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by Fair

I am not even a Mousavi supporter, but remember what he said was very true:


The latest actions by chief butcher Khamenei and thugs have united Iranians at home and abroad like never before, and we are mobilized, and doing a great job collectively. Since the regime has suffocated communication from resistance leaders to the people, I suggest we all give our thoughts about how we can help as effectively as possible in a shared forum where we can brainstorm. This blog can serve as one of many starting points. Please add whatever you think would be useful. I will start with a couple of thoughts:

1-Iranians abroad sign a large petition to Russia and China in particular, demanding that they do not recognize the regime's election outcome. (NIAC has a petition for Iranian Americans to the Russian and Chinese embassies in the US, but can we make this more global?)

2-Set up a fund to help student leaders and activists who have been persecuted to continue their studies abroad (cultivate future leaders).

3-Lobby governments of countries we reside in to seriously consider letting in the activist and leaders in most danger due to the recent events in Iran under asylum. I know host countries consider this anyway, but our lobbying would help even more.

4-Buy a bunch of small satellite radios and distribute them to Iranian people. Then seriously consider having one Iranian run radio station from out here broadcasting communiques of civil resistance leaders into Iran. Facebook and Twitter work well to get stuff to the outside world and some people in Iran, but this would help reach more people in Iran.

5-Others fill in the rest......

Let us keep going and never stop. Let us never forget Neda and the thousands of Neda's of our country, and the long road we have come in the last 103 years. Let us never forget the beautiful words coming from the streets of our country, from our brothers and sisters for the whole world to hear:



Payandeh Iran.



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Dear Fair

by jamshid on

Not here. In here most people only enjoy barking at each other and are not interested in constructive ideas. If you want to share this sort of ideas go to There you will find a termendous number of ideas, many from people who live in Iran.

Unfortunately, lack of a determined leadership is laying waste to most of these ideas.