has been hacked

by Fair
09-Feb-2010 has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army. So much for not being afraid of the opposition. This government is very desperate and scared.

It says "While Mr. Sazegara has been giving tips on how to prevent being hacked by the Iran Cyber Army, the Iran Cyber Army has hacked his website to show how empty statements like this person's are"

در حاليکه آقای محسن سازگارا به آموزش جلوگيري از هک شدن توسط ارتش سايبری ايران مشغول بود  ارتش سایبری ایران فقط و فقط برای اثبات پوچ بودن حرف اينگونه افراد اين سايت را هک نمود

Check it out:



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Sazegara still going so dele hacker ha khosh

by HollyUSA on

Yeah so they hacked the site. There's still YouTube so they are not even making a dent in his path. Beh koori'e cheshme har ki keh nemitooneh bebineh


Farah Rusta


by Farah Rusta on

بقول معروف: ز هر طرف شود کشته سود اسلام است.


gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i was just on the site last night. interesting to see it down tonight. anyhow these low life's who hacked his site are really scum. im sure the site will be up and going in a week