The biggest propaganda spectacle on Syria ever



Western media (of course you can add Saudi and Qatari media) are involved in the biggest propaganda spectacle that I have ever seen.  It is bigger than the propaganda blitz that preceded the American invasion of Iraq.  There are very few Western journalists who are dissenting: it is all the same narrative and daily barrage of propaganda comes from the highly non-credible, pro-Saudi outfit, known as Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  Western media continue to interview "Rami Abdur-Rahman" after it was revealed that the person does not even exist and that there are in fact two Syrian Observatories for Human Rights and both are vying for the propaganda role, and presumably for Saudi and Qatari money.  Only after the Iraq invasion, did people later pose and consider the propaganda role that Western media played in preparation for the invasion.  There are basic facts that are lacking, beyond the general story of Syrian regime repression--which is real.  I mean, have you read in any Western newspaper a report on the Arab League monitors' report? One article? Was any of the monitors interviewed besides the one who "defected" before the mission even started?  Has the commander of the mission been interviewed by one Western reporter?  Don't get me wrong.  I never thought the Arab League mission would end bloodshed in Syria, but Western governments and GCC countries pushed for the mission--clearly expecting the Syrian government would reject it.  Syrian regime acceptance derailed Western plan and the dismissal of the report became expected. Have you read one report in the Western press about the political orientations of the rebels and the Free Syrian Army?    Beyond propaganda against the regime, there is very little credible reporting.  I mean, yesterday, Arab media were reporting that "missiles" were being used for the "first time" by the Syrian regime.    Go back to those same media, they have been reporting about missiles being used by the regime for months.  Aljazeera reported numerous times that planes and helicopters were being used against protesters and "witnesses" never failed in reporting that but there wast not one video footage of that happening.  Somebody need to stand up and insist on knowing the truth, beyond the lies of the Syrian regime and its opponents (the ones who are run by GCC countries, which in turn are run from a small office in Washington, DC).  


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Propaganda for Russia on

by vildemose on

Propaganda for Russia on Syrian regime TV Syrian regime TV stations are filled with propaganda for the Russian government. You encounter much more propaganda for Russia than for Iran. I think for sectarian reasons, regime propaganda outlets plays down the Iranian factor and you dont encounter much propaganda on its behalf. Yesterday, they were even talking about how Russia respects Islam and how it treats Muslims and protects Muslims and they even identified with the Russian government campaign of slaughter in Chechnya. Quite a spectacle.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


get even more pleased

by مآمور on

watch this clip and listen to somescientist and u will see your link between yourself and Adolf


I wear an Omega watch


While Assad Junior is killing by the thousands....

by AMIR1973 on

It is vital that the attention be diverted away to anything but that fact, namely, the Great Satan, Little Satan, Saudi princes, etc, etc. Can I get a volunteer to start a blog on the Jooooooooooz and Holy Palestine? Anyone?


Homs: 'Capital of the Syrian revolution'

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Peter Harling, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon Project Director at the International Crisis Group, says: "People from Homs are renowned for their sense of humour and this has come out so strongly in the crisis - even in the teeth of this massive onslaught by the regime.

"Many Syrians have been shocked by what they describe as the savagery of the regime and protesters in Homs have been successful at displaying a sense of civilisation which belies the regime's narrative of a thuggish underclass.

"Unlike its surrounding countryside, Homs has by and large resisted sectarian dynamics, maintained a measure of social cohesion, challenged the regime through its strong local identity and provided a source of inspiration to many regime critics.

"That is why Homs has been the capital that Damascus has not."


Dr. Mohandes

Sooo Funny!

by Dr. Mohandes on

oh How cool.

With your permission Mr. Dienchanted I would like to slightly modify your comment to say:

Iran Does alreay follow the saudi's democratic model.

Freedom of speech for Mola...oops. I mean Aghazadeha, really not that much different from the princes. I would venture to even say in terms of personal wealth they really say a big Zekki to those peerencesses!

Freedom of drivingfor men and women...Well. Okay. Busted. Sure. yeah . whatever.

Freedom of Underage girls to marry!! Freedom of big Bro to arrest and imprison and do all those good stuff that nice govs do. Freedom to Intervene in neighboring nations not just militarily but economically, politically, culturally, religiously, spiritually...and dozdillingly (a new terms just minted)

I hope i have not left /dropped anything from the pen.

With special thanks to the creativity and astutness our dear friend and contributor Mr/mrs. Disenchanted. Yeaaay! 



by hirre on

khak to saret...


I am pleased to read this confession

by Siavash300 on

"در ضمن از من خواست به شما عزیزان آریائی بگم که بی خود نگران عربها نباشید


I am glad to hear that. Finally one rational Arab who are typically "az Bikh arab"  reached to that wisdom that we are Persian and Aryan and they are Arab. Please pass the word to those idiots who keep insisting we are not aryans.


Every Arab country should follow Saudi's democratic model

by Disenchanted on

    Freedom of speech for princes, freedom of driving for men, Freedom of under age girls for marrige, Freedom of government to arrest and imprison citizens at will, freedom to military interfervention in neighboring countries affairs and many more! ;-)


speak the right language

by مآمور on

here is what a close firend of mine who just came back from her motherland Syria told me about the situation there, I will not provide the translation as it will be useless and will fall on deaf ears.

هاك مجموعة من الاراذل و الاوباش تحاول تخريب البلاد و هناك من يمول هؤلاء الاوباش و غير مخي على الجميع ان الممول الاصلي لهم هم من السعودية و الاسلحة تأتيهم من اسرائيل تماما مثل المعارضة الايرانية و من المؤكد ان 90%من الشعب السوري مؤيد للرئيس بشار الاسد و غيرمؤيدين لما يحدث في البلاد الان من تخريب و دمار 

 در ضمن از من خواست به شما عزیزان آریائی بگم که بی خود نگران عربها نباشید. اگر رژیم در ایران عوض شد در سویه هم خواهد شد. پشت گوشت دیدی تغیر رژیم چه در سوریه چه در ایران میبینی.

I wear an Omega watch


UN & all these Sources r wrong-PressTV , Kayhan &you r right

by IranFirst on

Number of Syrians Killed:

UN-7000 (March 15 2011- Feb 1 2012)

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 5204 (March 15 2011 – Jan 19 2012)

Human Rights Watch 5000 (March 15 2011- Nov 11 2011)

The Violation Documentation Centre 6579 (March 15 2011- Jan 24 2011)

Avaaz 7276 (March 15 2011- Jan 24 2011)

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 5204 (March 15 2011- Jan 19 2011)

Syrian government 3707 (March 15 2011- Feb 8 2012)

Local Coordination Committees 7339 (March 15 2011- Feb 5 2012)


These people must be comiting suicide or killed by Al-Qaida? right?

Why shouldn't this be in the news everyday? Even if someone is naive enough to beleive SYRIAN Gov numbers of the killed. Is it normal to you that a government kills these many of its OWN citizens?

Numbers don't lie, your IRI (who will kill the same amount, if not more), Terrorist Assad and Russians who are in it to make a ruble (selling shells to kill Syrians), do.


Mainstream media is a joke, unless it's Russian mainstream media

by AMIR1973 on

Like the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin, Russia Today. But I can see that the fall of the murderous Baathist regime of Assad Junior and his mafia family would spell bad news for both the Khomeinist terrorist tyranny and Putin's Russian mafia regime, and therefore certain elements dread that possibility. Perhaps, tens of thousands weren't killed either in Hama by his dad and that is just Zionist lies designed to "make him look bad"....



by Albaloo on

Great comment as usual. 


Main stream media is a joke

by Albaloo on

Russian Envoy Slams Reports of His Meeting on Syria as "Blatant Lies"

"it's just dishonest and dirty and provocative " 



by admin on

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Please post the links in the news section.

Thank you for your cooperation




The link must have been omitted. I had included it orginally. 


As for the so called conspiracy, same thing was said about the Iraq war. 


And nobody is denying that Assad regime is criminal. It's simply the case of whether the recent events have not been exagerated in order to serve a political purpuse. 


OI: Perhaps we can have our own Angry Iranian

by AMIR1973 on

Who constantly rails against "Zionists" and the "Great Satan". I can think of a few candidates on Any volunteers? 


You nailed it JD, %100 agree with you

by Souri on

هیچکس نمیداند با رفتن این حکومتها چه کسانی سر کارها قرار خواهند گرفت. 
انقلاب در کشور های درجه سه تبدیل به یک لاتاری شده است.  چه بلیط بخری و
چه نخری،  تاثیری در نتیجه کار نخواهی داشت

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

سینما رکس آبادان را هم هواداران خمینی آتش زدند و بگردن شاه انداختند.  آنچه در اخبار میشنویم گاهی 90% با واقعیت امر فرق دارد.  با هر خبری نمیشود نتیجه گیری نهایی نمود. رژیم  بشار الاسد هم مثل رژیم اسلامی است و مثل لیبی.  هیچکس نمیداند با رفتن این حکومتها چه کسانی سر کارها قرار خواهند گرفت.  انقلاب در کشور های درجه سه تبدیل به یک لاتاری شده است.  چه بلیط بخری و چه نخری،  تاثیری در نتیجه کار نخواهی داشت


Copy & Paste !!!

by Onlyiran on

Good Job Amir1973 in catching the copy and paste job.  Plagiarism has been an issue on this site recently, with people copy / pasting articles without mentioning the source.  Here's another one:



Anahid Hojjati

try to have some contact with people from Syria

by Anahid Hojjati on

who live outside their country. It should not be difficult for you to contact people from Syrian background and ask them about what is going on. have you attempted to do this?


Neocon-AIPAC-Mossad-CIA-MI6-MEK conspiracy

by AMIR1973 on

Designed to make it appear as if the Assad Baathist dictatorship (which killed an estimated 20,000 people in Hama in 1982) would actually do such a thing to its own people. The nefarious Neocon-AIPAC-Mossad-CIA-MI6-MEK conspiracy knows no decency....


If you're going to cut-and-paste directly from The Angry Arab

by AMIR1973 on

Shouldn't you at least cite the original source for your cut-and-paste job?      // 


More Zionist conspiracy vidoes about Syria!

by Onlyiran on

//       //                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Just so that all child murderer supporting, IRI worshipping rodents know, the blood of the dead children shown in these videos is not just on the hands of Assad and his thugs, but also on the hands of their financiers, the IR, and their supproters, people on this and other sites who try to muddy the picture and get anti-U.S. / Israel propoganda mileage at the expense of dead women and children.  Shame on you all.           Now go write fifty blogs and cry about the nine Turks who died on the Gaza ship. 


Hey, David Duke is with you guys on this :-)))

by Onlyiran on

he is a peace lover just like you guys:  //                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 As far as evidence of Assad's crimes against humanity, there's a site called "YouTube."  You may have heard of it.  Do a search for vidoes, and you will see.  This is one example;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   //                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Yeah, they're all fake.  All Zionist conspiracies, blah, blah, blah...                                                                                                                                                                             You people are such hypocrites.  If these were Palestinians being killed, or Turks on a ship, you would be tearing yourself apart without blinking an eye and asking questions.  But since this is your "arbaab" or "nocheh" who is doing the killing, you want ironclad proof that Assad is killing people.  Like I said, you're in good company.  David Duke is with you on this.  White power!!!! 


نیروهای لباس شخصی رژیم سوریه اعضای سه خانواده را سر بریدند


دیده بان حقوق بشر سوریه روز چهارشنبه 8-2-2012 اعلام کرد نیروهای لباس شخصی هوادار بشار اسد 20 تن از اعضای سه خانواده بی دفاع را در یکی از محله های شهر حمص به قتل رساندند.

رامی عبد الرحمن رئیس دیده بان حقوق بشر سوریه به خبر گزاری رویترز گفته است هوادران بشار اسد نیمه شب به منازل این سه خانواده بی دفاع یورش بردند و همه آنها را سر بریدند.

بر اساس این گزارش همه اعضای یک خانواده پنج نفری از جمله سه کودک و پدر ومادر آنها را سر بریدند.

همچنین دو خانواده هشت و هفت نفر نیز به شکل بسیار فجیعی کشته شدند.

در حالی که شورای عالی انقلاب در شهر حمص از کشته شدن این افراد با ضرب چاقو گزارش کرده است اما رژیم سوریه تاکنون هیچ گونه اظهار نظری در این باره نکرده است.


Soosan Khanoom

Good for them ... I just wonder

by Soosan Khanoom on

Why the many others in the region such as Bahraini's opposition have not developed such a sweet connection with the mainstream outlets such as Reuters, AFP, CNN and BBC ? 

In any case, the loss of innocents in midst of all these events is a sad tragedy.

I hope things are going to be changed for better and in the favor of all the Syrian people and not just a few. 


Syrian opposition groups


Syrian opposition groups have improved their ability to develop contacts in the media and reach mainstream Western outlets such as Reuters, AFP and BBC with their stories. Western wire services run stories regularly that quote casualty totals provided by the [Saudi Arabian funded] Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, without the ability to verify the information. Western media are also increasingly reporting claims emanating from the FSA.