STUNNING LETIZIA: Spanish Royal Guard Faints During Royal Visit ;0)


STUNNING LETIZIA: Spanish Royal Guard Faints During Royal Visit ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

As Princess Letizia of Spain and Prince Philipe were awaiting the Arrival of Prince Charles and Camilia on a State Visit a member of the honour guard fainted dramatically ( See LARGER PHOTOS in Related News)

For many Britons eagerly awaiting next month’s Royal Wedding, falling starstruck in the presence of a member of the monarchy would be embarrassing but unsurprising.

But judging by new pictures from an European visit, even the Spanish can be overcome with excitement to be near a Royal. As Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the Madrid, a member of the honour guard fainted dramatically – though he may of course have been overcome by the heat.

Crown Princess Letizia of Spain Tribute:

The flustered guard was helped to his feet by colleagues at today’s greeting ceremony after falling face first onto a palace path.The guard seemingly wasn’t the only person feeling the heat, however, with Prince Charles greeting Spain’s Princess Letizia in rather flirty fashion.

Crown Princess Letizia's Redoing Marilyn Monroe ? :0)

During a different official visit an unexpected Breez lifts the Princess' Skirt

Britain’s future king kissed the princess on the hand as they were introduced at the Pardo Palace today as his wife Camilla and Princess Letizia’s husband Felipe looked on.

Spanish Royal Guards In Training:

Errol Flynn in the “Adventures of Don Juan” presents the Spanish Royal Sword Academy to the King and Queen of Spain

Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit to Spain is the second leg of a three-country trip which also takes in Portugal and Morocco.

Changing of the Guard at Madrid's Palacio Real:

They were greeted on Madrid's outskirts by Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia today and are scheduled to meet King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia on Thursday.The British couple visited Portugal yesterday, are to travel to Seville on Friday and then leave for Morocco.

In Sweden Too ;0)

One of the royal guards faints at the Swedish royal wedding

Members of the Spanish royal family are expected to attend the wedding of Charles' eldest son Prince William to Kate Middleton on April 29 in London.

Spanish Royal Guards Photo Tribute:

Charles' office said his trip is to promote trade and investment opportunities and increase cooperation on climate change.

What is certain is that the Spanish Royal Guards definitively needed Some Rain to get over all that heat ;0)

My Fair Lady - The Rain in Spain:


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