Khamenei the Butcher of Tehran - There is no going back - the people have spoken


by Fair

For all those who always wondered whether the people of Iran really want freedom and modernity, stop wondering.  The people have spoken loud and clear in the face of clear threat of lethal force.  Iran will never be the same, and our nation´s mission which was launched in 1906 will finally be accomplished.

To the Iranian people-

You are so brave for the world to see, and have absolutely astonished everybody.  You have honored those who have come before you- Kaveh, Babak, Ferdosi, Amir Kabir, Mossadeq, and countless others by telling the world loud and clear-this is who we are, and this is what it means to be Iranian.  Stand fast and stand strong, and let us stand together.  Let there be no doubt- WE WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

To the people of the world-

Watch carefully and listen to what those who have risked their lives in the streets of Iran have to say.  We want FREEDOM, we are Iranians and the Islamic Republic DOES NOT REPRESENT US.  We are a great civilization with roots and open heart, and deserve better.  Do not abandon us, do not write us off, and above all, do not sell us out.

To the governments of the world-

Take note of the cries you hear from the streets of Iran.  Listen carefully, as we Iranians will rememeber in detail which position you took in this time when we needed you most.  You will be held accountable for any support you give to the Iranian government at our expense.  Respect our rights and our aspirations, and we will be your friend when we overcome.  If not, remember that the Iranian people have a long memory, and do not forget injustice easily.

To the Iranian military-

You are the brave sons of Iran, and have always stood fast and strong in the face of our enemies.  Your bravery and determination in defending us has always amazed the world and your nation.  Today the people of Iran need you more than ever.  They are defenseless and are being terrorized by people who have no country, just a bankrupt ideology.  Do not leave them alone in this fateful time.  Do not side with the dictators.

To the IRGC and Basij-

As you hold your weapons facing crowds of your own people and feel tough and confident, remember one thing: 30 years of terrorizing defenseless people in the name of religion is about to end.  The question of how is largely up to you.  You can help make the end less or more painful depending on how you treat the Iranian people.  Think carefully and beware, as you are being watched and will be held accountable for your actions.  You will be identified easily and cannot escape justice.

To Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and company-

Start packing.  Your criminal days are over, the people are coming for you and you will get your justice.  You will soon join the graveyard of Iran´s enemies.  Like the Greeks, Arabs, and Mongols before you, you may have prevailed in the short term with sheer terrorism and violence against defenseless people, but like them you will fail miserably in overcoming Iran.  Iran and Iranians will be there standing tall long after you have faded into dust.

We shall overcome, and long live Iran.

Everyday, let´s remember the fallen sons and daughters of our country.  Let us hold up their faces to the world and to ourselves, and remind the world who we are by doing so.  And let us hold them up to the dictators, so they never forget the crimes for which they are about to pay.



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Dear Haji and other Hamvatans,

by Fair on

Thank you for your kindness. Let our message be clear:

Kaveh Ahangar said it.

Babak Khorramdin said it.

Ferdosi said it.

Amir Kabir said it.

World Champion Takhti said it.

Iranian soldiers fighting Saddam Hussein said it.

And last two weeks millions of Iranians said it:






Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Ahmed from Bahrain

Shazde Asdola Mirza

سفر دینی و روحانی

Shazde Asdola Mirza

گفته بودم که دگر فحش به ملا ندهم،

صحبت بد نکنم، تهمت بی‌ جا نزنم.

بعد قرنی عرق و ماست و خیار مشدی،

دست نماز گیرم و لب را به نجستی نبرم.

توبه کاری کنم و راه به مسجد بکشم،

جای دیسکو و کلاب، میل به کعبه بکنم.

روی ژامبون و ورق خط بطالت بزنم،

میل روزه و نماز صبح صادق بکنم.

حیف، در این سفر دینی و روحانی خود،

چشم خود را نشد از دیدن دنیا بکنم.

دیدم اینجا ز جنایات آخوندان بلواست،

من چگونه بتوانم که نجستی نخورم؟

دیدم آنجا به سر پیر و جوان باتون است،

بنده اینجا دست نماز گیرم و نیت بکنم؟

مادرت را به خطا خامنه‌ای، کز ستمت،

من ندانم که به قبر علی‌ و گور محمد چکنم!


Ali likes his new name "Ali Khayemeni"

by Shyton (not verified) on

I asked my families back home to put flayers on people doors and cars to advertise this easy money making business.
Bring in a dead asshole Basejie and get $500.00 cash. Where can they find these kind of money in this economy? When the business starts picking up, I would offer more money. Wouldn't be great if these fuckers start killing each other for my money?

Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

I am totaly in agreement with you. Thanks.


down with IRI

by Anonymous-tehrany (not verified) on

I wished Iran could be the graveyard of all iran's enemies not only Greeks, Arabs, Mongols because we still suffer from the attack of Cental Asia.


Down with IRI

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

I wished Iran could be the graveyard of all Iran´s enemies not only Greeks, Arabs and Mongols, because we are still suffering from the savage attack committed by thugs from cenrtal Asia.


Start Pakcing?

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

What do you mean start packing? Hell, I don't want them to come in my neighborhood.

Send them to Sahara Desert with one glass of water ( I know, I am kind hearted! ).

Seriously. Now is the time to establish the democratic/ presidential system with out any religious affiliation.


Dear Fair,

by Hajminator on

I wrote a long comment but it wasn't as punchy as what you said, so just damet gharm baradar.