Of poofs.....and bangs

Of poofs.....and bangs
by پندارنیک

At times I wish the US army had a huge, I mean really really huge sucking machine capable of sucking like a vacuum but only in a surgical, very selective manner........ that's not all......... I also wish the same Army had a gigantic cultivating machine to replace those who were sucked up by their big vacuum with the best specimen that the human race can afford................

Since they don't have either the technology for that kind of uprooting or the goodwill and humanitarian intent for replacement, I say so loud and clear........ Death to the United States of America if launches a military attack against my land and my people..................


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Tiger Lily

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Tiger Lily

It's just like this


When will you learn? 


war is not civilized

by amirkabear4u on


No, I don't want this for my country !

by Souri on

Thanks for sharing.


Painful to Watch

by jirandoust on

But sobering!!! Thanks for posting it!

Though, I'd love to see some comments from those who advocate war with Iran after they watched the clip. Please guys, go ahead, I'm all ears...


دست شما درد نکنه


a dose of reality!