Nowhere in Mexico

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

I spent three weeks in Chihuahua, Mexico, last month at my sister Iran's house [photo essays "Blue whale of Chihuahua" & "Wild wild south"]. I didn't do anything in particular, just worked most of the day on as usual and hung out with my siter, her kids and friends.

I felt so free and relaxed. There are no Iranians (I heard there's one who sells carpets) and obviously no Iranian events. Chihuahua -- far from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and having no significant historic monuments -- is not a tourist destination. It's practically in the middle of nowhere.

When I was there, my sister offered me to stay for a few more months. When I got back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I thought why the hell not?
I've given notice to my landlord to cancel my lease at the end of this month and in mid October, I'll get in my car and head to Mexico.

Here's a song by Morgan Page called "The Longest Road". I heard it on the radio last night for the first time. It made me think: Am I going nowhere? Nah... I'm going to Mexico! Ooh I'm so excited...


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by Senoritaaa (not verified) on


تو سفر کردی به سلامت


آقا سفر بیخطر ولی ما دلمون برات تنگ میشه اساسی

Darius Kadivar

Sweet Smell of Success ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Don't Let it corrupt you JJ ;0)


All the characters on this website are fictitious and any resenblance to real person living or dead is purely coincidental!!

Sorry couldn't help myself. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

bajenaghe naghi

jj jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

One of this year's election topics is how to keep american jobs in america. now i hear you are exporting american jobs to mexico?  since your announcement the stock market is down around a 1000 points. jj jan i think your mind is set to screw the economy of this country and you are doing such a good job of it!

having said that, i wish you all the best in mexico. i think you are doing the right thing and i wish i could get away too, just like that. in psychological terms this is called mexic envy. 

ebi amirhosseini

Re:JJ jan

by ebi amirhosseini on

that's called " typical",


hama ro baa ye choob....

ghalbe man o baghie zan zalil haa ro shekasti,man ham filam yaade Mexico kard!. Zan zalil digeii nist baa man hamsafar beshe?


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks for the reminder Azarin! Of course I will vote. I'm getting an absentee ballot and voting for Obama.

As for my freedom to travel and go on a long vacation... meedoonam... hamatoon hasoodeetoon shodeh! :o)))

Azarin Sadegh

But please don't forget to vote!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Hi JJ,

I think the concept of an extended vacation is one of the greatest concepts of all times...but I doubt about its timing in your case!!

Now I wonder if it has anything to do with approaching elections! I hope you wouldn't forget to vote on Nov. 4th, especially that the "election fever" is going to be absent from the media around you, unless you are still going to check, CNN, MSNBC, etc. but in this case, it is not called "vacation" anymore!! 

But besides this little issue, I think for those of us living in the US (with no time for a real vacation) the idea of going on a long vacation is beyond our imagination. It's like touching the moon or catching the wind. Something impossible. Impossible because of work and kids and school and responsibilities and stuff like that...Oh My! Now, I am really jealous of you and your coming days of "doing nothing"! Good for you!

Wishing you the impossible!



khoosh behaletan

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

enjoy chihuhua and beyond
is it still going to be called or you'll change it to ?
send photo,specially if you go to san miguel allendes
or D.F (mexico city).


JJ Iwill miss you

by Davoodnia (not verified) on

I can't believe it; I have tears in my eyes.
You are one of the pillars of Iranian society in ghrbat. Khoda be hamrat. Take care of yourself.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Bravo to you for doing what so many of us would like to.

I suppose that we will be living vicariously through you.

Have a safe journey.

Jahanshah Javid

Oh yeah!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Majid jan! Your poem made me laugh...

...به حق سینکو هومبره (پنج تن)


I am driving to Los Angeles first. So I'll definitely be in touch and we'll share a khomreh (or two)!

Jahanshah Javid

Good man

by Jahanshah Javid on

KB, it was nice meeting you at Burbank Airport. We spoke so briefly, but I could tell: You're a good man. Hope to meet you again. Best wishes to you and your family.

Jahanshah Javid

I'll be back soon enough

by Jahanshah Javid on

Sima Jan, I'm just going on a vacation for a few months. Home is where the heart is, and mine is definitely in the Bay Area.

By the way, our next lunch, I pay. None of this split-the-bill nonsense... it's too amrikaie :D


JJ jan

by IRANdokht on

that's called "typical"



Jahanshah Javid

Bichareh "Nice Mexican girl"

by Jahanshah Javid on

You want me to get married again with a "nice Mexican girl": Beh hamin khiyaal baash!

There should be a law against men like me to prevent any kind of relationship with women :o)

Men like me don't appreciate love. They just consume it.


nago beman nagofti ha..^_^

by farsi (not verified) on

Jahanshah jan,
I advised you to move to mexico (see my commet on "Blue whale of Chihuahua" ). Your sister and nices must be soooo happy about you decision. Now, remember my next advise(see the same comment)find yourself a nice mexican girl and marry her. I am really happy for you like if my own brother is going to move to my home town(he lives 10 from me now he heh. Good luck.


Say what...?

by sima on

What is the meaning of this? Who am I going to have lunch with now? Just up and go to Mexico...? You can't do that. The Bay Area is not the same without you! You better get back soon.

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

Is it safe there?

Darius Kadivar

JJ Why Not Further South ? ;0) LOL

by Darius Kadivar on

You know somewhere like Panama ... LOL

Just Kidding ...



برو مرد که


برو مرد که امیدوارم دست حق همرات باشه.

برو مرد که بحق جدم با آل سینیور خوزه محشور بشی‌

برو مرد که امیدوارم یه دستت تکیلا و یه دستت بوریتو باشه برای همیشه

برو مرد که به حق سینکو هومبره (پنج تن ) روزات آفتابی و شبات مهتابی باشه

فقط یادت نره با این آشی که برای ما پختی (ایرانیان دات کام)....ما رو تنها نذاری

کاشکی‌ منم این فری اسپیریت تو رو داشتم !

راستی‌ یه چیزی.........اگه قصد رانندگی‌ داری، شاید شانس یاری کرد و شبی در خدمتت بودیم در این پرتقال آباد (اورنج کانتی).

"ار کلبه محقر است و تاریک...بر دیده روشنت نشانم"

شاید بخت یاری کرد و چند تا از هوا دار‌هات رو جمع کردیم و دمی به خمره زدیم....گور پدر جهنم.......... مهمون من.... چکنیم یه ج ج  داریم و بس



Mr Javid, was it me?

by KB on

I said hello to you in Burbank airport last sunday night. I do not usually have this effect on people, meeting me and you decide to leave the country...

I actually wanted to sit with you and chat but I had my kids with me and had to go and feed them. So I apologize for rushing off because I should have given you a pat on the back for all that you do on this site in person.

I think I understand why you are leaving for Mexico, family has that effect on you.

Good luck and safe journey.


Safar khosh

by ThePope on

Remain herenow in this world (IC) and continue on your way, and continue with deep laughter in your being. Laugh, sing, dance your way to... Have a safe trip.

Enjoy and have lots of fun. Live, dance, drink, eat, sleep, do things as totally as possibe.

ps: ...and get a new tattoo!



Good for you JJ! Make sure

by skatermom (not verified) on

Good for you JJ! Make sure to update us on the local music scene. Tell your nephews the new Metallica album is ready for download:)

AmirAshkan Pishroo

liberalization of man

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kind of people. -Mark Twain

Keep keeping on, bro.


فکر خوبی است

امیر کبیر (not verified)

اولا به خواهر عزیز و فامیل نزدیک خواهی بود، مردم خونگرم و زندگی آرامتر.

شاید به حق پنج تن آل ابا یک دختر خوب مکزیکی هم برای ازدواج پیدا کنی و از تنهائی درآیی. این زنهای ایرانی بطور کلی آبشان در آمریکا با مردان ایرانی در یک جوب نمیرود، شاید مرادت را در مکزیک بگیری.


Mr Javid I envy you!

by Tahirih on

There must be such a sense of freedom in not wanting, and not having material ties to any place , thing and person. Enjoy your freedom and think about us, the prisoners  of vanity.

Best wishes sir, 



Dear JJ

by darius on

Safar Khosh,Wish you the best


Gule gule

by TheMrs on

Gule gule


Agha y

by Souri on

Shoma yek dokhtare dige ham daari, khodet khabar nadaari :D)

Harf harfe mane. Hamishe hamintor boodeh avazam nemishe, jaanam

How much you wanna bet ?

I will prove it to you .....:D)


PS: I'll be in DC next week. If you will be there too, let me know, we go see ebi in Bethesda, MD, together !!!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Souri Jan,

I only have one child. Her name is Mahdiyeh. She will be 26 soon. I have no other child (I know of!).

Shayeh dorost nakon! :o)