When Reza Pahlavi lies


When Reza Pahlavi lies
by mahmood delkhasteh

On June 7th, 2012, Reza Pahlavi gave an interview with the well-respected German weekly magazine, OnLine Focus.[1] A Persian translation was published soon after.[2] After this, his office published a statement in Persian which said that there were numerous mistakes in the interview, which it had asked Focus Online to correct.[3] I had, in this time, published a short critical comment about the article.[4] However, after reading the Pahlavi office’s statement, in order to be sure that the translation from German into Persian was correct, I sent both to an Iranian lawyer at the Max Plank Institute in Germany. He wrote back: ‘I read both, and the German-to-Persian translation is correct and exact.’ He then wrote, ‘with regard to Reza Pahlavi, the truth is that when I read the German text, I felt sick. My annoyance and anger at such a low and contemptible political act, which clearly reveals the backwardness of [Reza Pahlavi’s] mind, were so severe that I did not know what to do. I thought to leave a very critical comment (on Focus Online), but I realized that the interviewer knew what she was doing and, in fact, that using the best of methods she had revealed his empty, raw and childlike mind, which is at the same time is filled with meaningless arrogance.”


The cause of his anger was Reza Pahlavi’s declaration that he was the legal king of Iran, and that he can’t wait to sit on the throne. Also, in order to justify his father’s dictatorial rule, he argued that Iranians had not been ready for democracy and that, in effect, they did not deserve it. He suggested that his father had to train them, even saying that ‘some [former] revolutionaries are coming to me and saying that it would have been better if my father had arrested or executed them.’ He also praised the policy towards Iran of the despots of Saudi Arabi, Qatar and Bahrain, and placed himself importantly next to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

As far as I know, it was Mohammad Amini who wrote the first solid critique of this interview. After its publication he came under a barrage of criticism from monarchists who argued that the interviewer has misrepresented the views of Reza Pahlavi. They referred to a letter written by his office to Focus Online, which argues, ‘we need to mention that there are numerous mistakes in its translation from English into German and then into Persian, and that in this text the German-to-Persian translation is not compatible with the language of Reza Pahlavi. […] We request that Focus Online respects the media regulations and publishes the English version of the interview and corrects its German translation as soon as possible.’

Mohammad Amini contacted Focus Online to ask about their view of this statement. He was told that, first, they have not received any request from Reza Pahlavi’s office, and second, that the interview was recorded and that the record is at their disposal.

It is thus safe to assume that the sole purpose of the Pahlavi office’s statement is to deceive Iranians. Why? Because if the office really believed that the magazine did not accurately represent his views, they should have sent a statement to the magazine citing the parts which were misrepresented, rather than issuing a letter of protest in Persian without making the magazine aware. This is deeply unethical on two fronts. First, they have tried to deceive Iranians by making them believe that the letter was sent to the magazine. Second, they have accused the magazine of being dishonest, or at least, of lacking professional ethics, without giving it an opportunity to reply.

The mere fact that the Pahlavi office did not contact the magazine to register their concern suggests that Focus Online had actually conveyed what Reza Pahlavi had said. In fact, the interview was a brilliant piece of journalism by the skilful Andrea-Claudia Hoffmann, who knows the psychology of power-seeking people. As a result, Reza Pahlavi let his guard down and expressed his true self, which is always hidden behind the mask of someone who struggles for freedom and democracy. In other words, he was caught red-handed. He then panicked and, as damage limitation, issued a vague statement in Persian saying that his views were misrepresented.

After posting the Persian version of this post, Siamak Zand wrote, ‘as a journalist who worked at the Shah's press office for the last seven years of his reign, resorting to such lies and deceit was the norm rather than an exception.’

In any case, if Reza Pahlavi believes my arguments are wrong, it will be easy to prove them so by releasing the interview recording or asking Focus Online to publish it. If you have nothing to hide, it is the most obvious way of clarifying a misunderstanding. I am waiting.

<> [1] See //www.focus.de/politik/ausland/krise-in-der-arabischen-welt/cyrus-reza-pahlevi-im-focus-interview-ob-ich-die-krone-tragen-werde-haengt-vom-willen-des-volkes-ab_aid_764055.html




<> [2] See //www.irandarjahan.net/%D8%B3%DB%8C%D8%A7%D8%B3%D8%AA/%D8%A7%DB%8C%D9%86%DA%A9%D9%87-%D8%A2%DB%8C%D8%A7-%D9%85%D9%86-%D8%AA%D8%A7%D8%AC.html




<> [3] See //www.rezapahlavi.org/details_article.php?persian&article=605




<> [4] See //iranian.com/main/blog/mahmood-delkhasteh-11




<> " در این راستا لازم می دانیم این نکته را متذکر شویم که این مصاحبه با اشتباهات مختلفی از زبان انگلیسی به آلمانی وسپس به فارسی ترجمه شده است. بسیاری از مطالب درج شده در این متن به زبان آلمانی وهمچنین نسخه فارسی آن با ادبیات رضا پهلوی همخوانی ندارد."



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Democracy is a word I see

by alimostofi on

Democracy is a word I see you all use as if it the be and end all of all our problems.

Fact is that the Iranian people are more interested in Iran than democracy now.

No one is going to fall for politics when the last time they bothered they lost the country to aliens.

No one will rise for democracy or human rights. They will rise for Iran. And they are. The culture of Iran is what they are fighting and winning to preserve.

The IRGC wants to remove Iran but they are failing.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


"I despise...", Your Are Quite Right!

by ghalam-doon on

We were not ready for democracy back then and perhaps we're not ready for it today. However democracy is not an abstract concept. There must be an environment that fosters democracy. If there is not freedom of speech or thought, then radical elements take over the people's revolt against tyranny. Looking at our modern history, we see when there was freedom of speech and thought, we accomplished something that many countries in the region still haven't achieved. Towards the end of the Qajar era, there wasn't any SAVAK or SAVAMA, or thought police to control what people thought or wrote. It led to the constitutional revolution. Perhaps one can argue the same atmosphere was present during the Mossadegh era.

I despise fascists and stalinists

Iranian people were NOT ready for Democracy

by I despise fascists and st... on

I never read the article discussed here, however, if Mr. Reza Pahlavi said Iranians were not ready in 1978 for democracy, he was speaking the truth.

Only liars and people who can not see reality will accept Iranians were ready for democracy. People who were ready for democracy would not have accepted an akhoond telling them straight that he wants an Islamic Republic. Name a democratic state that starts uses religion as an adjective to describe itself.

Even the so-called Iranian intellectuals - really ANtellectuals - were not ready. Khomeini told Bazargan, Sanjabi, Banisadr and Ghotbzadeh that only Shia muslim men can be president. Bazargan defended Khomeini's comments that Baha'is will be persecuted.

If Iranians were ready for democracy, Akhoonds wouldn't have come to power so easily. The so-called revolution of 1978 was led by Islamists, communists, and Mojaheds, none even paid lipservice to democracy. As for the so-called democrats, they were more than happy to jump in bed with the above.

Mr. Delkhasteh, I don't know if you are naive or a liar, the truth is 1978-79 "revolution" wasn't for democracy and Iranians were not ready for it then. I'm not sure if they are today.


Lying, and Iranian tradition

by ghalam-doon on

We cannot really blame his majesty (or whatever he calls himself these days) for lying in this case or any other case for that matter. He's just upholding a great Iranian tradition. He lied several times during this interview among them comparing himself with Gandhi and Mandela and claiming that his late father was infact training his countrymen on the art of democracy! He also claimed that every child in Iran knows his name and therefore he is very much loved.

Many of us hate Khomeini for what he did to Iran. But at least he had the guts to go back to Iran despite the fact that the Iranian government under Shahpur Bakhtiar had threatened to arrest him upon arrival. One should ask his majesty now that he compares himself with Gandhi and Mandela, does he have the guts to do at least what Khomeini did? If he is that popular among Iranians inside the country, there will be an uprising if the governemt even dares to arrest him!


Balayer devant votre porte d'abord !*

by Shemirani on


I'm a Republican voting for President(s) (from left to right, i voted for all sort of candidates in 20 years)...

In theory, it could be very easy for Iranian Republican to attract me among themselves, But Iranian Republican lost their credibility because they lied too much from the start to now !

first to make their revolution possible they told us: 3000 killed in Jaleh's Square, cinemaRex a savak action, Former king had a torture room down his palace... this is just an example of lies we heard from ProRepublic activists

 Like it or not, The Iranian Republic in Iran (ruling right now)  is part of your political Resumé !

In 78 nothing else matters but having your republic (no matter the consequences and the price the nation will pay for it, in other words for you the end justifies any means !!!!

 Now after 32 of hell, you can't take distance  for it (man naboodam dastam bood), pretending this regime is on power "out of blue", or was stolen from you, or because of shah's censure you wasn't politicly mature enough, !!!! You were perfectly aware of what you were doing, even if we admit it farzi konim most of you (opposants) were students aboard (the famous confederation) and could read all books without any censure how do you explain it ? all this excuses we heard from your side are nothing but rubbish and more lies!

you lie to cover past lies and mistakes !! and you give lessons to others ? don't you understand we don't need selfdeclared moralizers !!

 you can't run away from your collective responsability !! Because its so hard for you to admit you were very wrong,you prefere blaming others for your own actions ! Its shows that you are not sincere, not honest with your own people ! 

By bashing pahlavis for so long you are looking for more credibility among people,i don't think you are helping your own cause ! i can hardly imagine a French republican bashing others french because political aspirations WHILE their nation is on fire !!!!!! doesn't make sens at all ! its shows that all you know of being a republican is only the word nothing about the real  meaning of it !

No to a Banana republic (like in azarbaijan, tajekestan and lot of other places on earth)

*to put one's own house in order before criticizing other people.



P: so are you just picking

by alimostofi on

P: so are you just picking on the people who were in the admin then or the principle of CM? Because what you say is true of any system. Even in the most modern political system the police and the core civil service of the country remain the same.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

maziar 58

vildemose jan

by maziar 58 on

how can they suit if the other party has no pot to piss in?



Mr. Delkhasteh!

by P_J on

I have not met a Shahollahi that didn’t LIE, or try HARD to twist the truth in order to create confusion or mudding the waters, in order to rewrite or EMASCULATE history, as it has happened.

I remember one who tried hard making heroes of the brutal SAVAK agents!   The vicious individuals responsible for killing, injuring and maiming our citizens for decades and were copies of German GESTAPO, or Soviet KGB, who ruled by intimidation and fear, MAFIA style.

Truth to them is like a noose around their necks, that is tightening, or the proverbial crucifix to Dracula.   They don’t believe in transparency, rule of law or freedom of expression.    And that’s why there is NO sense in arguing with this group of professional HUSTELERS, led by the RP, who hasn’t realized, yet, after 3 decades plus, that monarchy is and has been abolished and DEAD.

Mullahs, on the other hand, are using the TOXICITY of the Pahlavi name in order to divide and conquer the opposition, using it with accusatory tone….knowing full well that they are harmless, although divisive having at most less than 5% support.

What remains is the fact that we are left with a two pronged quarrel; the Mullahs and the weak and insignificant Shahollais.    


Darius: no matter what you

by alimostofi on

Darius: no matter what you and I say of the moral superiority of CM, the fact is that the Royal Institution is not being run. CRP is not acting as if he is in charge of it.

He is more interested in setting up a Human Rights delegation than a cultural unity centre for Iran, never mind a government in exile. He does not understand that culturally we are united and he has a mandate to carry his job.

His intransigence regarding this in inexcusable and frustrating. He is acting like a politician wanting a Republic. He wants to be like Burma's Ang Sang Su Chi.

He is the King and he has to act like one. If he can't like my ancestor then say it and move on. Either way we will need to have a cultural unity centre and have no more political discussions until Iran is back.

Strong statement but it is true.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

Darius Kadivar

Dear Mr. Delkhasteh Do you mean you voted for this fellow ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Dear Mr. Delkhasteh Do you mean you voted for this fellow ? 


Banisadr say's Seeing Reza Pahlavi Restored equates asking Iranians to eat Baghali Polo   


who morally and intellectually endorsed the execution of some of the great and innocent civil servants our country had at the time ...


Fereidoun Sahebjam Slams Banisadr's Endorsement of Revolution on French TV (1989)


Including this woman:


A Women for All Seasons : Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980) 


All this Fully knowing that the Revolution YOU advocated and the New Constitution Drafted and approved by YOUR Candidate was NOT Secular as you claim to want it to be today ...


KhomeiniNo To Monarchy Even if Constitutional | Iranian.com


All the more that your deemed "legitimate" provisional Government in exile was already denounced by a Secular Government willing to implement the necessary democratic amendments in order to allow a wider and more democratic option for Iranians at large:


pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)


And supported by a minor yet vocal few who saw clearly from DAY ONE what you folks were advocating was against Iran's Long term interests:


VOCAL MINORITY: Pro Shah and Pro Bakhtiar Demos amidst 1979 Revolution


Sorry but when it comes to Lying I'm afraid your likeminds were not truly setting an example ...


American CBS TV network airs Fake Tapes on Shah's Speech (1979)


Crown Prince Reza was born into Royalty whether YOU the Jomhurykhah (Secular or Not)  like it or not. He did not choose who his parents were ... So as son of the last King of Iran ... Well he is a Royal Prince and according to Royal Tradition HE IS King ( whether he lives in exile or not) for his followers regardless of what your democratic aspirations may be.


A Royal Remains a Royal unless beheaded !


Now from a purely Constitutional Perspective however he is not King per se but "King Apparent" or as the French expression "Roi de Jure"  based on an Oath he took upon his father's death in Cairo upon the Constitution of the time which his constituency deemed legitimate ( as opposed to your Republic's Constitution) despite the Religious Revolution you supported to oust his father.

If that Constitution were to be restored as another far more esteemed Constitutionalist than your humble servant advocated ...


RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy (Interview given in London to Newseek, 1984)


Then that Oath would take effect if repeated in front of an Elected Parliament. Very much like Juan Carlos did in 1975:


‪Misa coronación Juan Carlos I (1975)


But just like for Crown Prince Reza today, Juan Carlos was King Apparent prior to that Oath and deemed as KING according to the Salic Laws of his Royal House. THAT sir is the Common rule in ALL Royal Families in the world.

As such Crown Prince Reza did NOT Lie. He merely say's he is not the Ruling King but he is King by Birth Right. 


As such Crown Prince's Oath or Rejection of his Oath if he deems that previous Constitution as obsolete ( not convinced he does nor claimed it) has absolutely nothing to do with his Royal status.

It merely appears that the 1906 Constitution which was inspired by our forefathers in the same way the British Bill of Rights inspired the British Monarchy was rejected by a large majority of Iranians at the time of the revolution.


33 years on that Constitution as drafted at the time appears as not entirely fit to today's democratic standards.


Cyrus Amir-Mokri on Pros and Cons of 1906 Constitution


If the monarchy were to be Restored with the Royal Pahlavi Prince, then that Constitution would demand some major amendments so that the Constitutional Nature and Royal Prerogatives would have to be reconsidered. Eventually an entire new Constitution could be drafted.

But even then Such Constitutional and legal considerations in a hypothetical future have absolutely nothing to do with the Prince's Royal titles and Status, which are his by birth whether he even likes it or not. 


For whether Crown Prince Reza Rules or not he remains an heir to the Throne of Iran in the same way a Qajar Prince or any other head of a Royal Dynasty could claim the same. It happens no Qajar prince is claiming the throne and so unless they wish to make their claim openly in public for all to know, Crown Prince Reza remains the only current heir to the Throne of Iranzamin.


For your info Spain's King was born on Italian Soil not even on Spanish Soil yet his royal status was never subject to questioning. He was merely not ruling prior to the Restoration of the Monarchy:


HISTORY FORUM: Franco's Ghost- Spain's Painful Road Towards National Reconciliation


Same for the current Prince of Serbia who was also born outside his home country but remains King apparent of his homeland: 


ROYAL FORUM: Crown Prince of Serbia Seeks to Restore The Monarchy


despite the fact that his country is still a republic despite the ever increasing demand to see the Monarchy restored:


Recent Poll Suggests Majority of Serbians Support Restoration of the Monarchy


I am quite surprised that Mr. Amini the son of a well known Lawyer fails to understand this well known fact.

But then coming from a gentlemen like Mr. Amini who claimed that Bazargan's government was the democratic prolongation of Shapour Bakhtiar's government ( when in fact the latter denounced Bazargan's provisional government as refered to in the above link ) I am not at all surprised by his entirely erroneous conclusions and confused mindset.


Now on the otherhand that you Sir are against the Monarchy Fine ... I have no problem with that ...


But then Don't try to define something you clearly don't undersand:


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican


For I'm afraid you Jomhurykahs (Secular or Not) will need more than 'Baghali Polo' Cheap Shots against the man we consider as our Legitimate Sovereign in order to justify your Poor Choice 33 years ago let alone convince Iranians back home with your Broken Record:


BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left”


Bon Appetit Nevertheless ... 


Kind Regards,





An Unapologetic Constitutional Monarchist




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.


 I look forward to RP

by vildemose on

 I look forward to RP suing this author to teach a lesson to others who attempt to do this in the future.



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


This is what fabrication means:

by anglophile on

Exhibit 1:

"I had, in this time, published a short critical comment about the article.[4] 

You admit that you wrote a defamatory article based on having a second hand (non-original) script of the interview and accused Mr Pahlavi of charges which can be used as the basis of a legal action brought against you.

Exhibit 2:

"However, after reading the Pahlavi office’s statement, in order to be sure that the translation from German into Persian was correct, I sent both to an Iranian lawyer at the Max Plank Institute in Germany. He wrote back: ‘I read both, and the German-to-Persian translation is correct and exact.’ He then wrote, ‘with regard to Reza Pahlavi, the truth is that when I read the German text, I felt sick. My annoyance and anger at such a low and contemptible political act, which clearly reveals the backwardness of [Reza Pahlavi’s] mind, were so severe that I did not know what to do. I thought to leave a very critical comment (on Focus Online), but I realized that the interviewer knew what she was doing and, in fact, that using the best of methods she had revealed his empty, raw and childlike mind, which is at the same time is filled with meaningless arrogance.” "


Now after writing the defamatory and libelous article on this site, you began to doubt the authenticity of the translation and sent it to your friend (another Bani-Sadr worshipper and Islamic democracy (!!) campaginer) Hassan Rezaei (az roobaah porsidand shaahedet kieh goft domam). Rezaei, knowing full well that the script you sent him was non-original adds his own defamatory commentary to it and you publish it here as supportive evidence!!


Exhibit 3:

Also, in order to justify his father’s dictatorial rule, he argued that Iranians had not been ready for democracy and that, in effect, they did not deserve it." 

WITHOUT having any access to the original words by Mr Pahlavi and based on second and third hand translations (some by Google!!) you continue your fabrication and the misrepresentation trail continues to the point that you self-interpret his words by adding your own made up conclusions (as shown in bold letters above) to the words of Mr Pahlavi who in turn is quoting his own father and not claiming the statment as his own words.

The sole truth is in the English recording of the original interview and without that interview being loaded online, whatever is said or wirtten in connection to the interview can be construed as fabrication. 

There are many more examples of such part-fabricated part-manipulated statements in your present and previous articles that I can't be bothered to waste my time in extracting them. But I have a little piece advice for you and your friend Mr Rezaei. 

Before fabricating any further, think of finding a good libel lawyer.  Just in case!


Republic vs Constitutional

by alimostofi on

Republic vs Constitutional Monarchy is an old debate. The basis against a Republican system Mr Delkhasteh is that its moral predicament is the process of democracy.

Democracy is a process. It is inefficient very abusive process. No country can allow its culture to be abused. A Republican system can sustain heresy or treason. Look at how the the Republic of Iran you cherish changed to Islamic Republic. And we were told it is democracy. No one was there to say "wait a minute you are crossing the cultural line". It was too late.

So you need some group of Iranians who guard Iranians in some institution to prevent any form cultural abuse and bind us all at all costs.

In principle the Royal Institution stands for that. CRP needs to do his job properly, instead of acting like an intern in The Hague.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Of the lies...

by Bavafa on

Is not the first time and won't be the last.

However, by all accounts, he is as irrelevant as he has made himself to be. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


mahmood delkhasteh

I am demonstrating that your 'constitutional monarch' has lied

by mahmood delkhasteh on

Mr Darius Kadivar, I am not sure if you are aware of my view on the
ruling mafia regime in Iran. Since the coup against the elected
president in June 1981, I have considered the current regime to be
illegal and illegitimate, and have argued that it must be overthrown to
allow for the constitution of a republic that is based on the principle
of Laicite (separation of state and religion/belief).

In this
piece, however, I am demonstrating that your 'constitutional monarch'
has lied and deceived people. If you accept this, then,that is your
choice. Thankfully, however, for most Iranians decency and truthfulness
are important values.

mahmood delkhasteh


by mahmood delkhasteh on

Mr Anglophile, I have used a primary source for every single fact I have
presented. You either have to demonstrate that these sources are
invalid, or widthraw the accusation that I have fabricated anything.


Cyrus Reza Pahlavi is wrong

by alimostofi on

Cyrus Reza Pahlavi is wrong in that democracy decides who will be the King of Iran. The Royal Institution of Iran is a glorified title for a specific problem. What is that problem? The problem is the both democracy and religion can change the culture of Iran much more easily than any physical invasion of Iran.

Just look at the situation in Iran right now and you will see that the culture of Iran is being systematically changed. First of all the name of the country got changed, then the flag, then the national anthem.

There is not an institution in Iran to safeguard Iran's heritage. In fact out of pure desperation world heritage has designated some major cultural sites such as Takhte Soleyman.

Before the IRGC coup d'etat moslems had istitutions to safeguard their sub-culture. Heck they even had their Ayatollahs in government. The Constitution of Iran even started with words that are only 1400 years old. Iran is ten times older than that. Our oral tradition is as old as world history.

We all have inherited an important nation and we all need to carry out our jobs. CRP has a job to do. He is the CEO of the Royal Institution. He is not the Institution. But he wants to be a politician or a human rights advocate which anyone can be.

So the issue is representation of Iran. We do not have Iran represented. We need to have a proper group of learned Iranians who Obama and UN can refer to and not use the aliens for their own political or commercial interests. We really need to have them out of UN and a representative of a provisional government their instead.

It is quite clear the role the Ayatollahs are playing in US and Israeli domestic politics. So many arms traders are benefiting from all this.

The solution is very simple. Put the Iranian Royal Institution on the world map now CRP. Be the CEO of it and talk of the cultural role you have as all the other Kings have from the time of Pishdadians.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

valla khasteh shodim az een
he said/she said game.

Is Iran and Iranian having the best of their time?

can it be that no one else wishing any changes for as long as themseleves benefitting all the goodies of both world.

shame on the stubberns left/right Iranians. 


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

This blog is about the mechanics of a public interview gone wrong, seemingly very very wrong.......it's a beautiful investigative blog..............thank you..........


Mr Delkhasteh did you know ...

by anglophile on

...that if Mr Pahlavi were to answer to any fabrication made against him by any insignificant Pahlavi basher, he might as well give up his campaign and retire as from now. But sadly for the IRI and their unpaid cohorts, he has much more important issues to attend to than such baseless accusation. So please don't waste your time brother :)


Oh BTW, contact Aminis - they'd love to hear from you. 

Darius Kadivar

Mr. delkhasteh So are you ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Particularly if you are so concerned about "accountability' ...

But let's put it this way ... 


As a Constitutional Monarchist I shall stop calling RP 2 as my King if you stop claiming that the current Islamic Republic is not Your Republic ...



Footage of Iranians voting in majority back in the 1979 referendum in favor of an Islamic Republic of Iran 

That YOU individually or Collectively don't like the Monarchy Fine ...


But don't blame others for not sharing your views ...


MONARCHY MATTERS: Khosro Fravahar say’s Iranian Jomhurykahs live in denial




After all even after all this time isn't that a question of accountability ?


If you are demanding that from the man we Constitutionalist consider as our rightful sovereign then you folks have to equally live up to the same prerequisite don't you think ?


pictory:(FOR REFERENDUM BASHERS) Women Punched in Face by Revolutionaries


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Chased by Anti Shah Protestors During Shah's US Visit (1977)



If anything after all this time one thing is clear Iran doesn't belong to you anymore any less than it belongs to us Constitutional Monarchists:


BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir ) 


If you think Otherwise then you Jomhurykhahs ( Secular or Not) are EQUALLY lying here by claiming that your revolution was highjacked as a sorry excuse to dissociate yourselves from the Crimes Your Poor Choice ( Marg Bar Shah) made possible ... 


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: IRI's Reign of Terror Begins (BBC Report 1979)


Kind Regards,




An Unapologetic Constitutional Monarchist




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.