Circled the world 3 times over


John Am
by John Am

Circled the world 3 times over.


Missing you’s got my heart so ill

I love u I always have,  I always will


To them our life is a fantasy,  our faith and devotion they’ll never comprehend

Our loyalty and bond we’ll never bend


Stop feeling animosity, its really jealousy

Study some psychology and you’ll see that’s the strongest motivational factor that makes up there physiology


Brush that hate off your shoulder

Beauty is in they eye of the beholder


Dreamt I’d see u in 2009

Black haired girl so fine


Your passion drives me

Your love inspires me


I circled the globe 3 times over looking for u

Bonjour, como tele vu?

I’m in Monaco looking for u


I feel like Marco Polo

I’m circling the world solo

Then I met u


An hour turned into a day,  a day turned into a mid summer nights dream

The future I’ve already seen

There’s no white picket fence

Things are very tense


They’re gonna try to break us apart

They’re gonna try and take u away sweetheart


I circled the globe 3 times over looking for u

Stay true,  stay alive,  I promise I’ll find u


Wonder why I call u my love

Flap your wings lets fly my dove


If I had one wish it woud be for u to fly with me

If I had 2 wishes it would be for u the spend the rest of your life with me


You’ll never have the fear to stand by the strength of your convictions

Therefore I’ma love u forever that’s my prediction


Your black hair, long lashes, emotional crashes

Your laugh,  my other half

Mooye meshki, so sexy


Spent the last 48 hours with u but I still want more

Wonder why I call u mi amor


I fell asleep at 5 in the morning,  alarm went off at 7:49

Your the first thing on my mind before I get back on my grind


How could I work so hard in the dark, 

How could I tear my self apart

I do it all for u sweetheart

Sit back and take a breath

I’ma take care of u till the death


I’ma work harder than anyone that’s not a lie

Come over you’re a sight for these sore eyes


I never thought I’d see the day when I’d meet u face to face

Sorted through every race

Circled the globe 3 times over


U sort through t the men

We’ll meet by 2010


It’ll be so cool,  we’ll probably be in grad school

2 intellectual minds combined

every unicorn u wanted to ride we’ll find

Every snow covered castle

Diamonds and gold no hassle


Princess give me your hand

Pick up your jaw

This is love, its just raw

Lets shape it & mold it

Come closer, let’s be one, lets hold it


If they say love’s not real they’re your enemy

We believe in manifest destiny


I’m getting older

But if I have to I’ll circled the world 3 times over


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