred, are you familiar with the term "logical contradiction?" It's very basic.

But we both know these are just excuses. Some people have simply decided that war is acceptable to them (who happen to live in safety of the West). But these people are too coward to say exactly what they feel, they are too cowardly to openly oppose "anti war" groups on their merrit. So they have to find other ways to attack them to undermine the message. Only a few years ago the right wing establishment labeled all anti-Iraq war activists as communists and jihadis. This is exactly the same thing.

Unfortunately for our Friends, no one is buying it this time.


Daioleslam is a joke!

by Q on

The first time, I heard this guy I thought he was a stand-up comic. The number of things he makes up as he goes along is astronomical!

Daniel, I don't know if you had a chance to read my satirical take on his VOA appearance a while back. It's most of the way down on this page, it's called "Shabakeh"



Thank You Daniel

by Hamidi (not verified) on

Keep up the good work, we are all behind you.


Thank you

by CASMII NIAC supporter (not verified) on

Very well written, reasonable and logical view amongst all the frantic cries, accusations and finger pointing that is taking place.
These groups that are advocating peace are being targetted unfairly and words of Mr daioleslam seem to be echoing the loudest!
I believe this kind of radicals who are so critical of the CAMSII and NIAC are themselves the most dangerous. They won't allow the opposition to become a united front against IRI and they're promoting military attacks of the homeland and in reality they're promoting the neo-cons agenda while claiming they're the true patriots.


“Truth will set you free”

by Fred on

NIAC and its head have filed a defamation lawsuit against Dai. It is a matter of time that through legal proceedings, specifically depositions, that a lot of reliable truth will emerge. Truths like the alleged organizational connection between CASMII and NIAC, the coordination of their lobbying efforts on behalf of the Islamist Republic, the “peace” trips to the Islamist Republic that are organized by CASMII, the “peace” tours of U.S by Islamist Republic sympathizers, lopsided disinformation seminars, funding and a whole lot of other long standing allegations. It is best for the Active card carrying members of both organizations to cease and decease from their routine character assassination and let the legal process that they have begun take its course.