Paradoxical Iranian love-hate relationship


by Midwesty

I recently missed a near wall-head-banging-event (WHBE) by following all the hoopla surrounding the Lake Urumiah phenomenon. It is a sad occurrence but it's the nature. Iran and many of other countries are experiencing an unprecedented drought. Not that this is hard enough a few days ago our Azeri reps in the Iranian house were proposing a government interference to fix the problem going as far as asking the Ahmadi's admin to pump water from Aras river into the lake. Let's keep this here and move on to another topic that triggered my WHBE so I decided to bang my head against IC 's wall:


For those who can't read persian, the head of Iranian "Chicken meat" lobby has asked the Iranian government to stop allowing importing chicken meat and start buying them from the local sources.Aside from the technical flows in both cases above, pumping water project that could be sized as a national project that its planning alone could take years to mature, and in the second case ignoring the basic principals of free market not mentioning forgetting the fact just a few months ago the Iranian gov took a wobbly but giant step in removing the gov subs, my intention to write this lays in the heart of the matter that:While we, the Iranians, despise the gov interference in minor cultural and social aspects our lives, yet we invite it in any other major aspects of our lives with no hesitation and fear of backlash. However, I do see the iranian governing apparatus (not only the ahamdi's admin) guilty of following this popular urge.  

Rather than getting involved with major policy making processes, iranian gov always sway into the chaotic minor policies and micromanagement. One more reason to believe that democracies are cheap to operate!


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Maryam Hojjat

Good point,Midwesty

by Maryam Hojjat on

Iranians do not see any solution having despite of IRR/IRI incompetence.