Takht-e Jamshid in trouble


Takht-e Jamshid in trouble

By Aisan Raisdana 

At a time of hope, when President Barack Obama has commended our heritage, saying "The Iranian people are a great people, and Persian civilization is a great civilization," a court in Chicago is considering an attack on some of the most powerful symbols of this civilization.

Lawyers are attempting to seize and auction thousands of priceless artifacts from Takht-e-Jamshid. The Takht-e-Jamshid collection consists of over 10,000 clay tablets dating back to the Achaemenid Empire. Each tablet is a priceless treasure - a window into what was once the largest empire in the world. Under the careful eye of archaeologists from the University of Chicago, these tablets are providing a first-hand account of daily life in the Persian Empire 2,500 years ago.

For Matt Stolper, Professor of Assyriology at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, each tablet is a priceless treasure — a window into Persepolis.

Yet, for several lawyers, the invaluable pieces of Persian and world heritage are worth nothing more than what they could fetch in a fire sale.

After collecting only a fraction of a $412 million default judgment against Iran, lawyers representing American victims of a 1997 Hamas suicide bombing in Jerusalem set their eyes on the Persian artifacts. Their goal: seize and auction our cultural items like cheap items on ebay.

There can be no doubt that all acts of terrorism must be condemned and punished, but targeting the cultural heritage of an entire people is not justice.

"Imagine if the Russians laid claim to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the original draft of the Gettysburg Address because they had a legal case against us," says Gil Stein, director of the Oriental Institute. "How would we feel?"

And this affront is not an isolated event, but rather represents yet another incident in a series of major cultural blows to Persian identity, heritage and pride, including the slanderous depiction of Persians in movies such as 300 and Not Without My Daughter.

This is not a political issue. This is a test of strength for our community. Are we, the Iranian-American community, capable of stepping up and taking action? Or are we going to let pieces of our heritage, identity and pride “end up on coffee tables around the country,” like one of the lawyers suggested?

By enlisting the help of a major law firm, NIAC has created an avenue to make your voice heard. Mayer Brown LLP, a top 10 international law firm, is submitting an amicus brief on behalf of NIAC and the Iranian-American community. But now it is in each of our hands to stop this affront to our rich Iranian heritage, because if we don’t, then who will?

We cannot afford to stand by silently as our culture is attacked. Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, the President has the authority to stop the seizure. Ask President Obama to intervene and prevent the symbols of our rich history and identity from being looted.

Take action NOW by asking President Obama and Attorney General Holder to prevent the auction of Persepolis artifacts. 




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The Famous Elephant

by tsion on

No my dear. I have no team and their is no prime objective to attack anything. Please, don't project your self-image on others. What I say, and what many other respectable people say, at similar instances is simply point to the big fat ugly elephant in the middle of the room. You don't like it pointed out... too bad.
Now keep ranting and regurgitating your usual lies and.. what was it? .. 'libelous rumors' about me. I actually find it quite amusing.
[but seriously, you really never get bored yourself?]




by tsion on

I know what you mean. It's like a slap in the face, if you are new and don't know the bunch, or if you erroneously did expect a civil debate and a minimally fare civilized "moderation" of some kind. Any normal person will get infuriated if she takes it seriously to the minimum. You ask why the labeling? Here is why:
'i don't hate jews. OH MY GOD. i don't think jews are the cause for all the evil in the world. OH MY GOD. i don't think jews are controlling the world. OH MY GOD. i don't think israel is the sole perpetrator of atrocites throughout the world or in the palestinean conflict. OH MY GOD.'

That's your sin. It's a thought-crime for this bunch.
I hate it when I am advised on something, so I never advise anyone. I just tell you my attitude on this. What I think. I actually somewhat agree with your husband. After a point, it is simply not worth it. Not with this bunch. What is there to be achieved? What I do is, I speak up. It is important for good people to speak up, so such rubbish is stood up to. But after that I just let go. Let them rant afterwards. What do I care? The main thing is, they didn't have it all to themselves. I spoke up. That is enough. I think anything after this will only bother me and waste my time and energy.

In any case, you have my sincere respect.



LOL Zion, you got one thing right:

by Q on

You are valuable "evidence" for what I say all by yourself. Keep the engine running.

LOL. I said that you (and Fred and other buddies) are here not because of any artifact but to slander and engage in character assassinations. And you prove me right.

Just listen to your own slander:

If NIAC and the likes of you who are their supporters really cared about such things, this is what they would have done...

So, case closed! You are here to target NIAC, me and not to discuss Iran's heritage. Just like I said, it doesn't matter what the topic is, (as proof by the great number of times the Zionist "rapid response team" is deployed againt "enemies") you have a mission to let out your anger, make accusations and slander others.

Of course figuring this out was not rocket science since you have already advocated bombing Iran, which pretty much makes it clear where you stand. But it's nice to have independent confirmation once in a while.

you can see the evidence in all its glory all around this site including in the comment section right here

Ok, so once again you confirm your team is prime objective is to attack NIAC. On the substance of what "evidence" that is abundent, I'll just assume it's your anger-management medicine that is making you delusional.

So much for "evidence" of "what I say"...



Here we go again. You were a

by tsion on

Here we go again. You were a bit late this time. Now listen my dear, it is very clear. If NIAC and the likes of you who are their supporters really cared about such things, this is what they would have done. Instead of sticking their head up their asses on trying to find a foothold for Mullahs in Washington [they have 'decided' this is what Iranian Americans want but just to be sure, they won't ever set any of this to nay vote again so it won't get 'kidnapped' by ... even the possibility of a lot of ..ehem.. Iranian Americans voting against it sometime later. Remember?] stop silly gestures like writing letters to Obama, focus on exactly such cases from now on as any true council of Iranian-Americans would be doing, hire tough lawyers, put all their time and energy onto such domestic endeavors that have to do with things going on inside/i> America ad will benefit Iranian's life within America... you get the picture [or don't! :-)]

A lobby group for a regime that executes Iranians, oppresses them and is bent on destroying their historical identity for the sake of the greater ummah can't do any of this. All it can do is silly "imitations" like these to show off.

Now as for 'libelous rumors', you can see the evidence in all its glory all around this site, including in the comment section right here.Some rumor!

Keep ranting Q. You are valuable "evidence" for what I say all by yourself. Keep the engine running.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

honest to god.  it's become a mission to me now.  these people operate from intimadation and the last person who intimidated me was my dad.  and only because i was living in his house, eating his food and wearing clothes he paid for.  they operate from a position of hate and bias and that is something i simply will not stand still for.

i couldn't care less if someone criticizes israel.  i do... and i'm sure you do when it's just.  i couldn't care less if someone criticizes america when it's just and appropriate.  i do.  my husband hates that i get involved in this.  he says... you're not jewish... what do you care. 

anyhoo, as i was saying.  there is a huge difference between a rationale discussion or debate.  say, between democrates and republicans.  it CAN be done without getting ugly and calling names.

or between yankees and rebels.  or between the lakers and the celtics.  or between you and me. 

so why is it that when someone doesn't agree with a particular ideology on iranian..com, they are ZIONISTS!  oh... the dreaded zionist word! 

i don't even know what the word is supposed to mean!  except that it's a "bad" name.  i don't know WHAT i am... why do i have to be CALLED or LABELED anything? 

i don't hate jews.  OH MY GOD.  i don't think jews are the cause for all the evil in the world.  OH MY GOD.  i don't think jews are controlling the world.  OH MY GOD.  i don't think israel is the sole perpetrator of atrocites throughout the world or in the palestinean conflict.  OH MY GOD.

are they perfect?  of course not.  do i disagree with some policies and behavior?  for sure.  but i also disagree with american policies.  doesn't make me anti-american.

but these people... it oozes from every word.  their hate is their mantra.  it's their reason for living. 

to call me illiterate... well, it's just amusing at this point.

bottom line.  i won't be intimidated by the likes of jaleho... or anyone else.  IRregardless of who has the last word, i'll go down dying before i yield to racism... from anyone. 

it's the main reason most honorable iranians left iran. i know that's the case with my husband.  these people?  they sit in the comfort of a free country... usually america... and debase the very country which affords them the right to speak so freely.  they talk of their imagined superiority as if we should thank them.

no... i don't think so.  to turn my face from the most blatent bigotry would be an insult to the very principal of freedom. 

but do i think it's the majority of the populance of iranian.com?  no, i do not.  i believe there are many brave and honorable people who understand the difference between a difference of opinion and pure hatred.

peace out.


khaleh mosheh

Shiekh Al Kabir

by khaleh mosheh on

'For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe'.

Moderator 1234

User Anonymous Fish

by Moderator 1234 on

Warning. If you continue to re-post a comment which contains offensive language, your user privileges will be suspended.


What's happening here

by Q on

First, Zion, America has kept you out, and we are all thankful for this decision! But I can't help but feel bad for the rest of Canada.

Look, this is simple. There are two kinds of people in this thread.

1) Who want to save these artifacts
2) Who want to just air out their political vengence, think they are fighting for "regime change", want to "settle scores", damage some imagined "enemy", "expose" or attack people who are actually doing something positive.

People in the second category (the same 8-10 obsessive haters who seem to have no problem spending 5 hours a day combing this site for any mention of Israel), do not care about these artifacts. The topic is completely irrelevant to their "observations." They're not commenting because of Iranian heritage, they are just commenting because it was written by NIAC. NIAC could be talking about "barge choghondar" and the Zionist cabal would be here attacking exactly the same way. Just look at any number of examples.

Person A writes about topic B. Person "Z" shows up and attacks person A, makes accusations of various degrees of vagueness, calls them explicitly or implicitly "IRI agent", etc with at best a thin veiled pretense of staying on "topic". It's like talking to a lynch mob rather than having a conversation on a certain important topic to Iranians.

This is a common pattern on this site. Any child could see this... which is why I'm surprised their blatent abuse of this site to character assassinate and spread libelous rumors is continuously tolerated by JJ. I only hope he makes good money off them, just so there is some benefit to their existance.

anonymous fish

dual citizenship?

by anonymous fish on

are you implying some nefarious conspiracy by having dual citizenship?  as in the 5th column comment?  or just those of the israeli-american kind?  many iranian-americans might be interested in hearing your explanation.  or any other citizens holding dual-citizenship.

oops.  gotta go back and repost my comment.  it was deleted again.  lol.  this is hilarious.


Hello out there? You paying attention?

by tsion on

I hope the immigration services and the Inland Security etc. are keeping a tap on this website and what goes on here. It can do them a lot of good.

Hello?... You're getting this? You see what types of hordes you've let into this country? Good job!

I do hope you are listening...for the sake of this country's children and all their future.



pmd, I am writing from the US

by Jaleho on

you said:

"Daryush and Jaleho: Are you both blogging from Iran? I really hope so."

 Now that I shattered your hopes, what's next please?

And, by enemies within, are you referring to Israeli-American dual citizens who act like a fifth column in the US? Pushing America to wars for the sake of Israel at the expense of American blood and economic peril? Doing so by installing Israeli spies like Douglas Feith in the Pentagon, Jewish war mongers like Richard Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith concocting lies which was then distributed by other Zionists like Judith Miller, Tom Friedman....and many others in the media to lie America to a devastating war for Israel's benefit?


anonymous fish

moderator 1234

by anonymous fish on

how dare you call me out for using the word "jack shit"!  you allow the absolute worst language via vile hatred and anti-semitism all day long.  you allow hatred and racism with every comment by jaleho.  but you call me out for using "that".  if you do it again, or if you delete my comment again, i will take this up with JJ.  i don't believe for one second that you're doing this with his approval.  and if you are, i will expect him to tell me that himself.  i am going to post my comment AGAIN for the 4th time.  and if you don't allow it to stay, i expect an explantation of why not.  there is not one word of profanity.  although how you can differentiate between profanity and a curse word, i have no idea.


Dear AF

by tsion on

What can I say. Welcome to the club! Now you are a Zionist Christian fanatics too, in the eyes of this very very moderate mob. lol.
What can I say? Thanks to you and all the other brave souls who have spoken up here this mob won't get the last word. Although they clearly represent the view of those sunning this site. That's why the Nazi-like diatribes (but honest ones, I give him that much) of the Islamo-fascist anti-semites likes of Daryush are clearly OK for the moderators, as is all th e'nice' words said about the land they most live in and this very website is allowed to function in thanks to the free society those 'dumb' Americans have established and maintained for a couple of centuries now, and her people... but you are the one who gets a notice. Can it be any clearer than this what kind of website we have here in the middle of the united states? Censorship and directed anti-semitism, xenophobia and open or covered up apologies for the main directives of the regime in Tehran.
Very nice.
My congratulations.

Now it is still only a website. Just think what it will be like if enough of them get any kind of power over others in this (as of yet) land of the free.
Look at Britain or the Netherlands to see what it is coming.

That is one of the best reasons to come over here. To get to know the types. To just feel the 'love' emanating from them all!

It's a worthwhile experience, believe me. Comes handy.



Enemy within

by pmd (not verified) on

Daryush and Jaleho: Are you both blogging from Iran? I really hope so.

Moderator 1234

User Anonymous Fish

by Moderator 1234 on

Please refrain from using profanities in your comments.


Keyvan Talebi

by Jaleho on

No, I was talking about the American born dumb Americans who think they are blessed because they are born in America.

Most of those who come from other places to America, can take advantage of their intellectual superiority to the US born dumb Americans. For example, while most dumb Americans can not afford to go to their own universities, the smart foreigners can come here and get paid to attand the American Universities, either in the form of scholarship (since they are much smarter than dumb Americans), or a stipend in exchange for a simple work which tends to run the American universities in return.

These foreigners tend to earn more than the average dumb Americans, and thus can afford to enjoy life anywhere in the world they desire, including America, their own country of origin, or they can even have occasional trips to the moon, if that's their fancy. Ta cheshm hasood beterekeh.

Keyvan Talebi

"dumb Americans"

by Keyvan Talebi on

"dumb americans" are retards who come to this country to escape their own sick and filthy societies that would not offer them freedom and economic prosperity. These retard "dumb americans" become Americans to take advantage of these freedoms they could not get back at home in Iran and dare to talk about  "unwarranted  arrogance".

These "dumb americans" try to differentiate between "Jewish dirty lawyers" and "dirty jew lawyers" as if the rest of us are some how blind to their dirty word play and disgusting bigoted comments.



anonymous fish

i know Sam... i know...:-)

by anonymous fish on

it's kinda like talking to a child... you know?  temper tantrums and illogical thinking.  although it's not really illogical... but it is dangerous.  as fred said, it's much easier when these people come out from the shadows and admit what they are.  it's so easy for weak people to accuse others of being this or that.  like being a zionist.  it's when uneducated people make the assumption that all jews or pro-israelis are zionists!  can you believe it!  of course, educated people know that there is a difference but hard as you try to explain it, some people just don't get it.  like iran... it would be easy to say that all iranians are IRI supporters... right?  but again, most people understand that IRI supporters are in the minority and that they rule from a position of deceit and crime.  not all iranians are IRI.  but it's hard to try to explain that to people when they hear talk from people like jaleho and q.  and others who say they aren't anti-semitic yet take every opportunity to denigrate and accuse jews of every crime since the beginning of time!!!!!  wouldn't it be a shame if the rest of the world judged your beloved iran by a few like them? 

but daryush.  i say this directly to you.  what your step.  you can hide here and make your accusations.  but somewhere, someone is going to hear your idiotic rantings.  you don't know jack shit about me or my husband.  just so you know... he's iranian.  and he's 100% more iranian that you can ever hope to be.  he is a true iranian in every sense of the word.  proud and passionate about his motherland.  he's honest and fair... again, something you'll never know about.  you and people like Q and jaleho who act like you're so iranian because you're so anti-semitic.  maybe that's the way you were raised... who knows.  but please don't interject your vile hatred on every iranian... cause it ain't so.  you shame every iranian who takes pride in his country. 

Artificial Intelligence

Bebakhsh Daryush

by Artificial Intelligence on

Vali shoomah dadasheh man neesteen. Shoma dadasheh hamoon akhoonhayeh Khoshgel vataneh ma hasteen. I'm not even going to bother responding to your childish accusations. Whoever defends these akhoonds and their policies (only a vocal tiny minority here thank god) is just as guilty as them.



Just to know

by Daryush on

I have the freedom to speak my mind since I am writing from Iran. Since the Jews feel comfertable spreading their hate against Muslims and it's OK, I wanted to give a piece of their own medicie. Hope they enjoy it, specially my biggoted feraidun jun.

ma injaa inaa khoraakemunan. 


And Fred

by Daryush on

having your hate is like having Hitler hate you, it's an honor. Jews are hateful people, read all your comments.You don't fool anyone, and what you think is 'beh tokhmam'


Daryush, I'll go with #2. re. Anonymous Fish

by Jaleho on

your second option:

"2-You are a Christian fanatic , " and I'd add "ignorant and arrogant" to its accolades. See how it rephrases my "Jewish dirty lawyers" to ""dirty jew lawyers"  repeatedly?

Now, the way Anonymous Fish is arrogant about US, you can assume safely that it is an American. Thus that repeated mis-quote is either a result of a Zionist Christian sick mind (the typical southern illiterate ones), or a typical ignorant American who doesn't even know his own mother language. These kind of dumb Americans have a funny unwarranted  arrogance too :-) So, you see them come to Iranian.com whose majority is fluent at least in two languages, and they make fun of the way Iranians speak English! "Do you even know blah blah in English..." Give me a break, at least if it were a literate American, one wouldn't get so nauseated of their arrogance, and would waste a bit of time educating them against their political bias.


Fred You're welcomed, artificial

by Daryush on

My big nose friend. Go make love to your damn Israel.

Artificial, ki kuneh yeh gharibaro bar keshvaro mardom e khodesh tarjih mideh, haalaa baa har dolati? un khaa'eneh. maa dar taarikhemun mageh kam daashteem kesaayee keh baraaye khaarejihaa keshvareshuno daadan. Shoma nasl e jadid e unayeen, khejaalat az khodeteh, va eshkaal az fekreteh. you know why?

chun nemikhaay dorost koni keshvareto. mageh man raaziyam? na, vali dastamo beh khareji deraaz nemikanam. benein doostat kiyan injam. hamunaayee keh mikhaan vataneto bombaarun konan. mese damagh gondeye nezhad parast, feraidunemun. Haalaa boro hey baahaaneh biyaad. begu bezaar in yahoodaa maale Irano bebaran beytar az ineh keh akhundaa bebaran. cheghadr khar? cheghadr ahmagh? vatan forush uneh dadash.



by Fred on

Just read your comments and all I can say is thank you sir.

Thank you for not doing the usual word play game other Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies play. 

 Thank you for having the courage of conviction and come out and say what is on your mind.

The Lady Islamist too deserves a half-hearted thank you only because she mostly plays the word game and on rare occasions shows her true self in all its glory.

Artificial Intelligence

Who is a "Vatan Foroush"?

by Artificial Intelligence on

The only Vatan Foroush people I know are the shameless  supporters and opologist of the IRI who scream "Zionism" any time their beloved IRI turban wearing retards are attacked for their un Iranian behavior.  

Long Live Iran and the Iranian nation. Death to the Islamist IRI vatanforoush. 



by Daryush on

watch out for your nose when you type buddy. The fact is that you lose and I win, because I am right and you are wrong. here, there and in the world. Your Israel is poof. it's as artificial as it can get, and has no intelligence.



by Daryush on

Get real


Tsion and other foreigners/vatan forush

by Daryush on

If you are feel horrible for not having a mate don't empty your anger on Iranians. We didn't give you a job to monitor the net for the Occupied Palestinian so called government.

Let me just say this, anyone, and I mean it, anyone, be it American, Israeli, or Iranians who are agents of Israel deserves to have a life that they have. sad individuals.

Look, you don't need weapons to kick the freaking behind of anyone, you need the mind set. Come to Iran and witness my brother and sisters mind set.

MRX1, if you dare put that on your t-shirt and hangout in Iranian places so you get what you deserve.

Fishy, I don't care what you say, you are in lala land flip flopper. You can't hide your love for Israel, which is fine, bet two things:

1-Husband is a Jew

2-You are a Christian fanatic that believes that in Israel your yesus will come, or whatever dumb reason. Or just plain simple minded. If you don't respect human life and understand that you can't just come in someone's home and declare it, calling the fight to get homes back a terrorist, you are just one dumb person. done with you.

I refuse to call Jews Zionists, because they are what they are, Jews. Why revert the actions of the Jews who kill people and name it something else? How many Muslims out of a billion is a terrorist? how many Jews are in occupied territories?
Jews, upset about Hitler? or history treating you bad, let me tell you what many think but afraid to say, you get what you deserve.See what kind of a mess you made in Palestine? that's the type of people that you are. Bunch of biggoted racists killers. You have tied Hitlers' hands behind his back with your own actions.

Artificial Intelligence

Bingo Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You are right on the money. These dirty kessafat Islamist Anti Semites could care less about Iran or Iranian heritage. They are more concerned about "dirty Jewish lawyers" who will kick their behinds as a result of their support for terrorist groups and organizations.

Look at what happend to Bam. IRI sent the money to Hezbollah instead of fixing Bam.  You think CASMII or NIAC care? Its all a theatrical show designed to fool the marxist/leftist leftovers from the revolution who fail to admit to its shortcomings and failures. Dream on. 

The Islamists who are concerned with "dirty Jewish lawyers" should conduct a voluntary Sineh Zani session to calm themselves down.

It saddens me that my Iranian heritage has become the bounty of America lawyers as a result of this idiotic regimes criminal negligence as they did not even bother answering the complaint against them when it was filed.  The ugliest thing out of this is that these IRI regime supporters are trying to suddenly declare themselves more Iranian than the rest of us. 




anonymous fish

well isn't this nice!

by anonymous fish on

Yet  you dare to come here and pour your hatred against Iranians, defending bunch of Jewish dirty lawyers trying to steal Iranian people's heritage?!

pour hatred against iranians?  pray tell where i've done so.  you're no coward like most of the bottom feeders who hit and run.  you've got balls... show me where i've exhibited any hatred toward iranians.  remember now... most people recognize that criticism of a particular person or specific act do not constitute hatred for a culture or ethnicity.  so please... show me some of this hatred against iranians. 

and the rest.  wow.  that's all i can say.  "dirty jew lawyers".  well at least YOU won't lie and say you're not anti-semitic.  i've seen it time and time again.  what!  me?  anti-semitic?  no way!  i just hate dirty jew lawyers.  LOL. 

and another thing.  if someone doesn't support NIAC, they're a zionist?  what's up with that?  is that like a written law somewhere?  all "true" iranians have to support NIAC?  and who gets to determine these things?  a select few extremists?  i don't think so.  criticizing a group that is supposed to be working for all iranians is somehow NOT ALLOWED?  where do you think you're living?  this is america... you know... freedom of speech and all that. 

jaleho.  i don't know what your problem is.  you're a pretty sick puppy...lol.  it's a shame that you present yourself as speaking for all iranians.  maybe you've suffered some loss in your life that makes you so bitter.  i do feel sorry for you.  the only ugly views i see come from you and your cronies.  the vileness shown by you is NOT typical of all iranians and i have to remind myself of that.  your ugly hatred for jews and your intolerance for a difference of opinion is not what i found to be typical of all iranians.  it's a shame though that people see you and what you stand for and think that all iranians ARE like you.  what a terrible example you present to the world.  people who feel for iranians living under such a repressive regime and hear about their love of americans and jews.  and then here you come.  most, if not all, iranians i've met and know well are caring and considerate people.  proud and passionate.   they've welcomed me into their lives and their culture.

but you.  wow.  how proud you must make iranian.com.