Khosro Fravahar: Who Betrayed the Constitution in 1953 The Shah or Mossadegh?


Khosro Fravahar: Who Betrayed the Constitution in 1953 The Shah or Mossadegh?
by Darius Kadivar

Khosro Fravahar a Constitutionalist Monarchist from Austria cordially invites fellow mossadeghi’s to an open debate on the Constitutional crisis of 1953. Worth listening to his arguments.


Khosro Fravahar: Who Betrayed the Constitution The Shah or Mossadegh ? :


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Even Dr Sedighi alerted him of breaching the Constitution

by anglophile on

He warned the Demagogue of risking dismissal by the Monarch if he went ahead with his unconstitutional parliamentary dissolution plans. The Demagogue replied: He (the Shah) wouldn't dare!

The Demagogue lived to regret his demagoguery.


If there was a "coup" it was a "un Coup dans le Popotin" :D

by Shemirani on

در کجای دنیا شما سراغ دارید نخس وزیر کشور بیاد دیوان عالی‌ - مجلس سنا - مجلس شورای ملی‌ را ببنده و بد بیان بگند خیلی‌ کارش دمکراتیک و آزادیخواهانه بوده ؟؟؟

این کار نه تنها قانونی‌ نبود بلکه نشان‌دهندهٔ قدرت طلبی و تکروی مصدق السّلطنه بوده و هست

 قانون اساسی از مشروطه تا فاجعه ۵۷


 اصل چهل و چهارم: شخص پادشاه از مسئولیت مبری است وزراء دولت در هرگونه امور مسئول مجلسین هستند.

اصل چهل و ششم: عزل و نصب وزراء به موجب فرمان همایون پادشاه است.



no matter what Kermit Roosvelt & M.Albright and others ill-intentioned said about it ! the fact is  Mossadegh was outlaw and there was not such a thing know as "coup d'état" ! (repeating their lies is being intellectually dishonest with your own compatriots and with yourself !)


DK,Thanks for sharing !!!! I like Khosro fravahar's programs so different from Abgooshti's programs we had for years on Persian tv !  KhosroFravahar est au même niveau que les émissions culturelles  en occident ! très instructif, il remonte le niveau du débat qui stagnait au ras des paquerettes pendant plus de 30 ans !  Bravo to him & to burnt generation like him ! we will not repeat past generation's lies !

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Original Draft of 1906 Constitution and it’s Supplement

by Darius Kadivar on

Original Draft of Iran’s 1906 Constitution and it’s Supplement (Foundation of Iranian Studies)