Faati you got some esplainin to do!!


Faati you got some esplainin to do!!
by The Prince

Now let’s see. I have a question for the U.S version of Asghar Pasdar and Faati Commando! You know, those of you who claim to be IRI supporters and dutifully cheer IRI, in sites like this and other venues. I need some esplainin!

I have one question and one question only for you akhoond groupies.

How can a sane, normal person even begin to start saying that he or she supports these bastards?!

I am talking about the word “support” here. It is different than just liking. If you say that you think Ahmaghinejad is sexy and you fancy a role in the hay with him, I’d understand that! I would suggest you get a rabies shot, among other shots, after you’re done, but over all, more power to you!

But when you say you “support” them, you really mean that you’d be doing the same thing that they are doing, if you were in their shoes. This is when my head starts to spin and I start hearing the Twilight Zone theme song in my head.

What exactly is it that you support? Is it the killings and tortures and rapes of innocent, under age children, and pregnant women? Or is it the stoning, systematic tortures, and all the other totally cool human right violations and atrocities that has been going on for past thirty one years? Could it be the rampant and blatant corruption and thievery in all levels of the government that you support? Or perhaps it is the brain drain, drugs, and poverty? Maybe you support IRI’s total embarrassment of a foreign policy? Or perhaps you can’t help it; the lure and temptation of Jamkaran well is just too strong?

Please let me know. I would love to know how that brain of yours work!

But here is a thing! Only true IRI supporters may answer my question. We have a lot of people here who say they are IRI supporters but, in reality, they are not. To clarify, I have categorized them in a few groups.

Let say for example, before the revolution, there was a poor, illiterate lowlife in a small town, let us for example say, Garmsar. After the revolution he became a pasdar, and just because he knew how to use a handgun very well, he got to the top rather quickly. Now his forth cousin once removed owns a mansion in Vancouver and drives a brand new BMW. The cousin feels obligated and believes that he has to support IRI at any cost. If you are that cousin, I am sorry to say that you are not a true IRI supporter.

If you support IRI because you are on their direct payroll, or you have directly or indirectly benefited from the crimes of this regime, you are not a True IRI supporter. The word that truly defines you, is that of a “Motherfucker”!

Please do not get me wrong. This is not an insult. It is a definition! What it means is that, at a moment’s notice, you are ready and willing to fuck your own mother for a little bit of money, be it your actual biological mother, or in this case, your motherland, Iran. Hence you are not a true IRI supporter and may not comment on this blog. You are just a professional Motherfucker. Be proud of who you are!

You are not a true IRI supporter if you are mentally insane, or are a sexually perverted psychopath or sociopath. You are not well and you may not comment on this blog.

Now I say this, because many in the IRI’s hierarchy are infact sexually perverted psychopath or sociopath. Temsah yazdi, Naghdi, Taeb and… are prime examples. I figured perhaps IRI has exported the likes of these creatures overseas. You never know!

So, If you are one, please do not bother to comment. Not that we do not want to hear what you have to say. It’s just that you will probably are not going to make a lot of sense and distort the subject. It is not your fault! We understand.

You’re probably going to start ranting and raving about none issues such as the west and Israel and estekbar and crap like that which have nothing to do with the contents of this blog. If you get the temptation to comment, please don’t. Go smoke some opium with your supreme leader, geda ali mofangi.

You are not a true IRI supporter, if you are not Iranian. We understand that IRI, due to lack of personnel in domestic Motherfuckers department, had to import a number of foreign Motherfuckers from our friendly brethren countries. They’re here blogging and commenting away, cheering and jumping up and down. We usually catch them when we ask them something in Farsi and, all of the sudden, they go quiet. They are so intelligent!!

So if you are one of these imported Motherfuckers, please do not bother to comment.

Now that I have clarified everything, Faati, you got some esplainin to do!!!


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