"Law Enforcement" by murderers


"Law Enforcement" by murderers
by Fair

Reza was a peaceful protestor during the green uprising last year. Here is an xray image of Reza's head- picture captured by Hamid Saber. See if you can count the number of metal fragments that the regime blasted into it.


This was taken by Hamid on August 18. 2009. Please read below to get an idea of how IRI "law enforcement" enforces laws. Then ask yourself, what kind of low life form could honestly come and try to justify such crimes in broad daylight by such a murderous regime.

Reza and his family have suffered immensely for all of us Iranians at the hand of the worst criminals on this planet (whose supporters shamelessly come on this website and constantly make fools of themselves). I ask all Iranians who haven't done so already to help these true heroes of Iran by following Hamid's call:

شما میتونید برای کسب اطلاع از شیوه های مختلف برای کمکهای مالی، با دفتر کمیته پیگیری به شماره تلفن ۷۷۶۳۷۶۹۶ (تهران) تماس بگیرید
یا به آدرس
و یا
ایمیل بزنید

البته آدرس ایمیل دوم مختص کمک به خانواده محترم اسرای دربند است، و آدرس ایمیل اول مربوط به آسیب دیدگان (مثل رضا) و خانواده شهدا هم میشود

The Stinger Round is used to disperse the crowds by firing at
them from a distance of 50 meters. Reza has been shot in the
head with a Stinger Round from a distance of half a meter at the
corner of the street where he lives. His father tried to get
him to the hospital in his car. But "they" stopped him. As
injured Reza was suffering immensely in the car, their car
which was bought by getting into debt and a payment plan,
was crushed. Now Reza's body is half paralyzed, one of his
eyes is enucleated and his other eye has only %10 of a
normal eye function and there is no hope for that because of
the infection.
Reza has a constant burning feeling, He can not eat or
He is being fed through a direct tube to his stomach,
But he is ALIVE!
He pressed my hand and when I asked him "Are you O.K. Mr.
He tried to smile,
He is going to get well,
With your prayers and mine,
With your and my financial help.


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by yolanda on

Thank you for this blog......Mr. Saber is absolutely compassionate.......he risks his own life to help an injured Iranian........the Reza story is so sad.....I truly hope he does not become blind.......I hope there is a way that we can donate to him anonymously.......as you know people are not comfortable to disclose the identity.......I will contact them to see what I can do......

Thank you for bringing IRI's atrocity to light!

You wrote this blog 'cause you care! Thank you! I hope you have a lot of blessings for your kindness and patriotism!

P.S.   There is nothing wrong with your blog's title........IRI is involving with murders, assassinations, stonings, and hangings and rapings of their own people!

What is Reza's last name? If I e-mail them......will they know which Reza I am talking about? Reza is a very common name, right?



Oh, how nice

by Fair on

because the victim didn't die.

More training?  Yes, perhaps something like LET THE POOR DAD TAKE HIS DYING SON TO THE HOSPITAL YOU A**HOLES.

You are so full of crap it is not even funny.  This is all political, because when a regime does this to a person and their poor family, it is for one reason and one reason alone:

To instill fear and terror, to the point that nobody dares to speak their mind.

Of course being a fascist and an advocate of military dictatorship with no rights for civilians, you are very familiar with such tactics, so I need not explain them to you. 

Put a lid on it, your support for pedophile rapist murderers and anti Iran stance is very well known here, yet you still have the gall to keep coming here and making such ridiculous statements and continue to make a fool of yourself.

"He didn't die"  LOL!!  what next?  "They didn't rape his sister"?

Sargord Pirouz

Fair, the victim didn't die,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fair, the victim didn't die, so in this particular case your title is erroneous. 

It's possible this close-quarters shot from this less lethal riot control cartridge was accidental, as the intended use for this round is dispersal.

Also, there appears to be more RBs in the XRay than that advertised for the "stinger round." 

Unfortunately, there are no detailed shots of the entry wounds to the victim's head. 

It's interesting, in the US, use of RBs inflict bruise or hematoma type wounds. It would be really useful to know exactly where the entry wound(s) on this victim occurred. The photo of him in the hospital does not show any obvious entry wound(s).

A lethal load fired by a pistol or rifle at this range, to the head, would likely have killed him.

I would say that this incident is reflective of the need for better training at riot control by NAJA, more than any particular political referencing.