free vs islam
by free vs islam

Where are those clerics to come and interpret their Gods book? HALAL OR HARAM, Either this is terrorism or the true way of Islamic justice.

Killing is been way of justice and relief in Islamic countries and humanity is moving backward in these countries,  Religion and backward thinking and killing because of prophets and God and personal beliefs are today’s way of justice, one could blame the REGIE followers and one could praise them, but where is the root of injustice and inequality? 1979 we joined the alien world which we never were experienced before at least not in my or my father’s generation and with no clear vision what is that we are cheering all about and new Regime start killing Kurds and Lures and azaries and others and we kept quite because we the majority of people had nothing to do with this phenomena and we are still quite and we are the people who suffer most with rest of the country.

Once we were proud nation.

Once we had a passport was respected worldwide.

Once we were free how to dress and walk.

Once we were one nation.

Once we were smiling and enjoying the life.

Once we had a dream.

Once we had a justice.

But from last 31 years of darkness, we are divided; still killing, our hearts and dreams been shattered. There is no justice, no security, no hopes for tomorrow forget about the future.

What is left for us in this alien world? 



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There is always HOPE...

by KavehAhangarAdel on

I share your frustration and anger about the word KILL.  It has been in human history from the beginning, is it an animal instinct or is it learned behavior or is it divine directive? ha....  let's face it, humans are animals with the ability to think and justify their killing.  Spirituality(and religion-which is part of spirituality) is supposed move us more toward thinking and respecting others but those who call themselves the authorities (clerics) who justify KILLING are just animals with the ability to justify their acts to get more power.  The problem is not Spirituality itself, the problem is greed=animal instinct! We have a long ways to go but there is hope! :) Great post, by the way.

Message is simple: Believe





Nothing left

by divaneh on

I am now going to jump from a bridge.