Good idea! Let's have an anti akhoond marketing campaign!

Good idea! Let's have an anti akhoond marketing campaign!
by The Prince

Watch and share this inspiring video. After that, let's have a talk to see if We can do something similar to fight the akhoond infestation and eradicate these dirty insects out of Iran!



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by Sean-K on

Thank you for posting Prince. And I agree about your twist on the idea and would support it as much as I support it for the Kony cause. But I just went to the website to buy the kit so I could also participate on April 20. It is very disappointing to see that the sale of the kit is 'on hold'. They sell a printable kit but we all know that making things harder will mean less people will support. I don't understand why. How hard is it to get some kits make. They look simple. a lot of their t shirts are sold out too and these are things people would buy most ( i know that it shouldn't matter but truth is it does). I am not criticising because this guy and his supporters have made a huge move that none of us have made and I am not trying to find faults in it. I'm just saying that for an effort like this to come to success you can't afford breakdowns.

I am going to support anyway because as humans we should. i hope other people will as well. thank you again for posting this Prince.


Great Idea!

by Rebecca on

I am taking part in Kony 2012 campaign and I love to take part in any anti-mollah marketing as well.

May all Iranians see freedom and liberty in Iran soon!

Let's do it.

The Prince

You're Welcome!

by The Prince on

I wish more people would respond though! With all the passion and opinions and the discontent for IR on this site, you'd think people will jump on an idea like this... but then again....!


Great initiative to Remove Akhoonds from IRAN

by Azarbanoo on

I am ready to help in anyway i can be utilized.  Thanks for posting.