Does Iran need Nuclear Technology?

by omeedvar

In recent years the subject of nuclear technology and nuclear facilities in Iran has dominated other news in the country, and in the international media. Some Iranians support it arguing that Iran has the right to have nuclear facilities for its peaceful purposes. Other Iranians are against it, arguing the following:

- Iran has vast reservoir of oil, gas, and other minerals for her energy, revenue, and other needs.

- Iran needs oil refinery plants to produce gasolin and other oil related byproducts for internal needs of her people, and to become independant of imports of such expensive products.

- Like many other countries, Iran can purchase enriched uranium for medical purposes from international resourses.

- In recent years, manmade or natural accidents in nuclear plants in some countries with more advanced technology, like Russia and Japan, has immencely harmed its own people and neighbouring countries.

- Considering these accidents, some countries like Germany are considering reduction or dismanteling of their present nuclear plants.

- Countries like Pakistan or N. Korea that have built nuclear facilities, have hard time feeding their people, or providing their basic needs. Yet, many progressed countries are not eager to have nuclear facilities, and would rather invest on more important needs of their people.

- Considering huge financial investment of Iranian governments in nuclear technology during the past several decades, not only it has not produced any benefit so far, it has caused suspecian, mistrust, sanction, and probability of a war imposed on Iranian people.

I would like to know your openion on the subject, and I thank you in advance for your comments.


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Soosan Khanoom

Somehow the Nuclear Energy rights

by Soosan Khanoom on

Reminds me of way back in our history and the nationalization of the oil. 

The concept is the same.  

The fights are the same.  

The idea of the superpowers trying to  block it is the same.  

I am not comparing the late Mosadeg to any one in the current Iranian government cause that is almost impossible.  I am just talking about the idea of an independent Iran... something that has always been hard for us to achieve no matter what.   



by hirre on

If everything would be optimal, then Iran needs nuclear energy. Unfortunately the cost has been so high that it would take decades for the nuclear power plants to pay off. Nuclear power plants don't need to only use uranium. There are other substances that are far better in every perspective. But you need to learn how to use the basic tech. first in order to approve it. In the long term it is far more dangerous to rely only on oil/gas and other fossile fuels because they will end more quickly. Right now Iran uses oil/gas and water power to generate electricity, this will not be enough for the future....

The best thing for Iran would be to use the land for solar, wind and other green energy sources and also having nuclear power for backup reasons. Then it could sell much of the oil and gas to the foreigners and continue to invest the money in "green sources"... Unfortunately the mentality in the middle-east is #¤cked-up because people think that oil will last forever. The super powers use that attitude to continue their exploits in the region, selling old technology for sky prices and buying oil for fixed prices that many people agree are lower than it should be (because the amount of available oil has been speculated to be far less than what the OPEC countries say)...


The big concern

by MRX1 on

Let's put aside the fact the ruling psycho's in Iran do not care one bit about cancer patients in Iran and their soul purpose is to make a nuclear bomb so they can feel safe from any exteral attempt to remove them.

My big concern is the environment. Iran is on the earth quake zone. Any major quake could bring down all these nuclear facilities, which in turn would realse tons of radiation all over the place and make places inhabitable for next several thousend years. On top of that spread of all these toxic stuff to air and ground water will probably have much larger impact than ever imagined. Does any body really trusts Russian workman ship and IRI managment? if you do I say go for it!


No We do not need "nuclear technology" at this cost:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

At the cost of Sanctions, islolation, demonisation of our people in international arena, potential military attack on our homeland by the mightiest military force humanity has ever known, and certain death of hundreds of thousands of our compatriots as the result..... 

Peopple of Iran need and desreve: Peace,  Democracy, social justice, Jobs, healthcare, education and happiness. Nuclear technology would simply follow without all this fuss. like every other nuclear country in the world, whose rulers do not go about threathening to "wipe countries off the map of earth"...

None of which can ever be achieved while the corrupt, murdering islamist regime is in power....


You don't know what you're talking about

by hass on

OH and by the way, there are right now about 300 new nuclear reactors being built, planned or proposed to be built around the world. France alone relies on nuclear power to provide over 75% of its energy needs.


 As for Iran, it was the SHAH and not the mullahs that started the nuclear program because it was necessary to diversify Iran's energy resources.  Since then Iran's population has tripled, while its oil production has
almost halved, and it now consumes about 40% of its oil domestically. Even other "oil rich" countries are developing nuclear programs including some of the Arab countries. Oil and gas don't last forever, you know.


You don't know what you're talking about

by hass on

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. For one thing, countries don't import "enriched uranium for medical purposes" -- they import isotopes. And because isotopes have a short half-life, most of it wastes away before it reaches a distant location. There is already a shortage of isotopes around the world anyway.

Here, learn something:


And, Iran is more than happy to import fuel for the medical reactor in Tehran that produces those isotopes rather than make its own fuel however the US has violated the NPT by making it impossible for Iran to do so. So basically the US says that Iran can't import the fuel and can't make it itself either, and those  850,000 cancer patients in Iran can go die.

And that's just one problem with this idiotic post.


beh ghole maroof gandesh dar oomad.

by ILoveIran on

Letting Israel tell Iran whether it can have nuclear weapons is like a thief telling a home owner he shouldn't have door locks or a home alarm.

And if the U.S. didn't have nuclear weapons, and Saddam had attacked the U.S. (instead of Iran) and caused hundreds of thousands of wounded, do you think the U.S. would want a nuclear deterrent?   


Mr. Ala is RIGHT on target!

by P_J on

The BULLYING tactics would continue, no matter what! These nations, the “FIRST” World, are used to and have engaged in robbing the third world for centuries; they have used all kinds of NEFERIOUS excuses; today's EXCUSE is the call for “DEMOCROCY”. As GREAT as democracy is; these folks are using it as a TOOL, or EXCUSE to rob the smaller nations.  Iranian coup of 1953 and replacing Mossadegh is a great example of that.  Especially, replacing him, a TRUE believer of democracy, with a BRUTAL dictator and supporting that dictator for 37 years does make a good case of it.  Yet, another reason not to believe the West.

As REPUGNANT as this regime is, I hope they STAND their ground and fight back and don’t fall for this third class psychological war fare.

WEST is fully aware that attacking Iran would double if not triple the oil prices, ultimately bankrupting them.

Strait of Hormuz could easily be closed for weeks if not months…just by Gorilla war fare alone.

So I agree with Mr. Ala, that nothing would change the behavior of the WEST, since they are used to and have been spoiled by the FREE oil they have been STEALING for over a century!


Iran need Nuclear Technology?

by jmyt17 on


For 1000 and 1 reason Iran need nuckar technology like others.

But not in the Dirty hand of IRI.

Mr.Mohammad Ala also explain some reason , why we need this technology.

Mohammad Ala

Many uses of nuclear technology.

by Mohammad Ala on

Nuclear technology has many uses, for example, cancer treatment with enrichment of 20%.  Iranian patients were suffering and Western countries refused to abide by their agreement that they would supply the 20% enrichment.

The nuclear technology has been discussed in great length here on  Moreover, the Western countries have violated their own accords, for example in providing spare civilian airplanes parts which lack of them have killed over 2,500 Iranians and 180 non-Iranians.

If Iran suspends its nuclear activities today as it did for three years during Presidency of Khatami, there will be NO change in Western countries' behavior towards Iran.  Interest groups will find other excuses to use against Iran, in effect suffocating Iranians as they did with Iraqis.


To ILoveIran....

by omeedvar on

I am not sure if Pakistan makes pencils, because Saudi Arabia pays for her Islamic schools. But, as Iranians say: Goose beh shaghigheh che rabti dareh!


Pakistan also makes pencils - Do pencils CAUSE poverty?

by ILoveIran on

"Countries like Pakistan or N. Korea that have built nuclear facilities, have hard time feeding their people"


Differentiate between causation and correlation.