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There has been a lot of contemplations, contingency plans, and predictions circulating around “Iranian Expert” and intelligence communities “leaking” to the public domain on what Iran’s response will be to various possible military strikes on her interests. They even have made video games eh!

Today, on NPR I was listening to a program analyzing the Japanese response at the time to the recent tsunami disaster affecting triple nuclear meltdown. The core of the story was that everything went wrong and nothing was working and they had to open the emergency response instruction manual book for their situation and to spare you the details they found that there was nothing in their book that would exactly foreseen the shit there were in.

Having a manual or not is the question. As I have said many times before, there are three schools of managements in the world, American philosophy, which revolves around individualism, Japanese one, which is anchored on team and group work, and Iranian school of Hay-ati management.

One might think that Hay-ati philosophy could be a derivation of the Japanese thoughts. The answer is both yes and no with a small difference. Iranians don’t have an emergency manual book. We are the people of minute 90. We got to see shit in order to see how to contain it but, oh boy how magnificent and fantastic we turn out to be in those situations.

So don’t waste your time on what’s going to happen if this happens. Nobody knows, even the people who are supposed to respond to the situation know that. But since you’ve been a good reader I try to entertain a few scenarios:

Israel with her allies attacks Iran and devastates Iranian infrastructures from military installations to hydro power plants to factories to roads, bridges, and so on but since this will not uproot the radical regime they decide to step in and invade the soil progressing towards Tehran to be there in 48 hours, and … wait a minute…didn’t this just happen in 1980s?

Ok, another scenario, you just Napalm bomb the entire country, use several A-bombs on the major cities then get in and massacre everyone leaving no animated creatures behind killing even dogs and cats and make minarets from the heads of people and…wait a minute…didn’t this happen around 1200’s?

Well, it seems I’m running out of creative ideas so I let my readers to come up with their own scenarios and see how creative they can get.

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JD jan,

by Midwesty on

آن مگس بر برگ کاه و بول خر

همچو کشتیبان همی افراشت سر

گفت من دریا و کشتی خوانده‌ام

مدتی در فکر آن می‌مانده‌ام

اینک این دریا و این کشتی و من

مرد کشتیبان و اهل و رای‌زن

بر سر دریا همی راند او عمد

می‌نمودش آن قدر بیرون ز حد

بود بی‌حد آن چمین نسبت بدو

آن نظر که بیند آن را راست کو

عالمش چندان بود کش بینشست

چشم چندین بحر همچندینشست

صاحب تاویل باطل چون مگس

وهم او بول خر و تصویر خس

گر مگس تاویل بگذارد برای

آن مگس را بخت گرداند همای

آن مگس نبود کش این عبرت بود

روح او نه در خور صورت بود

Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on

In real life they keep running all these scenarios in these so called "think-tank" centers, about a hypothetical attack and a hypothetical response, and each time they do these in real time, they  incorporate all the new added elements, as it is developing on a daily basis, and  it scares the bejesus out of them, about what the actuall outcome will be.

Keeping in mind only a couple of new added elements of uncertainty in the past few weeks:

-Further intesification of conflict in Syria, and usage of Golan Heights as an option for Assad, as he has mentioned more than once.

-Begining of the end for US in Afghanistan, after the Koran burning fiasco.

As far as the dominant school of managment, on a world level is concerned, it seems to be the school of "Crisis Management." Yet the 'crisis' is getting to be so multi-faceted and multi-pronged, leaves you wondering if anyone in charge ( from IR, to Israel, to US, Europe, NATO,...) really knows WTF they're doing?

Most probably none of them do.

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

You have an interesting perspective on the issue of preparedness or the lack of. I think Japanese are no way to be compared with Iranians. As you might have heard they were contemplating to evacuate 30,000,000 people from Tokyo during the nuclear mishap! On the other hand Iranians can embezzle $30,000,000,000 +/- out of the country in form of money order and travelers check, even during the sanctions. I think each nation is prepared for something. While you are completely correct about Iran not being prepared for emergency issues, but money laundering has never been an issue among our leaders.

  By the way, have you been absent for a long time? Why?