Write letters- contact the grand ayatollahs in large numbers

by Fair

As the street protests have winded down, do not think for a minute that the people of Iran have quit. Do not listen to anybody trying to divide us- every little bit helps. There is no more Iranians abroad or Iranians back home or secular Iranians or relgious Iranians or this-and-that Iranians. TODAY WE ARE ALL IRANIANS. There will be those who try to divide us, and this will only help the butchers in Tehran.

I urge all my compatriots to write in large numbers to powers that can make a difference. While the UN, EU, Human Rights organizations, and other international organizations are great to contact, it would also be great for all Iranians and all Muslims to contact the top Shiite clergy, whose addresses are given below, and express your outrage and disagreement as respectfully as possible. Make sure you emphasize that what is hapenning is in the name of Islam, and that for them, especially today more than ever, that SILENCE MEANS CONSENT. They have a duty to speak out against what Khamenei and AN are doing if they do not think it is Islamic. Otherwise these actions will forever be associated with the Islamic religion. THE WORLD IS WATCHING. HISTORY IS WATCHING. They must know this.



Thank you.







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Darius Kadivar

Absolutely: Also take a look at Roger Cohen's comments

by Darius Kadivar on

I’ve argued strongly for engagement with Iran as a game-changer. America renewed relations with the Soviet Union at the time of the Great Terror and China at the time of the Cultural Revolution. Operation Jackboot has not, as yet at least, involved mass killings.But the Iran of today is not the Iran of three weeks ago; it is in volatile flux from without and within. Its Robespierres are running amok. Obama must do nothing to suggest business as usual. Let Ahmadinejad, he of the bipolar mood swings, fret and sweat. Let him writhe in the turbid puddle of his self-proclaimed “justice” and “ethics.”


Sahameddin Ghiassi

For a united Iran and united Middle East.

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The people should not be killed , because they have other ideas. We should help the people and not kill them.