Iranians, The Camel Jockeys


Iranians, The Camel Jockeys
by Midwesty

If you have lived in the United States you should have heard the expression Camel Jockey. It's a derogatory term to belittle middle easterners especially Iranians. To your surprise, it is a well-suited term for us, as you might remember the modern Iran, without camels roaming the streets of Tehran started to form well after world war two about hundred years after the west started the industrial revolution. So, yes we were camel jockeys and that is fairly recent history of us if you put it in perspective to our long history.

The inception of modern Iran took place after Tehran Conference when president Roosevelt mentioned Iran's name in the main conference treaty and called Iran an ally. After the war, about two years post Tehran Conference, he assigned his personal representative, Gen. Patrick J. Hurley to solidify president Roosevelt's promises to Iran during WWII.

Gen. Hurley, in his report to president Rooosevelt on Iran wrote:

"Inauguration in Iran of the American pattern of self-government and free enterprise will be an assurance that [the] proceeds from development of Iranian resources will be directed substantially to the building of schools, hospitals, sanitary systems, irrigation systems, and improvement of all facilities contributing to the health, happiness and general welfare of the Iranian people.

He added:
"This plan of nation building may be improved through our experience in Iran and may become the criterion for the relations of the United States toward all nations which are now suffering from the evils of greedy minorities, monopolies, aggression, and imperialism."

The imperialism in the text is directly pointing to the British and Russian forces. President Roosevelt commented under the report: "I was rather thrilled by the idea of using Iran as an example of what we could do by an unselfish American policy."

I invite all of you to review our recent history carefully and find for yourself when the trend of Iran's modernization was aggressively pursued.

Humility is the key in the survival of our culture and land. The nation that we like to call our enemy, once was our ally...this also goes to Americans.

So the term Camel Jockey is coming from the perception of the American mass population as they still remember how they built Iran in hope of establishing friendship and how Iranians answered their kindness with nationalizing their assets and invading their embassy.

Image Source: AFP


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There is some truth

by darius on

Could you explain what you mean by seizing their embassy? Who are we?Are you talking about the confedration of Iranian students ,MKO ,please be more explicit.( are you referign to all Iranian)?

Iran was also a good friend to USA, we were the real ally of USA, never extended our hands for help like some allies do and their demand goes beyond to a point that  allows  themselves   dictate the president of USA.

We invested heavily in  a friendship that  we never expected to be dropped ,we never listened to early warnings.

Iran was a real ally and friend of USA, but they decided to end it with supporting revolutionary thugs.

We are still thankful and I have not seen the respect and admiration of decent Iranian be changed toward this nation.

Siamak Asadian

Internalizing colonialists' mentality?

by Siamak Asadian on

Wasn't the process of Iranian modernization, and modernity properly began with Amir Kabir's attempts to bring modern institutions in Iran, including but not limited to what he refered to as "Ghonstitosion" (constitution, as quoted by Fereydon Adamiet)?

Do "we" (Iranian people) call the  United States our enemy, or is it IR and its shady apologists who use such terminology?

Is "the perception of the American mass population," a seemingly 'spontanous' process, or one formed by distortions of corporate sponsered media?

And as Lt. Columbo used to say:

"Just one last question": is it a coincident that this 'endearing' term Camel Jockey, used in here, was also used by another IR apologist, our 'dearly' departed JL, on a regular basis to describe us?

Any connections between the 'writers,' besides their apologia for IR?

Just asking...



Midwesty, Iranians "Were" Camel Jokeys! Not Anymore!

by fanoos on

One day in 1979, Iranians woke up and decided that the poor Camels that gave them rides were too proletariat! As a result, they [Iranians] figured that they would switch position with their Camels and ever since the Camels have been jockying Iranians!