The God's Patience


M. Saadat Noury
by M. Saadat Noury

Cambridge Dictionary defines the Patience as the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. Webster Dictionary notes that, 'The Patience is the capacity to put up with pain, troubles, difficulties, hardship etceteras without complaint or ill temper'.
According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, Patience is often described as a Core Virtue in religion or spiritual practices. For example, Job is a figure that appears in the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran (aka Quran), and his story is considered a profound religious work. At its core, the theme is the co-existence of evil and God and the application of Patience is highlighted as the antidote to the earthly struggles caused by that co-existence. The plot of the book is that Job endures near-apocalyptic calamities without losing his patience or reproaching Divine Providence. In the Koran, the person of Job is actually known as Ayyub, which is a name that is symbolic of the Virtue of Patience. In Persian culture, a person who is very patient is attributed to Ayyub, and as an expression many Iranians may say that he or she has the Patience of Ayyub (in Persian: Folaani Sabr-e Ayyub Daarad).

The God's Patience (in Persian: Sabr-e Khoda, Bordbaari-e Khoda) is a subject which has attracted the attention of many poets:
In his poetry, the American Physician Hugh Mann, wrote that,
"Time is God's patience. When God runs out of patience, we have run out of time".
David G. Bancroft, another American poet, composed a poem entitled as God's Patience. A part of his poem reads as follows:
I wonder about God's patience wearing thin/ With all that HE sees below HIM/ Beyond all doing right for those in need/ Repenting for their misdeeds/ Holding HIM high in esteem/ Knowing HE is supreme/ It is those HE sees acting falsely in HIS name/ Never accepting any blame/ No matter how bloody or deadly the end/ Resolutely unwilling to make amends/ It is those HE sees under Satan's hold/ Corrupting the innocent young in evil's mold/ Spreading falsehoods so bold,
Causing pain and suffering untold/ I wonder when God's patience will wear thin.

Iranian poet Rahim Moeeni Kermanshahi composed a poem on the same subject and wrote that, 'I wonder what sort of patience God carries':


اگر من جاي او بودم .
همان يك لحظه اول، كه اول ظلم را ميديدم از مخلوق بي وجدان
جهان را با همه زيبايي و زشتي، به روي يكدگر، ويرانه ميكردم
عجب صبري خدا دارد

The complete text of that poem (in Persian: Ajab Sabri Khoda Daarad) may be viewed online.

In the poem of God's Patience (in Persian: Sabr-e Khoda), this author referred to the present life conditions in Iran and wrote that:
The desperate Iranians/ Count every day and night/ When the end of this era/ Will come in the sight.
And here is the complete text of above poem:

صبر خدا

ای اهل وطن ، کشور ايران به کجا شد / آن کشور_ زیبا به جهان ، زشت چرا شد
تا خشم وغضب بر دل_ این خاک بیفتاد
 يك ابر_ سیه ، چیره شد و تیره فضا شد
آزادی و شادی و عدالت ، ز میان رفت
 منشور_حقوق_همگان ، کذ ب و کذ ا شد
مردان و زنان_ وطن ، ای ملت_ ايران
 آن‌ خانه و گلباغ_ شما ، خاک_ بلا شد
گلبرگ تبسم ، نه برد را ه  به  رخسا ر
 بس پیر و جوان ، قا فله ای بهر عزا شد
آ شفته د ل ا يرا نی_ مظلوم ، بپرسد
 کی ؟ دوره ی پا یا نی این  وضع ، ‌روا شد
قلب_همه ی مردم_آزاده گرفته است
 نا باور و درحیرت ازین صبر خدا شد :  منوچهر سعادت نوری  

 Manouchehr Saadat Noury, PhD

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