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The year 2009 was year of Iranian people who were waiting to scream and to open their hands and harts and asking where is my freedom and where is  justice and shouting for better life and these young people who never seen social freedom and never had what their parents had prior to 1979 and these are young soles who are shouting for their parents mistakes and  they want the free life and justice and freedom just like any free countries offers to their citizens and they want equality and no more religion ideology and they are tired of getting pushed around with bunch of illiterate and uncivilized regime who are wasting nations wealth and resources and feeding their cronies and moving nations money in foreign Banks. These young soles are not their parents and they are educated and more informed than ever in their nations history and the regime which is been sleeping over medieval beliefs and has no plan of changing their ways and these are unwanted guests and nation is tired of feeding them and their puppets and no room left in Iranian society for any of them. Over Three decades of just killing, rape, imprisonment is enough and Iran and Iranian been suffering for long time and the peoples aspiration and hope is been stolen for over 30 years and enough is enough.

Another sanction and another horse trading again and who is winning or who is losing? Why is history repeats itself as always what is the super powers planning for our beloved country and the nation, Shah was a removed because of his aspiration and his plan to build the 5th largest economy of the world and that was threat then to British and American and now Iranian are facing almost same music with different tone after 31 year which their cronies been serving them what they have been asked for. But what now and what is Iranian have to say in this and who is representing Iranian people in UN and how they could get their voice heard? Iranian are suffering from betrayal of their own fascist rulers and suffering from injustice social laws and broken economy and huge gap among the poor and rich in the society and yet these UN powers never pays attention to human rights and atrocity is happing to Iranian people and really what kind of destiny has been written for them? Iranian nation must choose and write own destiny and that starts with unification and educating the nation with unified nation no super power has a chance and this nation should be unified against fascist clerical rulers and foreign powers who both slaving them. Our history is quite dark and always been betrayal and hardly been unified and our nation should learn to trust and respect one another and that is quite rare in our society and lack of trust and respect is been cause of our disadvantages for our advancements during our history and we need to acknowledge that we should work on it to better ourselves. We do not need spoiled and rusted ideas of Mousavi or Karobi to lead us and our nation is wise enough to lead themselves for their own best interest and country and the nation future and long live Iran and Iranian nation from four corner of our beloved country.


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Maryam Hojjat

Well said!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for your excellent blog with reality facing IRANIANS.