Could you have imagined one day...?

Could you have imagined one day...?
by The Prince

Could you have imagined one day:

To tell an Iranian inside Iran about the plight of the Palestinians, and the next thing you know is that you are looking for ways to be relieved from the excruciating pain in your swollen testicles, caused by a shoe attached to an angry foot?!

 Could you have imagined one day:

After years of struggle, and being imprisoned and tortured under Shah’s dictatorship, to sit in your small apartment, thinking to yourself: “Ajab gohi khordim!!”  and then have to apologize to your children for completely ruining their lives?

Could you have imagined one day:

When hearing someone talk about Ali, Mohammad and Islam, all you can think of, at that moment, is how to stick that fork into his eyes, or how to grab that hard copy of Quran on his desk and shove it up his ass?   

Today, thanks to the Rapist Akhoonds, these, and many other unimaginable things have become our reality!!    


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