قران این باربه دست یک بانوی ایرانی به آتش کشیده شد

Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

قران این باربه دست یک بانوی ایرانی به آتش کشیده شد

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It would be more effective if instead of burning Quran we could find a way to make it available to people all over the world and pursuit them to read and understand the Quran. I am sure after reading it the mentality of millions of people even the Muslims would have been changed to the point of leaving Islam.

Mansur Rastani, PhD


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Imagine if every one in IRAN burns a Quran!

by Shokaran on

Book burning is savage and undemocratic if it's done by a government or organisation not by an ordinary person!

Every person has a right to show their hate or love for something!

I would support this action and I think that will help to wake up too many people...

Kaveh V

She has the right

by Kaveh V on


All is well and RIGHT for any Iranian to humor, criticize, denounce, desecrate, insult and BURN the Koran and anything Islam. When it comes to Islam there will be no more taboos anymore. This will be one of the main achievements of the new uprising in Iran, they have earned this right. There will be no democracy with any dogmatic taboos!

An Iranian woman, is especially qualified to desecrate, or burn Koran, she has earned the right!


A symbolic gesture

by divaneh on

Burning a book does not help things but she said that this is to show her defiance to dogma and baseless beliefs. It's easy to call her insane but what has that book brought her except pushing her into a bag and stripping her of her rights? Why should she respect that book? As Pedro said she may even have more painful reasons for her action.



by IranMarzban on

yeah you are right but if you read my comment again you see that i said i`m not sure if he is or he is not. i never belevie the regim words.



by ahosseini on

How can Arabs in Dezful  and Ahvaz and other cities be Jodaei talab.

They are minority in those cities.

In the eyes of the Iranian regime minorities(all Kurds, Turks, Baloochies, ...)are Jodaei talab. Women are "badkarah" , and in general we are all agents of imperialis. I am surprised anyone in the opposition camp going along with those terms.

Anyone involved in bmbing campaign has to be punished.



دکتر جان، تو رو به اهورا مزدا، دست از سر کچل این ملت مسلمون بردا


Please read other readers comments and think about them.

 If you really want to help the cause of democracy and secularism in Iran, publicize the attrocities committed by the islamist regime, organise and demonstrate against this fascist entity, wherever and however you can.

You are playing right into the hands of the islamist fascists with your articles,  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به معمول الاّیام،وقت مطلب نویسی را نداریم،این روزها تعداد نوشته‌های نیکو کم است و نایاب اما این یکی‌ مطلب بسیار احمقانه بود و حیف دیدیم تذکر ندهیم.

افرادی که این قسم کارها را انجام میدهند و یا بها میدهند،نه از ما ایرانیان هستند و نه از کسانی‌ که معتقد به آزادی در ایران !

این کارها تنها بهانه به دست اِسلامیون میدهد تا بیشتر آزادیخواهان را بسوزاند،بخواهید و یا نخواهید اسلام و احساسات مذهبی‌ قِسمی از مردم ایران است،ما هم دل‌ خوشی از اسلام نداریم اما با کتاب سوزی و بی‌ احترامی به ایمان و اعتقادات دیگر شهروندان عزیز ایرانی را جرم میدانیم و افرادی که این کارها را انجام میدهند را مستقیما دشمن ایران زمین میشناسیم و اینان را در آینده ایران زمین شریک نمی‌دانیم.



by IranMarzban on

a very good comment thank you maybe she wanted to takhliye rohi kone ? BTW i was heard that must of iranian.com people live in west and they have exp democrasy she has any right to burn this "book" which only talks about killing the kafar.



by IranMarzban on

about the arab guy i heard he was a "jodayie talab" the people who bomb the city of ahvaz kill civilians the people who stormed iran embessy in london in 1980 but im not sure if he was but if he was a jodayie talab he knew the danger.... anyway persian AKA iranians are not rasict rasict are arabs back in war time we had POW from 15 arab country who wanted to helepd "saradar ghadesie" AKA saddam to kill the majuse AKA iranains.


Is she insane or she is exercising her first amendment.

by pedro on

 Maryam Hojjat, I agree with you send it to the soudi arabia embassy. To others I must say, lets not jump to conclusions about her and call her insane. What if she or a member of her family was tortured, beaten or raped in the islamis regime prisons. I'm throwing out a question. What would you do if in the name of islam these guardians of Dine Nabe Mohamadi repeatedly introduced you to the bottle and baton and pulled your nails out while you can hear the Azan ( call for pray ) in the distant?.

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.


How stupid. This woman is

by Khebedin on

How stupid. This woman is sick and full of hate. Burning any book reveals noting but weakness . You need to be able to challenge ideas rather than showing hate. Hate never gets you anywhere.

Maryam Hojjat

Dear Lady Who put this book on fire

by Maryam Hojjat on

I sent it to the Arabestan e Saeudi Embassy a year ago + a note that this book has cost us backwardness & suffering in last 1400 yrs & I am returning it to the original owner. 

Soosan Khanoom

That was mere foreplay.

by Soosan Khanoom on

“That was mere foreplay. Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings"    Heinrich Heine

That was mere foreplay



Very wrong

by ahosseini on

The person in here has sick mentality.

This Arab hero is worth a million Persian racist like this woman.

يك فعال عرب اهوازی زیر شکنجه کشته شد  به گزارش سایت اهواز نیوز یک فعال عرب اهوازی به نام "رضا مغامسی" از ساکنان شهر دزفول در یکی از زندان های مخفی شهر اهواز زیر شکنجه کشته شد. وی روز چهارشنبه سوم فروردین هزار وسیصد ونود بر اثر ضربه های شدید بر روی لگن خاصره و خونریزی داخلی کشته شد. نیز حال هادی راشدی که طی روزهای اخیر دستگیر شده براثر شکنجه های پیاپی، وخیم است و زیر اکسیژن  قرار دارد و هم اکنون بیهوش است


کتاب سوزاندن


کتاب سوزاندن نه کار خوبیست و نه  دوای دردیست





by comments on

I can only say that she is scary, and there is something going on in her life.  Something really strange.  I have no idea, but there is something...