M. Saadat Noury
by M. Saadat Noury

The memoir of the Missing Moments (in Persian: گمگشته لحظه ‌ها Gomgashteh Lahzehaa) is the product of a human connection, in which this author revisits his youth in Iran, his early twin loves of poetry and history, his ongoing focus on literature, science and nutrition, and his travels to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and around the world. As the late Dutch scholar and author Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983) wrote, “Memoirs are the key not to the past, but to the future”. 

The various chapters of the e-book of Missing Moments can be viewed online as published in Iranian.com and other Websites.

Here are the links to some chapters of the Missing Moments: 

Unforgettable Moments of Growing Up: Churchill Rules

Thrilling Moments: Searching Langerhans

Floral Moments: Suri, La Vie En Rose, Gole-e Suri in Persian Poetry

Poetical Moments (Part-1): Remembrance (Khaatereh), Trapped in Pain (Assir-e Dard), No Longer (Nah Deegar), Desire (Tammanaa), Wish & Hope (امید وآرزو ), Persian Gulf Forever (Persian Text), Defining Poem (Taareef-e Sher), Words (Vajeh-haa), Melody of Love (Lahn-e Garm-e Eshgh),  

Moments in the Nutritional DepartmentIn the Factual Department of Tea,  CarrotsFacts about Eggs, Nutrition in Health and Disease (Persian Text), Camel Milk Products ,  Vitamin D, Facts about ChocolatePurple Tomato vs Cancer  , Facts about Multivitamin, Nutrition in Ancient Iran (in Persian): تغذیه در ایران باستان , Kalleh Pacheh , Fish is really good for you

Moments in a Meeting: Moments to Search for the Original Poet

Poetical Moments (Part-2): Romantic Quatrains, My Iran (in Persian: قصیده‌ ی ایران من ), I Wanna Go (Khaaham Beravam), Life Adventure (Maajera-ye Zendegaani), Identity, God’s Patience, In That Land (Dar on Dyar)

Moments with some Famous Iranian Poets: Hatef Isfahani, Baba Taher, Moments to remember the Iranian poet Saadi, Mowlana Rumi, Ferdowsi/ Happy World Ferdowsi DayKhayyam, , Mahsati Ganjavi , Touchstones of Bahar , A Moment with Vida Farhoudi

Poetical Moments (Part-3)Destruction of Values نا بودی ارزش‌ ها , Life, Enemy, Dungeon, and Evening (in Persian: Doshman, Siahchaal, Ghoroob)

Few Moments with Famous People: Moments with Obama, Kin Hubbard, Moments with Christopher HitchensA Few Moments with Dr Karl, Few Moments with Raj Patel 

Pleasant Moments of the Famous Songs: Impossible Dream, Strangers in the Night

Joyful Moments of Celebrations: Happy Moments of Know Rooz, Festival Moments of Yalda, Mehregan, Sadeh, Mother's Day, Father's DayOutdoor Moments of Sizdah Bedar , Some Observations on Happiness

Poetical Moments (Part-4): Chain of Poems on Words, Persian Gulf, Unknown Cities

Defining Moments: Definition of Poetry, Quatrains, the Cell, the Five Balls, the Walls of a Town, the Words , Philology of Mahyar, Mahyar (Persian Text)Defining Devotees جانسپاران میهن , Moments to Define the God's Patience, Some Observations on Altruism

Political Moments: Question of American Foreign Policy (1) , (2) 

Moments of Exploration: My Exploration of January

Poetical Moments (Part-5)گل غنچه های پندار Blossoms of Thoughts , The Chains زنجیرها

Challenging Moments: The Challengers

Historical Moments: About 17 Cities & Moments in Harem , Throwing Moments of Shoes , Three Decades of Deception , A Day to Celebrate Love & Friendship

Moments of playing Games: Games of Seven Messages 




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Thanks for the Links

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Thank you for all the links and the one that you gave to my blog for your thoughtful poem of Absent & Present.

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Thank You Dr Noury

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A Wonderful Work

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This is a wonderful work and an excellent collection.