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This is the first of many blogs about my thoughts.  I hope to pass knowledge and prespective.  Throughout my life I have experienced things that have caused me to really press my self.  When your brain is pushed to think and think you can start to use more than only 10%.


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John , Welcome to our City of Tales : Iranian.com !

by Souri on

Dear John,

Welcome! We are glad you integrate this community for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Let me first, introduce " our city" to you:

At the beginning, this was first a house, a beautiful little house that we
got use to call it " our home"...Little by little, this house grew .

It grew and grew, until it became so vast and big that it didn't look
like a house anymore. It became first a " valley" with few different
people, then it grew faster and became a little town with many streets
and arrows...Then now, voila a big city.

In order to get better knowledge of our culture and our website, I invite you to watch the CD of a most popular of all Persian play:

" City of tales"
created by Bijan MOFID. This is a nice and beautiful story in traditional rhythmic
style. The whole them is mostly about "Identity"... which have always
been a real concern for the Iranian nation.

The story is about an " elephant" who one day came to the city of tales to "enjoy" the animation. Then he fell down and break his teeth.....after he passed
trough many adventure and different judgements about his " pain" and
his "identity"
...he had to get "physical" transformation, more and more...

Although the only think he was after, was just to fix his teeth and
getting back his own " identity"..

The end of this tale, is the most " Sad" funny event . He must get an ID card, in order to be recognized in that city of tales. Throughout many dramas, he finally got an ID
card...as a "HUMAN !!"
and his name become "Manouchehr" a persian male

So my dear friend, this is the story of our " Iranian. com" website!

Welcome to our city !

But, always remember that " elephant" , it was initially, and we were
here only to see its growth to become something completely different....