pictory: "Poles Flee To Persia", WWII News Reel (1943)


pictory: "Poles Flee To Persia", WWII News Reel (1943)
by Darius Kadivar

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Darius Kadivar

Ramona Thank you for reminding me

by Darius Kadivar on

I did not forget Ryszard's great articles of which I am a great Fan, I just did not did not take the time to look up for them.

Sorry about that and thanks for the links.

Warm Regards,



What about Ryszard Antolak's articles regarding Polish Exodus

by Ramona on

Though I'm glad that you're reviving the story of the Polish Exodus to Iran, I'm surprised that among your recommended readings on this subject, you failed to refer to Ryszard Antolak's always informative and historically accurate articles, some of which were posted on this very same site!







The  account of his mother's memoires from exile to freedom is most humane, touching and memorable. Though I couldn't read it in one sitting due to the heavy subject matter, I find a thorough reading most informative and consciousness raising on the story of the Poles during those dark forgotten years.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks Darius for reminding us that once Iran was humane!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!

bajenaghe naghi

darius jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

a very informative and interesting post. Thank you.

Ryszard Antolak


by Ryszard Antolak on

Thanks Darius,

You and I both know the Historical facts only too well. My only concern was that some people (those not so familiar with this matter) might possibly be misled.

You've now allayed my fears.

Many thanks, as always,


Darius Kadivar

Dear Ryszard Indeed

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for the correction and feedback. The Stalin Hitler Pact led to the invasion of Poland with Full endorsement of the Soviets and the Katin Massacre of Polish Officers by Soviet Troops is also a dark page in the treacherous alliance between the two Allies of the time.

But This News Reel was made after the Truce bewteen Hitler and Stalin was broken and by the time of which the Russians were allies with Britain and America in the War against Nazi Germany.

The commentator however does say that this is three years after ( ~1942-1943) Poland was invaded ( but no mention is made of the Soviets switching sides). Given that this is News in Times of War, the distortion ( by Ommiting the details) is a result of War Propaganda rather than exact reporting as one would expect in times of Peace and particularly from Democratic Media's.

But As you may know the Expression often used during World War II in order to justify the use of propaganda was that "Walls have Ears" ... 

But again this is a News Reel from 1943 ( which explains also my use of the  map and Photo of the "Big Three" at Tehran Conference  which took place at the time and which was aimed at planning the D-Day Operations for Normandy's invasion) by which time the Soviets were considered as Allies and not Bolchevik Foes in the eyes of the American government and US/British medias.

To situate the context you are quite rightly refering too, I hope this will help clarify things for the viewers:

Special Release! Hitler & Stalin Attack Poland 1939/9/4


Ryszard Antolak


by Ryszard Antolak on

Please be aware of the distortions (and omissions) in this film made, I presume, in order to not offend Stalin in 1942/43. The Poles shown in the film did not arrive in Persia as a result of fleeing the Nazi invasion: they were fleeing Stalin’s Soviet Union. In 1939, Stalin was Hitler’s ally in the invasion of Poland. 2 million Polish citizens (many of them women and children) were ethnically cleansed by the Soviets from Eastern Poland and sent to penal work camps in Siberia (for life).

It was only when Hitler unexpectedly turned against his former ally Stalin in 1941, that the surviving Polish inmates of the camps were released. Some of them, a very small minority (perhaps as many as 200,000), made their way through southern Russia to Iran in 1942. The rest were forced to remain in Soviet Russia.  

The information (and the map) in this clip give a wholly different view of the events. They say nothing about the Soviet invasion, the ethnic cleansing, the Siberian work camps, etc etc. The film mentions only Nazi Germany, which had no input into the story of the Polish exodus to Iran. In essence then, it is a propaganda film.